Who Has the Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Florida?

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Ryan Friend

September 13, 2019  •  5 min read

Many Florida homeowners would say that they are extremely lucky, and many would agree. The opportunities in the state are many, and the tourism there alone is a testament to its great location. Yet for homeowners, there are also risks in the form of storms, hurricanes, fires, crime, and other problems. But you don’t have to accept these risks without protection, because a reliable homeowners insurance policy will help you recover without issue should the unforeseen occur. And while it can be costly, we did some research to find some great options for you.

Here are the four cheapest homeowners insurance providers operating in Florida:

The Four Cheapest Quotes:

We intend for the following information to be used as a general guide, and would like to note that your plan might look quite different from what you see below, depending on if your home is far away from the average.

The number listed next to each provider is the average annual rate for a standard policy.

1) Universal Property: $2,107

While not too common a name across the rest of the country, Universal Property is a company that in Florida competes with the best of them on price and seeks to get you a policy that understands the needs of Florida residents. They are prepared to handle claims at any time, even right after a hurricane or another major disaster, making them very reliable even during the worst times.

Most of the issues that people had with Universal Property revolved around claims, both in turnaround time and how easy it was to get a payout. If you don’t want to have to worry about this whatsoever, another company might be best for you.

You can expect the following working with Universal Property:

  • Optional coverages which include personal property replacement cost, loss assessment, personal injury, debris removal, scheduled property, limited water and sewage backup, and quite a few more.
  • Plenty of discounts available such as a prior insurance discount, a loyalty discount, a new roof discount, and others relating to installing protection and safety measures in your home.
  • Plans that are tailored for different types of homes or condos as well.

2) Citizens Property: $2,250 

On par with Universal Property in terms of average cost, Citizens Property’s main offering for consumers is a low rate that homeowners might be able to afford. In fact, it is an offering that’s really only available for people who can’t easily find insurance elsewhere, founded by the government to help those people get at least some level of coverage. You’ll need to do some comparison shopping before working with them, but perhaps write the name down.

That accessibility and price are the main good things about them, because otherwise, they are lacking heavily in nearly every regard. People have complaints about the options available to them, the ability to make claims, and more. Customer service is nearly universally problematic for customers, and the list can go on.

You can expect the following working with Citizens Property:

  • A basic plan that will protect you from basic risks and problems.
  • A few optional coverages such as those for sinkholes, personal property replacement, and ordinance coverage.
  • The option to make a claim either by phone or online.

3) Liberty Mutual: $3,401

A widespread insurance company that operates heavily in Florida, Liberty Mutual can is another company that can reliably provide you with a policy that won’t break the bank, at least on a relative scale considering the risks that are rampant in the state. There are also a few other benefits and perks to working with them, such as additional customer support channels and an inflation protection endorsement, and at least a few will be relevant to you.

There are a few things you should be wary of before getting a policy with Liberty Mutual, however, the most prominent among them being that some people have issues making successful claims which should be valid. It can be a difficult time, and you don’t want more difficulty added on top of that.

You can expect the following working with Liberty Mutual:

  • Policy add-on options for valuables, water backup, and identity fraud expenses.
  • The ability to easily and quickly help you get emergency repairs made to your home.
  • A helpful library of information available to get you more in-tune with your policy, options, and insurance processes.

4) State Farm: $3,766

The most expensive option on this list, but not without its benefits, State Farm is an insurance company that, if basic, is easy to work with and extremely reliable when it comes to providing you with a homeowners insurance policy you can rely on. You will be able to use their wide network of agents and infrastructure to easily get a policy and move onward with what you want to do next, and their online tools and services only make that effect better.

Unfortunately, their main benefit is their affordability, so there isn’t too much else to offer from them. You also won’t find too many specialized options or discounts when compared to other providers, so they may be a choice only for people who can get a low quote from them.

You can expect the following working with State Farm:

  • Some basic discounts are available to customers who are willing to bundle or install preventative measures in their home.
  • A level of dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • A fantastic online quoting system that can give you every bit of information you might need to make an informed decision.


We understand that the hurricanes alone make homeowners insurance in Florida an expensive prospect for many, but the cost of rebuilding or repairing your home on your own is much greater. Consider the options above and what you might be looking for with a policy, and with the right research you can still find something that works for you. Remember that you have the negotiating power and don’t accept anything less than what you deserve. We hope that you find a company to provide you with a safety net for your home soon.