10 Best Financial Advisors in Albuquerque (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 17, 2019  •  6 min read

With its large population, collection of monuments and museums, and recent embrace of technology companies, there’s no place quite like Albuquerque. And the city is expanding as of late, a sign of opportunity for any who would be so bold as to start or grow a business there. Add these people to the already established wealth in the city, and one can easily see a need for some fiscal guidance.

Thankfully, you and the rest of Albuquerque have many options from which to choose when it comes time to find someone with years of experience in helping you chart your financial future. But with so many options, finding the right firm can be a confusing and chaotic process.

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However, too much is at stake to not make the most informed decision possible. As a result, to clarify things for you, we’ve done a good bit of research to find out which firms in Albuquerque are truly the best. Below you can find our top five choices as well as some more information about what makes them great.

1) Ulrich Investment Consultants

Ulrich Investment Consultants is our top choice for Albuquerque, and with good reason; it holds $1.07 billion in assets under management. Founded in 2007, Ulrich works with a wide range of clients and can help just about anyone under the New Mexico sun and beyond. They will understand what you need to live your best financial life, and they will help you stay focused on those goals.

Their strategy involves the use of heavy research and creative solutions. Advisors will assess the markets and individual investment options using objective metrics, and then they will make recommendations from there.

Ulrich Investment Consultants is a fee-based firm that has no stated account minimum requirement.

You can expect the following while working with Ulrich Investment Consultants:

  • An emphasis on transparency and trust in the client-advisor relationship.
  • Advisors with decades of experience who have seen both turbulent markets and most types of problems you could show them.
  • Regular reviews and monitoring of your assets.

2) REDW Stanley Financial Advisors

Our second selection, REDW Stanley Financial Advisors, is notably one of the only fee-only firms on this list. It was founded in 1997 and it has a sizable $722 million in assets under management. Having many advisors on staff, they complement breadth with depth as they also employ advisors with the best certifications in their respective fields of expertise. They have several people with the certified financial planner (CFP) designation, as well as a certified public accountant (CPA) and other investment advisory professionals.

They offer several different types of portfolio and wealth management, all of which will be based on your level of wealth and interest. But in general, they will determine a customized plan for clients and then provide course correction as necessary.

REDW Stanley Financial Advisors is a fee-only firm that has no minimum account requirement, but their rates can quickly become too much for those with not too much in the bank.

You can expect the following when working with REDW Stanley Financial Advisors:

  • A wide range of specialized financial planning services that can give you pinpoint advice whether you’re dealing with tax planning, mitigating risk, or planning for your business.
  • Additional institutional planning services for interested groups and owners.
  • An employee-owned firm, which makes it a stable firm and free from outside influences.

3) John Moore & Associates

John Moore & Associates, founded in 1997 and currently with about $352 million in assets under management, is a firm best suited for investors with a strong religious faith, as they specialize in investment and financial planning that takes the bible’s teachings into account. They mostly provide financial planning and investment management services for their clients.

They use a range of models for their clients and will work with you to determine which one is best based on your time frame and level of risk tolerance.

John Moore & Associates is a fee-based firm that has no stated account minimums to work with them as a client.

You can expect the following if you work with John Moore & Associates:

  • A heavily-principled advisory staff that isn’t just concerned about the amoral bottom line but rather the good people can do with their wealth. Financial services and investment strategies can be about more than just making money.
  • An importance placed on not only the stability of your portfolio but also on the strength and stability of your character.
  • Absolute transparency and honestly from your advisors.

4) Portfolio Wealth Advisors

Our fourth choice is Portfolio Wealth Advisors, a firm founded in 2008 that has $264 million in assets under management. While they only have a couple of advisors on staff and have another location in Oklahoma City, they are certainly able to help bring guidance to interested parties. They primarily provide investment management and estate planning services for their clients, but there is a heavy focus on retirement, meaning those looking forward to that period of their lives may wish to seek out this firm first.

Advisors carefully consider companies or securities before recommending an investment, and they will use a variety of different asset types to make sure your portfolio has no weaknesses.

Portfolio Wealth Advisors is a fee-based firm that has no stated minimum requirements for their clients.

You can expect the following at Portfolio Wealth Advisors:

  • The use of technology and partnerships to make informing yourself and asset management an easy task. General information and investment advice is easy to access
  • A focus on security for both you and your family.
  • A free consultation when you start with them so that you don’t have to commit too early.

5) Hanseatic Management Services

Our last firm but not the least by any measure, Hanseatic Management Services has $106 million in assets under management and was founded in 1995. While their advisors may not be as qualified as some other firms on this list, their commitment to being a fee-only firm makes up the difference. They primarily work with clients interested in investment management and related advisory services.

Their investment approach can vary based on the current condition of the market and the needs or financial goals of the client.

Hanseatic Management Services is a fee-only firm that has a $100,000 minimum account requirement for individuals.

You can expect the following while working with Hanseatic Management Services:

  • As a minority and veteran-owned firm, you can expect advisors to be helpful to people of all backgrounds.
  • Experience working through various market cycles.
  • The use of proprietary and flexible tools to help their clients get the most out of their portfolio.

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Wealth is all the same once it’s in your bank account, so it would be wise to work with someone who knows exactly how to get the most from it. We’re confident one of the above five firms would be a great fit for you and your family, so we encourage you to look further into the details about each firm (don’t be afraid to Google FINRA records to investment advisers) so that you can rest easy with your choice. And no matter what that is, don’t forget you are the one in control of your financial future.