Who Has the Cheapest Renters Insurance Quotes in Montana?

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Ryan Friend

July 30, 2019  •  5 min read

Montana is known for its wide-open spaces and peaceful wilderness, but it also has plenty of people renting apartments in more urban areas, and those apartments and the possessions in them, like everything else, can be at risk to things such as fires and break-ins. It’s a great place to live, but for many people, it could be even better if you have the peace of mind that renters insurance can provide, which is why we recommend it to nearly every reader.

Here are the five cheapest renters insurance providers operating in Montana:

The Five Cheapest Quotes:

This article generally goes by averages and trends, so we would like to let you know ahead of time that you might not get the exact experience or price listed here. That being said, you can and should use this writing as a general guide to providers operating in Montana.

The number listed next to each provider is the average annual rate for a standard policy.

1) GEICO: $119

Able to provide extremely cheap renters insurance rates to their customers (some of you may even see an annual rate lower than $100), GEICO can be a great choice, especially if you already have or are looking for car insurance from them. To put it simply: if you want to bundle, put GEICO near the top of the list.

However, when it comes to the policy itself, GEICO might not be the one underwriting it, so you’ll want to pay attention to who you would actually be working with if you need to make a claim.

You can expect the following working with GEICO:

  • A wide variety of discount opportunities.
  • Very easy-to-use systems, regarding everything from onboarding to simple questions.
  • Clear lines of communication and a solid infrastructure.

2) State Farm: $124 

Barely more expensive and thus number two on our list, State Farm is a provider that has a national presence and knows how to use it to ensure that their customers get incredibly low rates. This alongside quality, if basic, coverage makes it a great cost-efficient choice for people looking to just get a policy and move on.

The downside is generally the customer service, as quite a few people have reported a negative experience, whether it comes to renters insurance or another policy type they offer. Additionally, if you’re worried about floods from a nearby river or water damage from your plumbing, State Farm’s coverage in those areas is either non-existent or terribly lacking.

You can expect the following working with State Farm:

  • Excellent expensive items coverage to make sure you will get the full worth of your valuables.
  • An amazing loss-of-use policy that will be able to set you up with another place to stay should something ruin your current place (temporarily or permanently), for practically as long as you need it.
  • A commitment to keeping prices low each year for their customers.

3) Amica: $166

A provider that isn’t too much more expensive than our first two finds, Amica has the distinction of being a cheap policy provider that also is well known for its excellent customer service, to the degree that they have a 90 percent customer retention rate. Not only this, they are known to be an extremely fiscally reliable company, and you can rest well knowing they’ll always be able to help.

Yet while they’re great at their strengths, Amica isn’t always the best when it comes to customization. Compared to other providers, what you first see is what you get. There are also some reports of confusion within the company, meaning delays are possible, though unlikely.

You can expect the following working with Amica:

  • A very simple claims process that will get you what you need quickly.
  • Plenty of bundling opportunities if you’re looking for other types of insurance as well.
  • Keeping you as a customer will be a major focus.

4) Allstate: $245

While rather expensive for Montana, Allstate has a few areas in which they excel, including water damage coverage, covering high-value items, and a few more. If you have needs corresponding to one or more of these, you may want to look into them further. Also, much like State Farm, they are a huge company that you can rely on to be stable regardless of the circumstances.

However, if you’re looking for consistently high-quality customer service, you’ll find better elsewhere, given the occasional incident reported. And while Montana doesn’t necessarily have too many high crime areas, certain places might be subject to rate hikes.

You can expect the following working with Allstate:

  • High-value items coverage that might be worth the initial cost for admission.
  • A competitive series of bundling options (albeit not at great as some of the other providers listed here)
  • Excellent flooding and water damage coverage should you want them, which we recommend if you live in an at-risk area or have known plumbing problems in your apartment.

5) Farmers: $248

Hardly a few dollars more expensive on average than Allstate, Farmers is a firm that like Amica that is known for providing great customer service to its customers. This makes it a strong option for many renters who value their time or who might be especially confused by the insurance process (it can be inherently confusing).

Some of their coverages might not be what you hope for, especially when there are cheaper options available that have a similar if not better spread. You might also run into the rare period of running around for paperwork (virtual or otherwise), but we don’t recommend this be the deciding factor for you.

You can expect the following working with Farmers:

  • Umbrella coverage that should be able to meet most of your additional liability coverage needs.
  • A customer service team that will quickly address any concern or question you have, no matter how simple.
  • Customization for your plan that you can base on the risk of certain events in your area.


There’s no place on earth quite like Montana, but sometimes problems of the earth can come to Montana. For those situations, we hope that you can get a renters insurance policy that will put to peace all of your greatest worries and fears. Such a thing is possible, and with a bit of research and time, you can use the above information to find it. Remember your main priorities, ask questions, and even the most difficult insurance quandary will untangle itself in front of you.