5 Best Financial Advisors for San Bernardino, California

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Ryan Friend

November 14, 2019  •  5 min read

A main part of the Inland Empire, San Bernardino has a vibrant downtown, many major events hosted there each year, and ups and downs in its economy, something of note for people who might want to settle down and make the most of the opportunities that arise in the city. We know that quite a few successful individuals like yourself live there, and we also know that wealth can be somewhat of a burden without proper guidance and management. That’s why we recommend many people get the services of a financial advisory firm, and we want to help you look.

It is, however, difficult to find many firms within San Bernardino limits that meet our exacting standards, so we expanded our scope into the Riverside and Los Angeles areas. Here are our top five choices for financial advisory firms for San Bernardino, California:

1) Aspiriant, LLC

This Los Angeles firm appears on quite a few of our lists, and with good reason. Aspiriant, LLC is well-known in the industry and has over $12 billion in assets under management, requiring a huge staff to keep track of everything and keep up with clients. Yet despite this, they will be able to provide you and your family with whatever services might be required.

They are future-minded and long-term focused when providing investment advice, and Aspiriant augments this by using their large research team effectively and using prediction models to help make decisions regarding asset allocation and investment opportunities.

Aspiriant is a fee-only firm that requires a $1.5 million account minimum to work with.

You can expect the following working with Aspiriant, LLC:

  • Importance placed on excellent treatment of each client. You will always feel like your concerns matter when working with one of their advisors.
  • The ability to create a centralized collection of information on your financial status and potential directions you can go.
  • A research team that is among the best in the business, with the resources to explore options other firms would ignore.

2) Churchill Management Group

Another common member of our lists of top firms for California cities, Churchill Management Group is one of the most acclaimed firms in the country and has under its employ some of the top advisors in the world. Experienced with every type of market and financial product available, they’ll be able to pick out a set of assets that will be balanced and will guide your wealth well. They already have $5.5 billion in assets under their management.

Their investment strategy focuses on economic cycles, knowing when to withdraw from the market and when to be aggressive. They’ve been careful about this for decades, bringing success and increased wealth to their clients through this macroeconomic-centered approach.

Churchill Management Group is a fee-based firm that requires $750,000 in assets to work with them.

You can expect the following working with Churchill Management Group:

  • A big-picture approach to investment.
  • A clear focus on your financial goals as an individual.
  • The use of basic and understandable investment strategies.

3) Westmount Asset Management

Westmount Asset Management is an advisory firm founded in 1990 that has about $2.6 billion in assets under its management. Based in Los Angeles, they generally work with high net worth individuals and prefer to craft tailored solutions to your financial problems.

The main thing to note about their advisory and investment strategies is that they are flexible to what you need and what will work. You can count on them to always be open to new ideas and strategies.

Westmount Asset Management is a fee-only firm that requires that you have $2 million in investable assets to work with them.

You can expect the following working with Westmount Asset Management:

  • An open-minded approach that makes them happy to consider alternative investments.
  • A willingness to work with other professionals under your employ.
  • Socially responsible portfolio and investing options.

4) NWF Advisory Services

With more than $900 million in assets under management, NWF Advisory Group is another Los Angeles firm with plenty of experience and more notably with other offices throughout Southern California, including an office in nearby Redlands. They are a firm that focuses heavily on the needs and concerns of the client, providing customized services and a tailored set of advice to help you meet your financial goals.

It’s difficult to state their exact philosophy for investment, as NWF Advisory Services has a series of different plans to choose from based on what you as a client are looking for and what your financial situation is.

The minimum balance they require will change based on the services you want. They are a fee-based firm.

You can expect the following working with NWF Advisory Group:

  • A long-term focus for most financial and investment advice, making them a good choice for people looking for wealth for decades to come.
  • Low requirements when compared to other firms, making them more accessible than most good firms in the San Bernardino area.
  • Many different tools and services available, making them handy to have on-call no matter your needs.

5) Oakwood Capital Management

Oakwood Capital Management, founded in 1998, rounds out our list with $780 million in assets under management. A smaller firm, they are still able to provide a wide variety of services such as retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, and others. They mostly specialize in working with wealthier individuals.

Working with them, your financial goals and plans will be the main consideration when getting investment advice, but you can also trust that they will rely on tested methods and their research to fine-tune asset allocation.

Oakwood Capital Management is a fee-based firm that requires that you have at least $1 million to work with them in most cases.

You can expect the following working with Oakwood Capital Management:

  • An intensive discovery and planning process.
  • Many different investment strategies and portfolio types available for clients, as to accommodate just about anyone.
  • Plenty of financial professionals with different certifications on staff.


While San Bernardino itself might not be a hotbed of financial advisory firms, you can trust that you will be able to find a firm that works well for you in the nearby areas. We hope that you consider all of your options, list out your true financial priorities for your household, and dig in with some additional research. This isn’t always an easy choice, but the benefits from a wise partnership will stick with you for as long as you live. We wish you the best of luck with all of your financial plans.