5 Best Financial Advisors for Sunnyvale, California

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Ryan Friend

November 20, 2019  •  5 min read

Right next to San Jose and Santa Clara, Sunnyvale is a beautiful place filled with beautiful homes and beautiful people, and as a major part of the Silicon Valley area, Sunnyvale is home to many people who likely have more money than time yet still want to make the most of their wealth. For these people and others, we recommend employing the services of a financial planning and investment firm, which can help you keep your fiscal ship straight while you focus on more interesting pursuits.

Yet out of all the excellent groups in the area, which one should you work with? We did the work and are here to help. Here are our top five choices for financial advisory firms for Sunnyvale, California:

1) Hall Capital Partners

A San Francisco firm that often dominates not only the area but the state and sometimes the country, Hall Capital Partners is a massive group that has about $36 billion in assets under management and in part, as a result, has the resources many other firms simply do not. With offices in New York and connections around the world, they can find opportunities you won’t get anywhere else.

Hall Capital Partners is a fee-only firm and doesn’t technically have a minimum requirement, but they do charge a minimum annual fee of $400,000, meaning the firm is only a realistic choice for very high net worth individuals.

You can expect the following working with Hall Capital Partners:

  • An organization and structure that can take on a lot of work. The firm is majority-owned by employees.
  • A large research staff that includes two dozen dedicated researchers.
  • Knowledge of how to work with high net worth individuals.

2) Baker Street Advisors

Another San Francisco firm that mostly works with the wealthy, Baker Street Advisors has been in operation since 2003 and has about $7.2 billion in assets under management. With a highly experienced team, Baker Street Advisors is able to provide all the services you would hope for and more, and you’ll be working with a senior member and a founder as part of your advisory team.

They are a firm that works heavily with customized plans, but as a matter of course, they will seek to minimize their clients’ tax burdens and any related fees.

Baker Street Advisors is a fee-only firm that requires a $5 million account minimum.

You can expect the following working with Baker Street Advisors:

  • An emphasis on clear communication, making sure you understand everything happening to your assets and answering any questions you might have.
  • You will be working with a highly efficient team that will not waste your time.
  • The ability to take your family’s financial needs into consideration in addition to just your goals as an individual.

3) Silicon Valley Capital Partners

The first San Jose firm on our list, Silicon Valley Capital Partners was founded in 2003 by Christopher Combs (who remains with the firms) and has $334 million in assets under management. It is a small firm, but they are happy to bring in outside help and resources when necessary, making sure you are never lacking for deserved time and attention to your portfolio and financial goals.

They will consider larger economic trends and macroeconomic cycles when determining what to do next, and additionally, that make risk-management a priority.

Silicon Valley Wealth Advisors is a fee-only firm that requires at least $200,000 in investible assets.

You can expect the following working with Silicon Valley Wealth Advisors:

  • A portfolio that will always adapt quickly to changes in the market, meaning that you can worry less about risk.
  • Plenty of communication when creating your plan and portfolio.
  • A willingness to take things other than just numbers into account when creating a portfolio.

4) Betterwealth, LLC

Our fourth choice is Betterwealth, LLC, a younger firm but one worthy of note, as they have managed to reach $238 million in assets under management since 2015. A San Jose firm committed to client education as well as providing excellent advisory and management services, they’re a great choice for people who have just found success or who want to learn more of the skills to be self-sufficient in a financial space.

Their investment strategy is mostly based on maintaining a good asset balance and a disciplined approach. They provide all the services one might expect from a firm of this size.

Betterwealth, LLC is a fee-only firm that has no minimum requirements, but the firm does generally work with higher net-wealth individuals.

You can expect the following working with Betterwealth, LLC:

  • Active portfolio management that means your holdings will change based on their research.
  • A firm that holds itself to high standards regarding its fiduciary duty.
  • Clear communication and regular information available on your end.

5) Retirement Capital Strategies, Inc.

With $212 million in assets under management and a history dating back to 1980 in San Jose, Retirement Capital Strategies rounds out our list and is perhaps the most accessible firm mentioned here. As the name might imply, they’re a great choice if you are primarily concerned with retirement planning, estate planning, or trust planning (among other services).

For most purposes, they take a long-term approach, but they will adjust their strategy if they find your current goals require a short-term investment plan.

Retirement Capital Strategies, Inc. is a fee-based firm that has no set account requirements.

You can expect the following working with Retirement Capital Strategies:

  • Plenty of helpful tools and resources available if you’re concerned about where to go next or have any confusion on your end.
  • You can completely trust them to act in your and only your financial interests.
  • Financial planning services that can span generations.


Whatever your reason for wanting or needing help from a financial planner, we hope that you can find a perfect fit among the above-recommended firms. You may need to make some comparisons and drudge up some numbers, but the work invested now will save you so much time and money in the long run. Review the above notes one more time, make a shortlist, and start making a few calls. You’ll be surprised at how painless the process is and just how much help you’ll get crafting a more solid financial plan.