10 Best Financial Advisors in Arizona (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 18, 2019  •  6 min read

Thanks to modern technology and a willingness to work with new ideas, Arizona is much more than just a desert. It is at once a beautiful destination, an economic hub of the Southwest, and a state full of successful individuals building their lives and moving forward with their dreams.

Because it is such an attractive place to call home, there is a lot of demand for wealth management and financial advisory services in the area, and fortunately, due to this high demand, there is no shortage of financial advisors and financial planners from which to choose.

However, as is the case in any saturated market, it’s difficult to sort out who is really going to help you and improve your financial situation.

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We know your time is valuable, and we don’t want you delaying your financial future one minute more, so we’ve researched advisory firmsfinancial service providers, and wealth advisors across the state and come up with a list of the best five.

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Below you can find who made the list and why we think you should consider working with one of them.

1) TFO Phoenix, Inc.

The largest investment advisory firm on our list, TFO Phoenix, Inc. is a firm with $2.4 billion in assets under management that is generally more accessible than the other firms on this list. This is because it does not have stringent requirements to become a client, meaning no account minimum. They employ some of the top financial advisors in the state, and count among their number over a dozen certified public accountants (CPAs), a chartered financial analyst (CFA), and four certified financial planners (CFPs).

Established in 2011, this particular firm mostly provides tax advice and service, financial and investment planning, philanthropic planning, and more.

Advisors at TFO Phoenix use diversified portfolios for their clients and take a long-term approach to investing, preferring to minimize not only risk but also fees and tax liabilities.

TFO Phoenix is a fee-only firm that has no minimum account or asset requirement.

You can expect the following from TFO Phoenix:

  • A large staff to accommodate whatever needs you might have.
  • A focus on not only wealth but the meaning of wealth and how it can help you. It’s not just a number but a tool.
  • Excellent tax services to minimize that problem each year.

2) WealthPlan Advisors

One of our top choices in ScottsdaleWealthPlan Advisors has about $1.5 billion in assets under management and focuses heavily on working with individuals and larger institutions. The firm regularly receives awards and accolades for its services, and it has four total locations including the one in Scottsdale. In general, WealthPlan Advisors specializes in retirement, investment, and comprehensive financial planning and management services.

The advice you receive from WealthPlan Advisors, and the portfolio you construct with your advisor, will be based primarily on the information you provide as well as your individual financial goals. This leads to a very customizable process that is based on quality client/advisor communication.

WealthPlan Advisors is a fee-based firm with a $500,000 minimum asset requirement for management services.

You can expect the following while working with WealthPlan Advisors:

  • The use of modern software to ensure the best data and results.
  • A team that values its independence from outside influences and commissions.
  • Excellent business services if you are a business owner, HR professional, or other type of manager.

3) Versant Capital Management

Also from Phoenix is Versant Capital Management, one of the best financial planning firms in the state if you are looking for a slightly more exclusive, high-net-worth-focused firm. Currently, Versant has $909 million in assets under management.

If you work with Versant, your advisor will take a long-term approach to investing and will prefer to let your assets grow over time instead of trying to be overly aggressive. That being said, Versant advisors pride themselves on listening to clients’ wishes and on minimizing the fees and tax burdens with which so many investors struggle.

Versant Capital Management is a fee-only firm that has a $2 million minimum account balance requirement.

You can expect the following when working with Versant Capital Management:

  • A disciplined and careful approach to advising and investing.
  • Additional resources and tools to keep you and your family in the know when it comes to asset management.
  • A comprehensive approach to financial planning that will take every factor into account.

4) Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialists

With $770 million in assets under managementScottsdale-based Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialists is in a great financial group for retirees and those rapidly approaching retirement age and worried about retirement income. And if you’re considering retiring in or around Scottsdale, it’s an even better choice.

As far as an investment philosophy, Householder Group Estate and Retirement Specialists focuses on clients’ financial goals as the foundation for financial planning and investment management advice. Because of this, clients with clear priorities might get the most out of working with this firm.

Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialists is a fee-based firm that has different asset requirements based on the account type you wish to open.

You can expect the following from Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialists:

  • Advisors that are unmatched in working with retirees and those approaching retirement.
  • Extremely helpful, patient staff focused on explaining whatever concepts you don’t understand.
  • Additional services such as tax planning (done by tax professionals), estate planningretirement planning, other types of income planning, and protection planning.

5) Sterling Investment Management

Sterling Investment Management rounds out our list and is a firm from Tucson with about $270 million in investments under management. It is a bit more exclusive than many firms in the area and therefore matches well with high-net-worth individuals. Generally speaking, the firm focuses on financial and investment planning services, but it will also work with larger groups and institutions to provide charitable giving or retirement plan advice.

Sterling advisors prefer to minimize risk and invest in options and asset classes that are intrinsically valuable, as opposed to focusing too much on speculation.

At the moment, Sterling Investment Management has a $500,000 account minimum, but it is a fee-only firm that holds itself to the fiduciary standard.

You can expect the following working with Sterling Investment Management:

  • A variety of investment strategies tailored around your financial needs and risk management.
  • Transparent and independent advisors that will handle asset allocation as if it were for their own best interests.
  • A willingness to look worldwide for investment opportunities, and years of experience doing just that.

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There is no shortage of firms in Arizona, especially in the Phoenix area with TempeGlendale, and Peoria around, but we’re confident in our top choices and we strongly encourage you to start your advisor search here. We understand this can be a lengthy process and may require getting some phone numbers and performing some follow-ups, but we hope you consider our recommendations because we feel each one provides you with a great opportunity to attain continued success in this amazing, blooming state.