The Top 3 Best Online Jobs For College Students

Higher education costs continue to rise, making online jobs for college students more essential than ever.

College costs increase every year and although many students receive funding from their families, this is no longer sufficient either. But it gets worse.

Did you know 36% of college students don’t even have enough money to eat?

The survey had 43,000 respondents from 66 public and private schools and a mix of both two-year and four-year universities.

This all according to a ground-breaking study by Temple University and the Wisconsin HOPE Lab. It’s hard to fathom, but true.

Now your circumstances may not be that dire as a college student, but the fact remains: education isn’t getting any cheaper, and the only person you can rely on to help you pay for it–or pay it back–is you.

This is why we’ve put together this list of the best online jobs for college students.

Best Online Jobs For College Students

Here are the 3 best online jobs for college students to earn cash:

  1. Freelance Writing
  2. Sell Your Textbooks
  3. Share Your Opinion

1. Freelance Writing

If there’s one thing college students do a lot of, it’s writing. At a certain point, writing becomes as natural as breathing when you’re in school.

Don’t take this skill for granted. Writing is one of the most valued skills, in high demand across virtually all industries.

The demand for technical writers is expected to grow 10% by 2024. This is faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Regardless of your major, if you can write about it, you can find someone out who in it willing to pay you for it.

Writing is so much more than news stories, blogs (like this one) or, well, really any of the industries writing is commonly associated with.

As a bonus, getting into writing as a freelancer is a great way to prove you’re a self-starter, while also networking and adding valuable experience to your resume.

Don’t beat yourself up over lack of “credentials”.

As a freelance journalist, I’ve had my writing featured in dozens of major media sources, and as a writing agency owner, I’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies, celebrities, and many others.

And not once has someone asked about my “credentials.”

As a freelancer, people are far more concerned with the quality of your work and how reliable you are. So focus on those first. Credentials will follow.

How Much Do Online Freelance Writers Make?

As far as online jobs for college students go, writers can make good money.

The top 25% of freelance writers can earn $.83 or more per word, while the middle earns roughly $.25 per word, and the bottom middle earns $.12 per word. The bottom is $.03 per word.
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Online jobs for college students traditionally are hard to come by. The beauty of freelance writing is that it allows you to make your own.

But I think you should ditch that model entirely. You’d be much better served to charge by the project based on your time, experience and the value you’re finished project will bring to your client. And always give options!

Where Can I Find Online Writing Jobs?

Start by reaching out to businesses you frequent. Local restaurants, stores, coffee shops, wherever you go most. Let them know how you’d be happy to handle any writing needs they have, should they arise.

If you’d rather go the traditional route, that’s fine too. Just don’t try to make yourself seem bigger than you are, because in these spaces you’ll feel like you’re in competition.

Your only competition should be who you were yesterday. That’s the only way you get better (and stay sane!).

Many employers are actually happier working with college students–they don’t have a know-it-all mentality (yet!)

Upload your student writing resume to ZipRecruiter. Highlight your major and include links or attach copies of your best writing assignments.

Grades alone might not be a strong enough motivator to put pen to paper, but a nice paycheck might.

It’s the first place I visited when I had to hire writers for my company, and I’ll return once it’s time to hire again.

Online jobs for college students aren’t as few and far between as you think. You just have to go to the right places, that’s all. ZipRecruiter isn’t like the others.

While other resume websites are the equivalent of throwing your resume into a black hole, ZipRecruiter is different.

2. Sell Your Textbooks

The cost of college textbooks has risen by 87.5% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Factor in room, board, tuition, and a decent meal (36% of students don’t–so that’s not me being “tongue in cheek”) and that’s a lot of money spent.

Resourcefulness is a must, and the best place to start is by selling textbooks you no longer use. Even older additions can fetch you decent cash, so don’t put it off.

If you don’t have a friend who needs it, sell it.

Read our list of the top 5 best places to sell textbooks. Get quotes from them all and go with the best offer.

Many will foot the bill for your shipping costs too, so there’s no reason to put it off.

3. Share Your Opinion

While freelance writing can be lucrative and rewarding, it may take you time some time to get into it.

If freelance writing is the ideal long-term role in the world of online jobs for college students, surveys are a great short-term bet.

Online survey sites won’t make you rich. But they will make you some extra cash quick. And as a college student, that’s the name of the game.

To save you time–college students have that in short supply–we’ve done the vetting for you. Each of these top survey sites is 100% legit online jobs for college students.

You make money by doing simple tasks, from testing products to taking surveys. Another bonus?

Each of these sites is offering a $5 sign-up bonus, too:

  1. InboxDollars
  2. Survey Junkie
  3. Swagbucks

You’ve got enough on your plate. And the good news is, these sites don’t require much effort.

You can make money in college without even missing class online with them easily, all while doing other (more important) tasks…Like studying!

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