Who Has the Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Wisconsin?

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Ryan Friend

September 24, 2019  •  5 min read

Wisconsin is a state with much diversity in the natural terrain, but you’ll find people living everywhere and building and buying homes, and many want to raise their families there. If you plan the same, you might be worried to remember that there are constant threats such as fires, crimes, and other natural occurrences that can damage or even destroy your Wisconsin home. Fortunately, you can counteract this by investing in a homeowners insurance policy, and to keep things affordable, we’ve looked into the cheapest options on average for people like you.

Here are the three cheapest homeowners insurance providers operating in Wisconsin:

The Three Cheapest Quotes:

Wisconsin has a wide range of weather and plenty of different homes and homeowners to match. This means that rates will differ, and what you see below might not be an exact match to your experience. We ask that you remember this and use the following information as a general guide.

The number listed next to each provider is the average annual rate for a standard policy.

1) State Farm: $1,102

State Farm is the best option if you are looking for a standard homeowners policy for your Wisconsin home, complete with all of the coverages you would hope for levels of coverage that satisfy most people. They’re easy to work with, stable, great for fulfilling a requirement, and one of the largest insurers in the country, if not the overall largest. At this rate, the average homeowner should look at State Farm first to see if they like what they offer.

Yet if you don’t think State Farm is enough after a glance, there’s no need to look further. Just move on, as State Farm has fewer discount options and fewer discount opportunities. The discounts deficit is fine given their average rate, but we know some homeowners will simply need more.

You can expect the following working with State Farm:

  • Online tools and options that surpass most of the competition.
  • An extremely experienced and stable provider of insurance.
  • A wide network of agents across the state available to help you.

2) Farmers: $1,475 

Farmers is a company you should look into if you’re looking for the complete package from an insurance company. With excellent customer service, plenty of customization options, and reasonable pricing, Farmers is a great choice for just about any homeowner, especially those who are new homeowners or those who think they can take advantage of Farmers’ many discounts.

Over time, however, you might become dissatisfied with their services. Some people aren’t happy with their coverage levels after the fact, and more alarmingly some have noticed their rate spike some time into their relationship with Farmers. Be careful and read everything, and you should be fine.

You can expect the following working with Farmers:

  • Three different base packages to choose from, each of which has further customization options available.
  • A constantly available claims centers staffed with knowledgeable and helpful staff.
  • Options specifically for townhomes, condos, and other types of housing, if you need them.

3) Allstate: $1,611

Allstate is a widespread and well-known insurance provider that also operates in Wisconsin, proving themselves reliable and financially stable over the years. Allstate will likely be the most expensive option listed here for you, but if you need what they have to offer in terms of optional coverages, they’ll probably be worth the trouble. We think that despite the cost, they could be a good pick for people with older homes and those looking to bundle services.

If you have a low tolerance for poor customer service, however, especially from a company that charges as much as Allstate relative to other companies, then Allstate probably isn’t for you. With occasionally pushy agents, occasionally nonresponsive agents, and inconsistent service overall, you will run into some headaches eventually.

You can expect the following working with Allstate:

  • Some of the best online apps and tools in the business.
  • Plenty of optional coverages to choose from, which you should review when you get a chance.
  • A respectable, reliable, and forthright set of practices.

Other Notable Wisconsin Homeowners Insurance Providers

There’s plenty of other insurance providers outside of the first three listed, but we can’t get an accurate average annual rate for every company. Out of these, we would like to draw your attention to the following two:

4) Nationwide

A well-known insurance provider that you can rely on to give you plenty of options with which to craft a policy, Nationwide is a reliable choice for people who want to customize their plans and not pay for coverages they aren’t going to ever use. And with reasonable prices for their basic package, Nationwide is a strong choice for many homeowners.

Yet for a company that prides itself on options, it sure likes to sell them at a premium. If you take some of their optional coverages, watch the price, as they’ll be costing far more than the alternatives. There are a few smaller issues, but this is the main thing to look out for.

You can expect the following working with Nationwide:

  • Excellent levels of replacement coverage should your home get heavily damaged.
  • Plenty of different possibilities and options to get into.
  • Many different discount options to utilize to hopefully keep your plan affordable.


An organization that primarily works with military members and former military members, veterans, and their families, USAA offers a range of financial and insurance services to these groups at competitive rates and stands out as an excellent choice for interested parties. Customer service is tailored and excellent all-around, and the homeowners coverage should meet the needs of most homeowners.

USAA is such a great option overall that we have few negative things to say about it, except for the fact that many homeowners won’t be able to use it due to not being a member of one of the groups above.

You can expect the following working with USAA:

  • Plenty of other insurance products and financial services, and benefits or discounts if you get or use them in conjunction with your homeowners policy.
  • Service staff that deals almost exclusively with service members and their families, and as such have become experts regarding their needs and concerns.
  • High levels of transparency when it comes to your annual rate and services.


Wisconsin has some beautiful homes like yours, and we want to make sure you’re able to repair and rebuild should anything happen to it. A homeowners insurance policy has become a must-have, and we want you to know this alongside the fact that it’s more affordable than you think. Just take some notes as to what you might need for coverage, your budget, and then do some comparison shopping among the above companies. We’re sure you will make the right call and will be able to find the perfect policy within a matter of days.