How to Manage a Hectic Business Schedule Without Losing Your Mind

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If you have a crazy schedule that continuously wants to take over your day, this post is for you! Here are a few things you can do to manage a hectic schedule -- without losing your mind.No one likes a hectic business schedule, but this is something that’s happening more frequently in today’s tech world.

Even for someone who’s a productivity expert, I can get lost in the daily minutia.

Over the past few months I’ve gone from freelance writer to project manager. It’s been a big transition and my daily schedule has completely changed because of it.

Not only that, but later this month I’m heading to a conference where I’ll be speaking on a panel about the Secrets to Successful Freelancing.

In other words, I’ve been crazy busy and my business routine has become more hectic than ever.

When you run your own business, no two days or weeks are the same. There are a lots of distractions and ideas that can veer you off course. The success of a small business depends on your ability to wade through the distractions and focus on what’s really important (and ignoring the things that aren’t).

If you have a crazy schedule that continuously wants to take over your day, this post is for you! Here are a few things you can do to manage a hectic schedule — without losing your mind.

1. Get organized the week before

When you’re stressed you’ll forget things and start doing tasks poorly or rushed. This translates into more stress, and keeps the vicious cycle going. If you know a super busy week is coming up, or you’re planning a trip out of town, pre-plan your work week so you stress less.

Write down everything into one giant list. Don’t think about it too much, just do a quick brain dump of everything that’s swimming around in your head.

I write down everything business and personal related — from washing the car, to getting my hair cut, to putting the vacation setting on my inbox, I have a checklist that includes everything.

Once I have everything down on paper, that’s when I’ll categorize and organize it. I’ll break it down into appointments for my calendar, tasks for Asana, and personal to-dos to follow up.

A simple tip my business coach told me was to carry around a notebook and write down things as they pop into my head. Once you clear out all the stress and other clutter, your mind is free to create and focus on what’s really important — and you’re less likely to forget anything.

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2. Use focused prioritization

Focused Prioritization is a term that I made up that relates to singular focus based on what’s the most important right then. It’s the opposite of multitasking.

Since you really can’t have more than one priority (as the origin of the word was priority in its singular form), you must then list out your priorities from greatest importance to least. Then tackle each one in order, focusing solely on that task until it gets done.

Don’t think that this works? Give it a try!

Focus on a singular task today until it’s complete, then move onto the next thing in your list until it’s complete. Keep doing this every day for one week. Next thing you’ll know, you’ll be ahead — and you’ll actually STAY ahead!

I’ve been able to do this for over a year, and I’ve done big things like reach inbox zero while only working 5-7 hours per day. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you finish it and how much you get done. This is what I do with managing someone else’s business as well as keeping my own business running smoothly.

In fact, I often ask my clients for more work since I’ve completed all of the tasks on my list for that day.

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3. Set up systems to limit distractions

The most common distractions your business will face on a daily basis are email, social media, and phone calls. Aka, the time-wasters of all small businesses. #youknowitstrue

So how can you limit these things throughout your most busy times?

A simple way to limit these distractions is to only check in with these account at certain times of the day. Or simply outsource the work to someone else who can check them for you and then relay what’s really important.

Be accountable to someone who can help you avoid the distractions. Use apps and online tools to help you avoid endlessly spending time on Facebook. Set a timer and turn off the alerts on your phone.

4. Acknowledge the request then batch the work

If you’re running a business where you need to be on call you can still provide stellar customer service. Duh! I do this as a project manager and I have to be “available” most of the times. The way I do this is by always responding to messages and requests promptly, but then I’ll make notes to go back and actually DO the work later.

That way my client knows I’m not ignoring them, but I don’t have to stop eating lunch just to do something for them. #boundaries You can do the work later when you’re at the computer again.

Same thing with customer service requests: Acknowledge that you received the request and are working on it. Then get to fixing the problem when you sit down to work.

Another cool thing you can do is to direct people to a Google Form, where they can answer a simple questionnaire, leave comments, and put in requests for a work order. The responses are then imported into a Google spreadsheet where you can organize them by order of importance.

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5. Automate finance and business tasks

I would definitely lose my mind if I didn’t employ simple ideas like automating finance and business tasks. And I’d probably pay a boatload of fees and late charges too. Ha!

In order to keep receiving payments from clients while making sure my bills are paid, I absolutely have to automate my money. Inquire about a direct deposit option, sign up for paperless billing, and set up recurring payments.

And don’t forget about setting up recurring payments for the minimum amounts due on your credit cards and loans. In the event you’re so busy that you forget to pay a bill (it happens to all of us) you won’t be charged a late fee on top of the interest charge. This is an essential part of being location independent and running your business from anywhere.

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plan your week in advance

6. Make it easy to get work done

In other words, don’t give yourself any excuses to get behind on work. If you travel a lot, you need a good phone, good internet, and great apps. So invest the time and money into these things so you can work from anywhere.

I have a calendar apps that sync with my Google Calendar, an Asana app, and a messaging app so I can manage a team of people — all while on the go.

Always write things down in that moment. There is NO WAY you can remember every commitment, every task, and everything on the to-do list. Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that “you’ll remember this later”. Umm, no. You won’t! #toughlove

This is why I have reminders in the palm of my hand at all times.

7. Ferociously guard your time

And I mean, ferociously guard your time like a guard dog. Be alert with your time and even more of a bulldog with your schedule. If someone, or something is trying to steal your time, guard it with your life.

Don’t let time vampires run all over you. Remember, it’s your business your rules!

Honor your schedule as if your sanity depends on it (because it does). If you don’t set aside a specific time to accomplish a task it simply won’t get done. It will get pushed to the back burner while you’re “putting out other fires”.

If you let this happen, then your schedule rules you instead of you controlling your day. If you want to manage a hectic schedule successfully, honor your commitments and do the work.

It’s just that simple!

What’s one thing you do to manage your hectic schedule?


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