Who Has the Cheapest Renters Insurance Quotes in West Virginia?

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Ryan Friend

September 11, 2019  •  5 min read

Known for its hardworking population, coal industry, and interesting place in the map of the country, thousands of families rent an apartment in West Virginia and plan to live there for generations to come. Yet you wouldn’t want a fire or a storm to completely erase your hard work and your legacy, which is why we recommend you consider getting renters insurance for your place. For only a couple hundred dollars a year, you can have a safety net that will let you land safely on your feet should disasters or crime strike your home.

Here are the five cheapest renters insurance providers operating in West Virginia:

The Five Cheapest Quotes:

Not every policy is going to look alike, just like how few apartments look alike. We expect your quotes and general experience to differ slightly from what’s written below by necessity, so please don’t be concerned when this is the case.

The number listed next to each provider is the average annual rate for a standard policy.

1) Allstate: $207

The cheapest option in West Virginia for most people, Allstate is able to provide you with an all-around strong policy that also is able to remain cheap enough for nearly every family renting in the state. And it can do so without any slowdowns or confusion, remaining easy to understand and access throughout the signup process and beyond.

The main problem we have with Allstate is that there are quite a few complaints against their renters insurance team when it comes to customer service, so if you expect reliably great treatment, you might want to look elsewhere. Furthermore, there aren’t too many customization options, so often what you see is what you get as far as the numbers are concerned.

You can expect the following working with Allstate:

  • Strong flooding and water damage insurance options, if you feel you need them.
  • A great set of online tools and service options to help you with any questions you might have.
  • Optional coverages such as identity theft restoration and additional business property coverage.

2) State Farm: $221 

State Farm is another inexpensive and basic policy option that will be a great choice for most people. Being one of the cheapest options in most states, State Farm has experience handling matters efficiently so you don’t have to get an extravagant policy you don’t feel like you’ll use. Try comparing State Farm with Allstate and seeing which works best for you.

Like Allstate, the main notable issue with State Farm is its poor customer service. It can also be difficult to get flood insurance with them, but we don’t consider that a must-have for most apartments in West Virginia.

You can expect the following working with State Farm:

  • An extremely competitive loss-of-use coverage.
  • Relatively great electronics, expensive items, and limited business property coverages.
  • The limited ability to customize your specific levels of coverage.

3) Amica: $243

Amica is your first choice here if you are looking for a great customer service experience and want to work with a company that values you. With a high customer retention rate and competitive policies, we think that people willing to pay their price will be happy with Amica and happy to not feel like they must grind through the process of getting insurance. With them, you should be able to easily get most of what you need.

What you might not get from Amica is too many customization options, a somewhat common issue Additionally, some customers have noted that their rates have risen greatly or even doubled after their first year with Amica, so you may wish to ask about this occasional problem.

You can expect the following working with Amica:

  • Coverage for incidents and problems not always covered normally.
  • Discounts for loyalty, going paperless, switching to autopay, and bundling.
  • A long list of optional coverage offerings which includes such things as identity fraud protection and personal property replacement coverage that doesn’t take depreciation into account.

4) GEICO: $303

GEICO is one of the largest providers of insurance in the country, and they will be happy to pair you with a renters plan as well. They’re perhaps the best choice if you’re hoping to bundle your policies, and their auto insurance and renters insurance bundle is incredibly popular with customers. They might be a bit expensive, but you’ll want to view the total price if you’re considering them.

GEICO does come with a huge caveat, however: they don’t necessarily underwrite their renters insurance policies themselves. That means that if you need to make a claim, you’re working with another team from another company, and they might not be so helpful. They use a few different underwriters, so be sure to do some more research if you get a quote.

You can expect the following working with GEICO:

  • Discounts available for installing safety and fire prevention measures in your home.
  • The benefits that come with working with a highly professional and organized company.
  • A dedicated and trustworthy team when you need to talk to GEICO.

5) Liberty Mutual: $369

Liberty Mutual might be the most expensive policy here, but for many people, they will also provide the best coverage with that policy. We found virtually no problems with their plan, and any gaps are minimal and won’t affect most West Virginia renters. Similarly, their service is at least adequate to provide for customer needs, and their online tools make most things a breeze.

Yet before going further, you should know that you will want to hold off on immediately bundling your renters policy with something else from Liberty Mutual. While we think their renters insurance is great, there are issues with their other policies, and you will want to take that into heavy consideration.

You can expect the following working with Liberty Mutual:

  • Excellent online services and claim support.
  • Partnerships with organizations that can allow you to get a cheaper rate.
  • Coverage add-on options such as identity theft, electronics, high-value items, water damage, and jewelry.


Living in West Virginia can be complicated, but getting a good insurance policy doesn’t have to be. With the above information, we hope that you have created a shortlist not only of companies you want a quote from but also of what you might be looking for in a policy. Only you, with the help of some additional research, will be able to create this. Once this is taken care of, we hope that you will get a policy soon and rest easy knowing you have a solid backup plan.