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Credit repair is essential if you want to have borrowing power. People with a low credit score may not have access to durable goods such as automobiles and appliances, and if they do purchase them they’ll end up paying higher interest rates. They may not even be able to get the things they want or need at all.

However, you can increase your credit score through credit repair and get back on track.

People have bad credit for various reasons. Bad credit can result from bankruptcy, repossession, incorrect credit marks, or identity theft. Incorrect and negative items on your credit report can be corrected, and you have the right to correct these items and improve your credit score.

With many different credit repair services available, how do you know which one to choose? Which ones are legitimate and worth your time?  Ovation Credit is a credit repair service that ranks near the top.

Who is Ovation Credit by Lendingtree?


Tied to the BBB since 1976, Ovation Credit is a reputable credit repair company located in Jacksonville, Florida. A group of attorneys officially founded the company and secured accreditation in 2004.

Ovation Credit works closely with credit bureaus on the credit repair process, and they offer a diverse portfolio of service options. Customization features provide services tailored to every customer’s unique situation. Through its unique approach to individual credit repair, Ovation Credit is today a leading contender among credit repair companies.

Among credit repair services, Ovation stands out in part because of its expert staff. Their staff attorneys are experts in credit repair. Their knowledge of the law works to your advantage.

Its diversity of services, an A+ rating with the BBB, and a 100 % guarantee make it a good credit repair company to explore.

Overview of Ovation Credit Services


Ovation Credit offers a comprehensive credit restoration service. Its service consists of two package options. Both options include an educational component and credit monitoring, as well as individual case management including:

  • Personal Case Advisor to help navigate the system
  • Dispute Manager to streamline processing of disputes

What Does Ovation Credit Do for the Consumer?

Ovation Credit helps consumers in the three following areas:

Identify and Correct Credit Report Inaccuracies

Once your credit report is pulled, they will quickly determine what factors are impacting your score. One of the first things Ovation does is clean up false or incorrect information on your credit report. This may include tings you’re not even aware of. Some of these factors are no fault of your own. Most people think a bad score results from things such as repossession, late payments, etc., but incorrect information on your credit report may also be in error. Ovation’s industry experience has found that:

  • 25 % of credit reports have serious errors, which can cause you to be denied credit
  • 30 % of credit reports have closed accounts
  • 54 % of accounts have information that’s not yours, or is outdated
  • 79 % of credit reports have mistakes that may be impacting your credit score

After these inaccuracies are cleared up, some clients see an immediate boost to their overall credit score.

Credit Education

Another critical component of Ovation Credit’s service is customer education. An education center on Ovation’s website provides people with the resources they’ll need, covering financial topics such as building credit, personal loans, interest rates, and more.

Ongoing Credit Monitoring

When you sign up with Ovation Credit, they will monitor your TransUnion credit report. This prevents identity fraud and flags erroneous information before it can affect your score.


Getting Started With Ovation Credit

Signing up with Ovation Credit is a simple procedure. First, go to the website and fill out the form for your free credit consultation. A professional credit analyst will contact you. Next, they will go over your credit reports with you to discuss what they found.

During the free consultation, you will need to give Ovation your Experian report. The case manager will pull the TransUnion and Equifax credit summaries for you.

At that point, they will discuss what path to take. Then they will advise you as to how you can enhance your credit report.

Ovation Credit has two robust plans to offer: Essentials Plan or Essential Plus Plan.

These plans provide you with a level of service that is necessary for your specific case. Once you initiate the sign-up, they will activate your Dispute Manager. Lastly, customize your service by adding on other options that you need.

Products and Services

Essentials Plan

This service costs a $79 monthly fee and has an $89 first work fee. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get with this plan:

Dispute Options

  • You can dispute every negative item on your credit report that you believe is inaccurate, unverifiable, misleading, or false in any way.
  • Personal Case Advisor
  • You will be assigned a Personal Case Advisor when you sign up.
  • Additionally, this person will provide guidance with your dispute and also help you understand how to improve your credit.
  • Financial Management Tools
  • You will have access to all the financial management tools necessary to build your credit.

Essentials Plus Plan

When you sign up for the Essential Plus Plan, you get all the perks of the Essentials Plan plus some added benefits. Therefore, this plan is ideal for people with more negative items on their credit report.

For a monthly fee of $109, you get the Essential Plus Plan. The first work fee is $89. The features of the plan include:

Unlimited Challenge Validation Letters

Don’t worry if you need multiple letters disputing information on your credit report. Ovation will send an unlimited number to any creditor in question. Accordingly, these custom validation dispute letters will work to clear up your credit history.

Unlimited Creditor Goodwill Letters

A goodwill letter to your creditors is an excellent way to restore good credit faster. While you wait for disputes to be settled, Ovation will send an unlimited number of creditor goodwill letters. These letters will let creditors know that your account is in good standing.

Furthermore, the letters suggest to creditors that they review your account for inaccuracies. As a result, you may be able to gain credit benefits right away.

Ovation Recommendation Letter

An official recommendation letter may help your case. Therefore, you can have the Directing Attorney send letters to any creditors upon request.

TransUnion Credit Monitoring

This component monitors your TransUnion Credit report, checking for fraud, changes in your score, and so on.

Customization Options

According to the Ovation Credit website, you can “add other custom options to further sculpt” the services. Some of the customization options include:

Fast Track Service

This service guarantees that your account will be set up the same day you sign, thereby giving you same day service.

Identity Optimizer

The Identity Optimizer ensures your identity doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Ovation makes sure your personal information is not duplicated in online places where it’s unnecessary.

Benefits of Working With Ovation

Ovation Credit definitely has some pros that make it worth considering. Some of the benefits that consumers like the best include:

  • Customization options make this a program for every consumer
  • Real people answer the phones, so clients aren’t stuck with voicemail during business hours
  • All emails are answered promptly within 24 hours
  • Access an excellent sales team to answer all your questions
  • Free credit consultations
  • Discounts for several groups of people. There is a military discount, senior citizen discount, and one for couples.
  • Also, you can get a discount if you transfer from another agency
  • Referral fee
  • 100% Service Guarantee / No-risk refund policy
  • Cancel anytime


1. Does Ovation Credit disclose a consumer’s rights?

Yes. People have the right to correct their credit reports. They also can take advantage of professional guidance from a credit repair company. Ovation displays the client’s rights on its website as well as on the sign-up e-documents.

2. Does Ovation simply dispute all negative items from your credit, whether they discuss it with you or not?

No. Actually, this is a violation of federal law. Companies that do this are a scam and should not be trusted. Ovation Credit has talented attorneys and researches who know the law thoroughly. They can determine what avenue to take to dispute an item.

3. Can Ovation Credit be verified as a legitimate company?

Yes. Anyone today can create a website and say they are a company. It’s essential to verify that the place you are dealing with is real and legitimate. Ovation Credit is verifiable through the Florida Bar, the Florida Department of State, and the Better Business Bureau.

What do the Consumers Say About Ovation?

Of course, with any service, you’ll have a mix of positive and negative reviews, especially if there are several. Ovation Credit has a little over a 4-star rating from Consumer Affairs. Some of the positive customer reviews include:

“It was very good, everything run very smooth, and the communication was straightforward. The price, interaction, and service were good and the online page was easy to follow. I didn’t have any problem with anyone or anything. I got what I wanted which was to fix the credit report.” –TX

“The program got my credit score up and now I’m done. Having worked with Ovation Credit has made it a lot easier for me to get a loan. I would tell my friends about Ovation if they have trouble with their credit.” -IN

Contact Information for Ovation Credit by Lendingtree

This business is located at:

9414 Philips Hwy Suite 560, Jacksonville, Florida 32256-1369

United States

Phone number: 1-866-639-342

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