3 Best PEO Companies in Arizona (2020)

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Article Approved By Banking Expert

This article has been reviewed and deemed factual by our content auditor with 8 years of banking experience.

Arizona is a state that has shown a significant increase in population that’s directly proportional to the local economic growth.
This means there are more and more small businesses blooming every day, calling for the additional HR tasks.

You don’t need just any PEO for the good of your business; you need the best one there is in the state that knows very well all the regional regulations and laws, and how to abide by them.

Here are our top three choices for PEO companies in Arizona.

1) Zamp HR

Zamp HR offers unique solutions through HR outsourcing with capabilities that span from easy tasks to nearly impossible tasks.

You can expect your company to be in safe hands from a company that has been providing HR solutions to many organizations for years.

Zamp HR has lots of positive reviews from customers because of their competitive fees.
Also, we can’t forget their friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always ready to solve any HR-related issues thrown their way.

What we like:
==> Best PEO for small and medium-sized businesses in the state.
==> It deals with super-complex business structures and offers them quick HR solutions.
==> You can scale your business to other states since it also covers Idaho and Utah.


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2) Integrity Outsource

Located in Phoenix, AZ, Integrity Outsource is our second choice for a PEO company. They work through a cost-effective approach by co-employing the people in the company to work with them hand in hand in offering HR solutions.

Your employees will be working for you as well as working for them, and from that approach, you can expect reduced fees for your HR services.

Integrity Outsource saves you time and money that you can transfer to other business ideas to expand your company.

What we like:
==> They co-employ the employees within your company to deal with HR problems.
==> You get trained professionals who respond quickly to client’s needs and questions.
==> You can expect a quick consultation for HR issues to have you running in no time.

3) Insperity

Our third pick for a PEO company in Arizona is Insperity that was established in 1986. It has more than 70 offices spread across different states in the USA. Insperity has a sales and service center in Phoenix, Arizona.

They offer HR solutions through two unique offerings for companies with 5-149 employees and 150-5000 employees, respectively. This means that Insperity deals with HR tasks for all business sizes, be it small or large.

So, if you want to work with a PEO that accommodates any business size, then Insperity could be the PEO for you.

What we like:
==> They offer HR solutions to all types of business sizes.
==> It’s the best PEO for employers looking to expand their business to the other states.
==> They have a great history of PEO reputation in Arizona.

How Did We Evaluate the Best PEO Companies in Arizona?

Getting the right PEO for your business in Arizona allows you to enjoy discounted benefits and worker’s comp pricing because you have access to a large employee bargaining pool. How do you know that a PEO you’re considering is the right one?

Here are the key factors we used to evaluate the right PEO providers in Arizona.
• Tax and payroll processing.
• Recruiting and onboarding support.
• HR management and consulting support.
• HR regulation compliance assistance.
• Safety compliance and risk management.
• Customer service and feedback.
• Additional specializations.

You can always confirm your choice for a PEO company in Arizona by going through the above factors to ensure that it fits your HR needs.

What Makes PEO Companies in Arizona Stand Out?

PEO services vary by company, but they all work to assist your business with HR solutions so that you can concentrate more on other relevant sectors to increase profitability.

Here are the benefits of using a PEO provider in Arizona.
o Saving on The Insurance Cost – PEOs save you money through reduced health insurance costs by leveraging their massive pool of clients to get remarkable rates for your business.
o Handling Compliance and Legal issues – PEO service providers conform to all state regulations in managing all your compliance and legal matters.
o Less Paperwork – Paperwork can take a lot of time that you could have used to better your company’s growth rate. PEOs provide you with ample time to focus more on essential tasks by minimizing paperwork.

PEO Companies in Arizona – FAQ

Let’s get you started, with five frequently asked questions about PEO companies in Arizona.
What is a PEO? – A PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization and provides a business with a platform where they can outsource their HR tasks, such as employee and personnel management. They manage businesses’ payroll, tax forms and payments, onboarding new employees, employee wellness programs, insurance, and many other benefits.

What is the Total Cost of a PEO in Arizona? – Employers can pay an annual fee that’s between $1000-$2000 per employee to use a PEO in Arizona.
How Does a PEO Charge? – Most PEOs usually charge a straight admin fee (preferred) or charge a percentage of overall payroll per employee.
How Much Does It Cost to Switch to a PEO? – It depends on the complexity and size of the business. However, a switch to a PEO will cost you about $1000 to $15,000.
How Long Does It Take a PEO to Get Started? – A PEO can take an average time of four to six weeks to get started.


Arizona is a blooming state with vast business opportunities, and there is a lot that entails in running your company. To avoid work stress, then you can hire a PEO service provider to lighten the load for you. Therefore, you can concentrate on other important things needed to run your business smoothly. For more info, contact us to talk to one of our PEO specialists or check out our comparison tool above.

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