Who Has the Cheapest Renters Insurance Quotes in North Carolina?

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Ryan Friend

September 3, 2019  •  5 min read

An economically and geographically diverse state, North Carolina is home to millions of people that live along its beautiful beaches and near its majestic mountains. Yet North Carolina has also been hit hard by major storms, a few fires, and other disasters that have displaced or even ruined people who weren’t prepared. And that is nothing to say of the occasional crime and other issues. Like anywhere else, a safety net is wise when living in North Carolina. And while renters insurance might not be able to bring back what you’ve lost, with it you’ll be able to easily get back on your feet.

Here are the five cheapest renters insurance providers operating in North Carolina:

The Five Cheapest Quotes:

Because North Carolina is so geographically diverse, your rate might deviate quite a bit from what you see here. Nonetheless, we’re certain that for most people one of these insurance providers will be both the cheapest and best choice.

The number listed next to each provider is the average annual rate for a standard policy.

1) Amica: $133

The cheapest option in North Carolina by a large margin and a company known for providing great customer service to its customers, working with Amica you will be more likely to feel as though you matter to them, and get a strong level of coverage for the price as well. They also might be the best choice if you’re looking to bundle, with their long list of additional policy options.

However, for this price, you won’t be getting too many customization options. Additionally, you should also be warned that people have reported that their rates jumped up quite a bit down the line after the first year or two, so don’t forget to keep track of time and your rate.

You can expect the following working with Amica:

  • Discounts for loyalty, going paper-free, bundling, and signing up for auto-pay.
  • Optional coverages which include smart device and computer protection, personal property replacement (even if your property’s value has depreciated), identity fraud, and a wider range of valuables coverages.
  • A policy that will cover vandalism, temporary relocation, and guest injury incidents.

2) State Farm: $213 

The second cheapest option and an affordable provider to many renters throughout the country, State Farm is easy to use and provides you with a basic policy that will serve you for all of the basic problems. Additionally, people will find that with bundling and discount options available, they will be able to get a very affordable policy.

What you will want to be wary of, though, is the customer service, as it simply doesn’t match up to most of the other companies listed here. Additionally, in what can and probably should be a deal-breaker for people living on the coast, their water damage and flooding policies are either poor or nonexistent, leaving one of the greatest threats still on the table.

You can expect the following working with State Farm:

  • Great electronics and business property coverage.
  • A great level of coverage for the price.
  • A loss-of-use policy that will ensure you will always have a place to stay.

3) Liberty Mutual: $235

A fine middle choice for renters looking for a middle ground between the best coverage and the lowest price, Liberty Mutual is a provider with few weaknesses and excellent coverage for the rate you’ll likely be paying. If you’re worried you might make the wrong choice and just want to pick something reliable, look no further.

However, what you might not want to do is bundle your policies, as not all of Liberty Mutual’s plans are so excellent. You will also, as always, get a comparison quote or two to make sure you aren’t in an area where Liberty Mutual will spike the price of a policy up.

You can expect the following working with Liberty Mutual:

  • Partnerships with many organizations that can provide you with a notable discount.
  • Optional coverages including identity theft, electronics, jewelry, high-value items, and water damage.
  • The ability to provide you with whatever insurance services you need.

4) Nationwide: $311

Nationwide is usually a bit more expensive than its competitors, but their customers tend to also get quite a bit more for their money, especially when it comes to the ability to customize your plan. With Nationwide, you’ll be able to modify the level of coverage you get for multiple categories of items, and you’ll even be able to adjust your deductible.

Outside of the expense, the downsides to working with Nationwide include a few coverage types (such as expensive items coverage) that by default could be a bit more robust. You also may see a much higher quote if you live in certain areas in the state.

You can expect the following working with Nationwide:

  • Optional coverages such as theft extension, earthquake protection, water and sewage damage, and additional valuables coverage.
  • A very well-trained team of agents and customer support staff.
  • Plenty of discounts available if you’re worried about the rate.

5) Allstate: $318

The most expensive choice on this list (albeit not by very much), Allstate is very much like State Farm and Liberty Mutual in that it’s a good general option for those who aren’t interested in much beyond getting a policy and moving on, except for the fact that there are a few types of coverage they excel beyond the competition with. Most notably for North Carolina residents, they have excellent flood and water damage coverage available, which may explain the higher rate.

However, even with that added protection, you will still have to contend with the fact that Allstate doesn’t have too many customization options and the customer service could be better by most accounts.

You can expect the following working with Allstate:

  • A great auto-insurance bundle if you’re also looking for auto coverage.
  • Other optional coverages such as additional business property coverage, identity theft restoration, and more.
  • Online claims options and informational tools that will save you time.


North Carolina may have a share of problems, but an ounce of prevention in the form of renters insurance can make it so that you can devote yourself less to worrying and more towards what will make your life happier and healthier. We don’t wish to dismiss the potential difficulty of the choice, but we know that if you take your time are clear about your priorities, you won’t be able to go wrong. We hope that the above information launches you towards peace of mind soon.