Who Has the Cheapest Renters Insurance Quotes in Wyoming?

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Ryan Friend

September 12, 2019  •  5 min read

Sometimes written off by people who don’t appreciate more of the outdoors or a calmer environment, Wyoming has a lot to offer the people that live there, whether they are renters or homeowners. Yet renters can still have quite a bit to worry about in the state, whether it comes in the form of fires, some crime, or other circumstances that could leave you without a place to stay. To fight off those worries, we recommend every renter who can get renters insurance. We reviewed the options in the state and found that it’s affordable for everybody.

Here are the five cheapest renters insurance providers operating in Wyoming:

The Five Cheapest Quotes:

The insurance rate for an apartment in Cheyenne will be different than the rate for a place in a more rural town. While we tried to keep all renters in consideration, please note that these are averages and general impressions.

The number listed next to each provider is the average annual rate for a standard policy.

1) State Farm: $125

With a rate that would be considered low anywhere in the country comes State Farm, a giant in the industry that will be able to give you coverage that you can not only afford but also rely on to handle the most common threats to apartments in the area. They are a fantastic choice if you need to fulfill a requirement or just want to have a simple policy.

What isn’t fantastic is their customer service, and you might find yourself paying in a headache if you get a bad agent or representative. They also have poor flooding and water damage options, but there are worse problems to have in the state of Wyoming.

You can expect the following working with State Farm:

  • Loss-of-use coverage that compares favorably to even the most expensive of plans.
  • A strong level of coverage given the average annual rate people pay.
  • Some limited ability to customize the levels of coverage you’ll have.

2) Allstate: $175 

People who don’t like State Farm might want to instead look at Allstate, which offers a similar set of coverages but has a few more advantages and specializations than its cheaper competitor, mainly in the fact that we think they’re easier to work with online and have plenty of information and tools available to help you. Ultimately, though, we recommend getting a quote from both to see where you stand.

Yet Allstate falls into the same pitfall as State Farm in that it has lackluster customer service, however, and it won’t be that much more expensive to work with a company that has stellar marks for customer service. You also might with for a few more customization options from Allstate

You can expect the following working with Allstate:

  • Excellent flooding and water damage coverage.
  • The benefits of working with an extremely stable company.
  • Competitive bundling options if GEICO is not for you.

3) Amica: $208

A more customer-friendly option, at least when it comes to customer service, Amica knows how to serve and keep clients in Wyoming, which is made evident by their extremely high retention rate and rave reviews for most of their services. Extremely competitive, you can be glad to know that their claims process is easy and their signup process is easier.

Yet while it’s friendlier in general, it’s not the friendliest when you consider the policy customization options, which aren’t as nuanced as competitors. Furthermore, after a year or two of getting coverage through them, your rate might skyrocket, so keep an eye out.

You can expect the following working with Amica:

  • Coverage for problems such as vandalism, temporary relocation, and guest injury accidents where you may be liable.
  • Plenty of discounts available to lower your annual bill.
  • A long list of optional coverage add-ons.

4) GEICO: $243

GEICO is surely a name you’ve heard before, and perhaps you already have car insurance with them, given how popular they are. If this is the case, the bundling opportunity might be too good to pass up, and we encourage you to check them out first. We found few problems in their policy other than perhaps the relative expense for your coverage, but GEICO is a company you will need to look at holistically to make your final decision.

The main issue we have with GEICO is that they often will not underwrite their renters policies themselves, which means that you could be talking to someone else when you need to make a claim. Furthermore, it can be difficult to get flood insurance and exceptional discounts.

You can expect the following working with GEICO:

  • The benefits of an extremely stable and national organization.
  • A few helpful discount options if you’re willing to improve the safety of your apartment.
  • A team of very helpful agents who will be able to get you onboard quickly.

5) Farmers: $255

Finally comes Farmers, which combines the great customer service you might expect from a company such as Amica with the customization options usually provided by more premium insurance providers. Other than this, we don’t have too much to say other than that if this sounds appealing enough to you to be worth the extra cost, take a closer look yourself and see what policy you might be able to craft for yourself.

Farmers might be the most expensive financially, but when it comes to your time, they can also be expensive, and you might experience a bit of a slowdown getting signed up when you would rather be taking care of other matters.

You can expect the following working with Farmers:

  • The ability to customize your deductible as well as the levels of coverage you receive for certain threats and groups of items.
  • Potential discounts based on your profession. You might be eligible if you are a teacher or a doctor, for example.
  • Policy add-ons such as improved liability coverage, identity theft protection, pet damage protection, and personal article floaters.


There is nothing like living in Wyoming if you know what you want and what to look for, and we don’t want a disaster or even your fear of a disaster to come between you and your goals and general enjoyment. For that reason, we once again ask that you consider getting renters insurance and ask for a few quotes from companies listed above that interest you. It will only take you a few hours, and with a bit of forethought, you won’t be able to make a poor choice.