IncFile Review: Get Your Free LLC Fast

If you want to form a business but don’t know where to begin, this IncFile review is for you. Because we’re going to cover everything you need to know about getting your business entity up and running, fast, in compliance (and without getting ripped off).

IncFile Overview

IncFile is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Since 2004 they’ve helped over 250,000 small business owners with business formation, tax filing, and compliance services. If you want to form a non-profit, s-corporation, LLC or business entity, IncFile is the most affordable, user-friendly option. More on their packages, pricing and additional services in the next part of our IncFile review.

IncFile Packages

IncFile offers 3 separate packages. Packages are the same for both corporations and LLCs. However, each package tier offers different features and benefits. Details on their Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages are below:

incfile packages

IncFile Silver Package

The IncFile Silver package is their most basic option.

It’s 100% free and number #1 recommendation for entrepreneurs looking to form their own company. It’s the only package I’ve found online across dozens of online legal services companies that’s free (aside from the state fees, of course).

Here’s what’s included with your package:

  • Verify business name: that dream name you thought of for your company might be taken. So, to spare yourself any potential legal headaches, IncFile will verify your company name by searching all relevant databases.  
  • File business documents: These are your Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization (varies based on entity type).
  • Registered agent service: IncFile processes all orders the next business day at the absolute latest.
  • Lifetime company alerts: Receive email and text reminders for essential filing dates (annual reports, renewals, and other updates).
  • Online document access: View, print, or download your articles anytime.
  • Third-party partner offers: A free tax consultation, a business website, domain name, and offers from Bank of America.

IncFile Gold Package

The IncFile Gold package is their mid-tier option.

The Gold package is priced at $149. If you need an operating agreement or a banking resolution or, more importantly, require permits or licenses, consider this package.

You’ll receive everything in the Silver package plus:

  • Employer Identification Number: Your EIN is like a social security number for your business. You can get yours free from the IRS.
  • Banking documents: This document is unnecessary, as formation documents and an EIN are usually sufficient for bank accounts.
  • Business formation kit: This is an attractive binder for storage, and more so for vanity than an actual business requirement.
  • Rush shipping: Your formation documents will be rush-shipped to you.

IncFile Platinum Package

The IncFile Platinum package is ideal for people seeking a “one and done” approach.

It’s priced at $299. In addition to access to customized documents such as corporation bylaws, agreements, and organizational meeting minutes, this package includes your custom domain address and a package of business templates.

In full, you will receive everything in the Silver and Gold packages plus:

  • Website and domain: this is not through IncFile. A third-party will create your website and secure a proper domain name (
  • Rush filing: although the next business day filing is included, their rush option will include expedited state filing as well.
  • Formation kit: you will get an attractive, embossed binder for you to include essential company documents. You can add this on separately, too.

For the third part of our IncFile review, we’re going to get to the nitty-gritty on how their customer support is, how fast they turnaround formation documents, and other need-to-know bits of information to help you make the most informed decision. They also have a third-party offer with Bank of America to setup a business checking account for you.

Before you do that, check out our list of the best business checking accounts.

Experience with IncFile

Now that you know more about IncFile as a company and the different IncFile packages they offer let’s take a look at their services, customer support, ease of use, filing speed and other important information you should know. If you’re considered about tax, they offer a business tax filing service. For more information on that, check out our picks for the best tax software for small businesses.

IncFile Registered Agent Review

IncFile is the only company we’ve found that will create your entity and provide one year of their registered agent service for free. That’s a $119 value. Once the first year is up, it renews at $119 annually. For comparison, ZenBusiness renews at $110 annually, and LegalZoom registered agent services are billed at $299 without auto-renew. There are no differences in the level of service, just pricing.

Service First Year Renewal Rate
IncFile Free $119
LegalZoom $299 $299
ZenBusiness $119 $199

IncFile Customer Reviews

IncFile has thousands of positive reviews for a good reason. However, some websites–which I won’t link to here–have IncFile reviews that are all negative. I can understand a few bad IncFile reviews. It’s inevitable for any product or service. But my experience, and the experience of thousands of others, directly contradict these reviewers’ claims. Here’s an honest one I appreciated.

“Thank you guys for the quick follow-up and explanation. I can not allow a personal mistake and oversight to reflect poorly in my rating of your services. Everyone at IncFile has been first class and quick to respond to my service needs. I appreciate you going above and beyond and taking the time to educate me.” – Tim, Florida

Several years ago, I made a few mistakes while setting up my first LLC. I didn’t have the luxury of using a filing service that cared about my success. They just cared about my wallet! But, as you’ll see in the next part of this IncFile review, their customer service truly cares and is best-in-class.

IncFile Customer Service

IncFile offers both email and phone support. Their phone support is quick to answer, and there are no robots to deal with before you reach them. Their phone support is best for quick questions, while their email support is better for more detailed responses. If you email IncFile outside of regular business hours, you can expect a response first thing the following day–another huge plus. 

For the next part of our IncFile review, we’re going to get to their ease of use. This is a considerable part of the process because many formation companies actually complicate the process more. Thankfully, IncFile does none of that.

Ease of Use

IncFile simplifies the incorporation process (it took me 5 minutes to get my LLC paperwork filed). First, you’ll have to select the state you wish to register in or incorporate. That will dictate the next steps and state fees. Second, choose the package that suits your best–or customize it. 

Packages can be personalized quite a bit, which is another neat feature. Many online business formation services make things just as complicated as filing yourself. That defeats the purpose. But what I appreciated most about IncFile is the lack of surprises. 

You see what you’re getting into every step of the way, and explanations for everything. From adding a second address to getting an embossed binder with your company on it, it’s all spelled out.

IncFile Filing Speed

IncFile includes next-day processing with all orders. This is another standout feature they offer. It separates them from their competitors, who often charge exorbitant fees for the same service. But note: some states take longer to process new business formations, and IncFile shouldn’t be blamed for delays once they’ve made the proper handoffs. If you’re in a rush, IncFile does work with various states to get the processing rushed. Timelines and fees vary by state. But IncFile stands out in this regard.

IncFile FAQ

We’re going to cover some of the most common questions surrounding formation to close out our IncFile review.

How much does an LLC cost?

The average cost to form an LLC is $61.25 for basic packages up to $297 for more inclusive packages, not including state fees or other recurring charges. You can pay your attorney to do it for you, but expect to pay considerably more. IncFile doesn’t charge anything.

Also note that prices for formation that include your EIN (employer identification number), registered agent services, or other add-ons like stock certificates and rush processing add to the price. But remember, IncFile will set up your LLC for $0. Just pay state fees.

IncFile vs. LegalZoom

Comparing IncFile vs. LegalZoom is like comparing apples and oranges. They have a few things in common, but ultimately, are very different. For one, IncFile is a far higher value for people looking to form a business. However, LegalZoom offers a vast array of services; IncFile does not.

Service IncFile LegalZoom
Free Registered Agent X
Free LLC or Corporation X
Free next day processing X

Like, help with trademarks, patents, legal help via their third-party attorney plan, and much more. But in the context of business formation, IncFile is the clear winner because of its value. Free registered agent services for the first year. A free incorporation option. And much more. 

Which IncFile package is best?

The free IncFile package is the best value. For $0 + state fees, it includes everything you need to form your LLC or organize your corporation. That, along with a year of registered agent service, makes it the best value on the internet. (And, to save you money, you can get your EIN directly from the IRS for free).

Does IncFile help with publication?

No. New York requires are LLC publish, while Arizona and Nebraska need it for both LLCs and corporations. But they do not provide assistance with this.

Does IncFile help with ongoing compliance?

Yes. They help with compliance requirements in two ways. First, they offer 12 months of their registered agent service completely free. So you will always have a “point person” to keep you up to date on compliance requirements. Second, all of their formation packages include lifetime company alerts to remind you of critical filing dates. You can even file your annual report with them for an additional fee.

Does IncFile have a refund policy?

IncFile does. They charge a $30 cancellation fee for any cancellation request made with 24 hours or less. However, they cannot accept refunds or cancellations once the state fees are paid. The wheels are already in motion at that point. 

Do I need a formation service?

No, you don’t. However, forming an LLC yourself can be time-intensive. Because of the potential complexity and time commitment involved, we recommend you use a formation service like IncFile. As a new founder or partner, your time is far too precious and would be better spent elsewhere. 

What’s the IncFile phone number?

The IncFile customer service number is 844.830.8267, and they’re available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CST.

Our Two Cents

For aspiring small business owners, we definitely recommend IncFile to set up your company.

Afterwards, go with Bench to help with bookkeeping. They will keep your finances organized so you always know the financial health of your business–and they’ll make sure you’re all squared away come tax time.

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