5 Best Financial Advisors for Thousand Oaks, California

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Ryan Friend

November 27, 2019  •  5 min read

A great place to live if you want to be a little bit away from the hustle of Los Angeles or simply want a closer connection with nature than you’d find there, Thousand Oaks is also a place where the tech industry has come to stay and greater opportunities and success with it. And while you work on finding even greater success, you need someone to watch your back and your finances for you to make sure you’re getting the most from your wealth. This is where a financial advisor comes in:  their expertise can keep you on track with your financial goals.

Yet in Thousand Oaks and surrounding cities, there are many advisory firms to choose from. We wish to help you save time, so here are our top five choices for financial advisory firms for Thousand Oaks, California: 

1) Aspiriant, LLC

One of the top firms in the region by any metric and the top in terms of assets under management with about $11.6 billion, Aspiriant is a juggernaut that can provide you and your family with whatever financial advisory or investment management service might be needed. With their huge staff, they can provide each client with plenty of deserved attention and look into every nook and cranny of your financial situation to determine the best plan.

When investing, they focus on the long term and use their prediction models to try and make the best calls ahead of time.

Aspiriant is a fee-only firm that requires a $1.5 million account minimum to work with them.

You can expect the following working with Aspiriant, LLC:

  • The ability to bring all of your financial information together to create a comprehensive profile on you.
  • A large and incredibly experienced research team that has all the resources it needs.
  • Excellent treatment of yourself and your loved ones. They take quality client service extremely seriously.

2) Churchill Management Group

Another firm that’s extremely hard to ignore in the region, Churchill Management Group is one of the top groups in the country by many metrics, and has about $5.5 billion in assets under their management. They have experience with just about every type of client and problem you think one could come across, and they’re always making sure your portfolio is safe and well-balanced.

When investing, they’ll generally focus on the big picture and larger economic cycles, taking great care to withdraw more from the market when appropriate and be extra aggressive when they think it is the best choice for their clients.

Churchill Management Group is a fee-based firm that requires $750,000 in assets to work with them.

You can expect the following working with Churchill Management Group:

  • A big-picture approach to investing that has worked for them for decades.
  • A consistent focus on your goals, whether they’re financial or not.
  • An easy-to-understand approach to investment and a team that’s happy to answer any questions you may have.

3) AdvicePeriod, LLC

If you’re looking for something a bit different, then AdvicePeriod, LLC might just be the Los Angeles firm for you. Founded in 2013 with about $3 billion in assets under management, the firm focuses on innovation and growth when working with high net worth clients, which means that they might not be the best choice for many people.

They prioritize giving clear and actionable advice via a holistic approach. They always want the client to understand what’s going on and where their money might be going.

AdvicePeriod, LLC is a fee-only firm that requires that you have $500,000 in investable assets for most cases.

You can expect the following working with AdvicePeriod, LLC:

  • Clarity in any conversation you might have with them. You will have any necessary concepts explained to you, and you won’t be talked down to.
  • Plenty of available services such as retirement planning, trust and estate planning, cash flow management services, tax planning and related services, and more.
  • A simple fee structure to prevent confusion.

4) Westmount Asset Management

Founded in 1990 with about $2.6 billion in assets under management, Westmount Asset Management is an excellent choice if you are a high-net-worth individual and want a solution to your specific financial problems or a path to reach your specific financial goals. Expect tailored strategies and a more personal relationship than what you might find elsewhere, with careful attention placed on your portfolio.

As mentioned, Westmount is less likely to take a rigid approach to investment, and will instead consider the needs of the client when coming up with a strategy. They are flexible and will be open to new ideas and opportunities.

Westmount Asset Management is a fee-only firm that requires that you have $2 million in investable assets to work with them.

You can expect the following working with Westmount Asset Management:

  • A willingness to work with anyone else on your team, including lawyers, accountants, and other professionals.
  • Options for socially responsible investing and portfolio management, if you have any concerns or caveats about investing in certain companies.
  • An approach that makes then often one of the first firms to try new and successful strategies.

5) Miracle Mile Advisors, LLC

If you’re looking for a firm that can help you and your family reach their financial goals, then Miracle Mile Advisors might just be the option for you. Founded in 2007 with just a little more than $1 billion in assets under their management, they are determined to craft a comprehensive plan for you.

Their plan focuses more around what you need, whether that’s tax planning, portfolio optimization, or something else entirely.

Miracle Mile Advisors, LLC is a fee-based firm that requires that you have at least $750,000 to work with.

You can expect the following working with Miracle Mile Advisors:

  • A team of advisors with years of experience each that can easily provide you with objective advice on whatever situation you’re dealing with.
  • An approach that will take your whole life into account, not just the numbers in your portfolio.
  • Apps and technological tools that make communication and information access easier than ever.


There’s no place like Thousand Oaks, and thankfully you don’t have to travel far from it to find an excellent financial advisor. We also understand that you’ll want to be careful about this decision, which means that you can and should do things such as get free consultations, make direct comparisons, and check FINRA listings. And whichever firm you wind up working with in the long run, we hope you rest easier knowing that your financial life is about to get quite a bit easier.