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6 Different Kinds of Budgets For People Who Hate Budgeting

work smarter not harder

Different kinds of budgets can actually help or hurt your money. It’s true! Even if you despise budgeting, having the right kind of budget plan can help you stress less about money. I know, I know — the word “budget” is usually associated as four-letter word and prompts feelings of dread and complaining. Don’t worry, I too …


6 Dumb (and Dumber) Things Smart People Do With Money

dumb things with money

We all have dumb moments. Sometimes we get caught up in the hype, lose our cool and cave into making bad decisions. When we look back on them, we think “All I needed was some common sense”. Below are six dumb (and dumber) things smart people do, when it comes to money. 1. Signing financial papers …


How to Stop Being Broke and Finally Break the Cycle

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So you’re ready to stop being broke? You hate living paycheck-to-paycheck and want to change. Well, the first step towards changing your life and gaining control of your finances is to admit you want to change, and acknowledging how much you need to change. Only you have the power to change your financial situation. When it comes …


How to Pay Off Your Car Loan in Half the Time

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In September of 2009 I was in a major car crash with two other vehicles. A driver ran a stop sign at 50 miles an hour, smashed into another car that skid into my lane and collided into me. We all walked away from the accident, but the police officer told me if I didn’t …