Who Has the Cheapest Renters Insurance Quotes in Connecticut?

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Ryan Friend

July 8, 2019  •  5 min read

One of the insurance capitals of the United State, Connecticut residents surely know of the importance of having a safety net available to catch them in the event of a disaster, and with the number of storms and other disasters that can affect Connecticut residents, getting renters insurance is a smart move. Yet renters insurance can also be expensive for many, especially if they don’t know where to look. To that end, we performed some research to find the on-average cheapest providers in the state.

Here are the three cheapest renters insurance providers operating in Connecticut:

The Three Cheapest Quotes:

We normally try to provide information on more companies than this, but we found it difficult to find additional companies that met our general standards and benchmarks outside of these three. Fortunately, this set of companies provides a nice set of different coverages and service styles, ensuring there’s something for everyone. We would also like to note that rates and experiences may vary by region and be somewhat different from what you read here.

The number listed next to each provider is the average annual rate for a standard policy.

1) State Farm: $221

The cheapest and most basic option for renters in Connecticut, State Farm prides itself on its ability to make insurance policies of all types affordable for people, and their national reach proves that their methodology is working. As such, we think that they’ll be the best option for most people, especially those who don’t think they need a special level of coverage or too many add-ons provided by other companies. They’re also the best choice to fulfill a requirement, but virtue of their price.

Unfortunately, their customer service might not be the best, especially when compared to the excellent marks that Liberty Mutual and Farmers have in that area. You simply can’t trust that every agent will be great. You also may wish to avoid State Farm if you live on or near the coast, as their water damage and flooding options generally range from non-existent to poor at best.

You can expect the following working with State Farm:

  • An excellent plan in the event you lose the use of your apartment (whatever the reason), allowing you to make up the difference in rent should you find a new place or stay in a hotel (or something similar) as repairs are made.
  • Additional discounts and bundling options available to customers looking for an even lower rate.
  • The advantages of working with a massive and stable company. You will be able to rely on your claim to be resolved effectively and you can expect some level of support to be available at any time (even if there are customer service issues).

2) Liberty Mutual: $274 

A more expensive and generally more effective all-around option for Connecticut residents across the state, Liberty Mutual is an excellent choice if you’re simply looking for quality coverage across the board and don’t want to think too much further on the matter. Essentially, with them, you can rest easy, have an easy online experience to guide you through the process, and get whatever help you need along the way.

We have few negative things to say about Liberty Mutual, but there is one warning we would like to share: be careful if you are looking for other insurance policies and are thinking of bundling. While some companies are great across the board, by our research Liberty Mutual isn’t so consistent across departments.

You can expect the following working with Liberty Mutual:

  • The possibility of lowering your rate with a discount offered in partnership with one of many organizations or workplaces (they are far too numerous to list).
  • A customer service team that is easy to work with and will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
  • Plenty of different insurance options and types of policies on top of renters insurance. While you might want to be cautious about them, you might find just what you need, or a policy you couldn’t get elsewhere.

3) Farmers: $367

Farmers might be the most expensive option listed here, but good customer service and the ability to heavily customize your plan can be worth quite a bit to you and other customers, so we certainly don’t want you to immediately take them out of consideration. With a friendly team and optional coverages such as pet damage protection, personal article floaters, and identity theft protection, you can trust they’ll put your needs first before and after you get your policy.

Farmers isn’t for everyone, though, and that might not be just because of the cost. As a general rule, some of the coverages they have aren’t best for everyone (for example, their default jewelry coverages leave a bit to be desired). Additionally, others have made complaints about the level of bureaucracy and paperwork they’ve had to deal with. Others still have qualms about the online systems and services.

You can expect the following working with Farmers:

  • The ability to customize your deductible, either reducing how much you’ll pay out of pocket in exchange for a higher rate, or instead, lowering your annual rate in exchange for a higher out-of-pocket price should you file a claim.
  • The ability to customize your level of coverage for specific item groups or even items, reducing waste in your policy and allowing you to craft a policy that will meet your special needs.
  • Discounts which are available to people in certain professions. Teachers and firefighters, for example, can and should investigate Farmers to see how much they can save on their renter insurance.


Your options in Connecticut might be relatively limited, at least when it comes to getting precise information from us on the most reliable companies, but you can still certainly get an excellent policy from one of the above companies if you weigh your priorities and do some research to determine which options and coverages are most important to you. You may also wish to look into less common options to see if you can get a good deal. No matter your choice, we hope that you get exactly what you want and that the above information contributed to your success.