5 Best Financial Advisors for Peoria, Arizona

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Ryan Friend

November 7, 2019  •  5 min read

Right near the middle of Arizona and right near Phoenix, Peoria is a great place to live if you don’t like the complete hustle of the city but also want some space to themselves. And if you’re reading this, you’ve likely found a degree of success and want to make the most of your life there. Yet that requires careful management of your money and your holdings, and we all know that can be a lot of work. That’s why we recommend you work with a financial advisor: you can save time and get your money to make more money in the process.

And we also know this can be a tough choice, so we looked into firms in Peoria and Phoenix to help you make the right choice. Here are our top five choices for financial advisory firms for Peoria, Arizona:

1) TFO Phoenix, Inc.

For Peoria and for most of the greater Phoenix area, we consider TFO Phoenix to be the firm to beat. With their $2.4 billion in assets under management and dozens of advisors under their payroll, TFO Phoenix is a growing name and one many families of all types rely on for financial guidance, whether short-term or long-term. Given their range, unless you’re looking for something special or know the larger firm won’t be a good fit, we recommend giving them another glance.

They are heavily focused on diversification when it comes to investing and always keep their thinking long-term for their clients. You can also expect them to help you with making the most of your tax situation.

TFO Phoenix is a fee-only firm that has no minimum requirements to work with them.

You can expect the following working with TFO Phoenix:

  • A large staff that will let you get your problems addressed quickly and easily.
  • A focus not only on wealth but on what your wealth can provide for you and your family. It is more than just a number to them.
  • A firm that works heavily with families and not just individuals.

2) Wall Capital Group

With $1.06 billion in assets under management, Wall Capital Group is among the largest firms in the area, and they’ve earned that distinction. Another choice that is good for families and individuals of all types and backgrounds, Wall Capital Group takes every client’s needs and goals seriously and puts forth every effort to create a plan for increased growth and stability.

With this more personal approach, they will create a portfolio that is more in line with your goals, and work from there. All factors will be considered, and you can trust that no stone will be left unturned.

Wall Capital Group is a fee-only firm that has no account minimum, but there may be an annual minimum fee to work with them.

You can expect the following while working with Wall Capital Group:

  • A high level of experience working with public sector employees and former public employees.
  • Plenty of online tools and services there to help you.
  • A consistent effort towards finding clients the very best investment opportunities.

3) Belpointe Asset Management

With about $1 billion in assets under management, Belpointe Asset Management is a similarly large firm operating in the area, although they have additional branches and advisors all across the country. While they may not be locally focused, we know that some readers will appreciate this decentralized view and spread of resources, keeping opportunities open.

Above all else, Belpointe focuses on the client. If a certain investment strategy or philosophy would be a good fit for your goals, they will use it, and they are open to new ideas.

Belpointe Asset Management is a fee-based firm that requires that does not have a minimum account size or minimum amount of investable assets.

You can expect the following working with Belpointe Asset Management:

  • Additional legal and insurance services available should you need them.
  • Plenty of different types of specialists available to help, in case you have a unique problem or question.
  • A heavily personal approach to serving clients.

4) Versant Capital Management

With $909 million in assets under management, Versant Capital Management is one of the most exclusive firms in the Phoenix and Peoria areas, which makes it perhaps the best choice for high net worth individuals who want to work with a more focused set of advisors and staff members. Founded in 2004, their experience is remarkable, and working with them you can rest assured your entire family will be taken into consideration when making decisions.

They prefer to focus on the long term and use many different types of asset classes when building portfolios. They also seek to minimize the tax and fee burden all clients must deal with.

Versant Capital Management is a fee-only firm that has a $2 million minimum account balance requirement.

You can expect the following working with Versant Capital Management:

  • A heavily disciplined approach to not only investing but providing financial advice. They seek to minimize short-term thinking.
  • A holistic approach when it comes to your assets and portfolio.
  • Many additional tools and resources at your disposal should you want to know more about the market or your portfolio.

5) Hatton Consulting

The last option we picked out for Peoria residents, Hatton Consulting might be a smaller Phoenix firm, but they are also one of the best choices for business owners, widows and widowers, and other people who might not be in the general category of people looking for financial advisory services. They can focus on your needs and provide you with excellent personalized service.

When it comes to investing your assets, Hatton Consulting will craft a separate plan just for your assets, which is then used as part of a greater wealth management plan.

Hatton Consulting, Inc. is a fee-only firm that has no account minimums or other strong requirements to work with them.

You can expect the following working with Hatton Consulting Inc.:

  • The highest standards of ethical conduct among their advisors and staff.
  • Dedication to fostering a long-term relationship with their clients.
  • An understanding that investment is a complex field and that there may be many different factors when determining the path to success.


Only you will know you and your family’s plans and the right choice among the above firms. We do think there’s a choice for everyone, though, and whether your wealth is based in Peoria, Phoenix, or somewhere else, it will be well-taken care of. Take your time, explore your options, and remember that ultimately you have control. We hope that you have nothing but success in your future financial endeavors.