10 Best Financial Advisors in Anaheim (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 15, 2019  •  5 min read

Home to the Angels, Disneyland, and over 330,000 people, Anaheim is a city in Orange County that has a culture all its own from Los Angeles yet blends wonderfully into the scope of the area. The city has provided enterprising individuals with plenty of chances to find success. With success, however, comes maintenance and additional burdens to consider. Fortunately, a financial advisor can make matter much easier for you.

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Here are our top picks for financial advisory firms and investment advisors for Anaheim, California:

1) Chatterton & Associates, The Wealth Management Team, Inc.

Chatterton & Associates, The Wealth Management Team, Inc. is our top choice for investment management firms within the city limits, with $697 million in assets under management. The team is small for a firm with that much wealth to manage, but the advisors are all highly experienced and most have certifications in their field. Additionally, they work primarily with high net worth individuals. Among their staff you’ll find a few certified financial planners (CFPs) and other investment planning professionals.

They generally perform financial planningretirement planningestate planning, and insurance planning services for their clients as needed, and they change their approach entirely based on the needs of the client.

Chatterton & Associates is a fee-based firm that has a $200,000 account minimum requirement to work with them.

You can expect the following working with Chatterton & Associates:

  • An approach with customizes their services to every client depending on their investment portfolio and needs.
  • A secure and cautious approach that places all assets in the hands of independent associates. They regularly are audited by the SEC and ensure full compliance with all recommended security regulations.
  • A range of resources to help you better understand your financial situation and the financial world in general.

2) Jack Keeter &Associates, Inc.

Their website might not be a perfect source of information if you want to know more about Jack Keeter & Associates, Inc. with more than $133 million in assets under their name. Instead, it might be best to contact them for more information if you really want to work with an Anaheim-based firm that isn’t Chatterton and Associates. They mostly focus on high net worth individuals and have a reasonably-sized staff considering the assets they manage.

Relatively new to owning a firm, Jack Keeter is nonetheless, an experienced and noted professional in the industry. You can expect the general array of advisory services to be offered.

Jack Keeter & Associates, Inc. is a fee-based firm that requires $250,000 in assets to work with them.

You can expect the following working with Jack Keeter & Associates:

  • A long-term approach to investing that can deviate from that norm if the benefits are worth it.
  • Experience with retirement-associated advice and services for those in that stage of their life.
  • Insurance products services and services available if you would like them.

Other Excellent California Financial Advisory Firms for Anaheim, California

Unfortunately, there weren’t too many firms operating strictly from Anaheim that met our standards, so we selected a few more firms in the area that are also great choices.

3) Aspirant, LLC

One of the largest firms in Los Angeles with over $12 billion in assets under management, Aspirant, LLC has a large staff and everything you might need as a client to ensure a better and more secure financial future for you and your family. The leverage these advantages for the purpose of making a more customizable experience for the client.

They look forward when considering the best course of action for their clients and perform more research than most other firms in order to maximize gains and minimize risk.

Avalon Advisors is a fee-only firm that has a $1.5 million account minimum requirement to work with them.

You can expect the following working with Aspirant, LLC:

  • An approach to client relations that emphasizes care, attention, and customizability of financial planning services.
  • Centralized and consolidated investment advice, pulling information from all your accounts and aspects of your financial life.
  • A large, research-heavy staff to support decisions.

4) Churchill Management Group

Another huge financial services firm and financial group based in Los Angeles with $5.5 billion in assets under management, Churchill Management Group (founded in 1962) is a firm that emphasizes the long haul and patience in its practices, having already experienced the twists and turns of the market and coming out better for it.

Highly regarded by many magazines and journals in the area and beyond, the firm has a solid strategy they’ve worked with for decades, looking things both from the top down and the bottom up in order to get the whole picture.

Churchill Management Group is a fee-based firm that requires $750,000 in assets to work with them.

You can expect the following working with Churchill Management Group:

  • A big picture, long-term approach to investment strategy and providing financial services.
  • A strategy that emphasizes proper risk management, whether that means aggressive asset allocation or using more mutual funds and safer investments.
  • A focus on your goals as an individual client.

5) Index Fund Advisors

Based in Anaheim is Index Fund Advisors, with $3.6 billion in assets under management. Acclaimed by nearly all who work with them and several notable publications locally and nationally, the firm primarily focuses on well-researched portfolios which heavily use index funds.

Clients can also expect a wide range of advice on topics from tax planning and management to making the most of your current financial situation.

Index Fund Advisors is a fee-only firm that has no set account minimum to work with them, although you will want to double-check as to their fees.

You can expect the following working with Index Fund Advisors:

  • The use of technology to keep you informed about your accounts and the general state of the markets
  • An adaptive approach that changes based on the health of the market and your needs and goals as an individual.
  • A large backlog of resources to educate you as an investor.

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Whether you choose a firm inside of or outside of Anaheim (there are some great choices in Irvine as well), we’re certain that one of the above options will be a great choice for helping you and your family meet their financial goals and find stability in the future. Remember that this is an important choice and that you should perform as much research as you need to in order to rest comfortably. Whether that means finding and using phone numbers from Google searches, searching all the way out to Anaheim Hills, taking advantage of free consultations, or something else, be sure to find the right financial advisor.