10 Best Financial Advisors in Aurora (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 16, 2019  •  4 min read

Aurora, Ohio is a pleasant, small city that is located right between two of Ohio’s biggest financial hubs: Cleveland and Akron. Due to its relative location to these financial hubs, there are plenty of wealthy people who might need financial guidance in the greater Aurora area. Thankfully, there are plenty of financial advisory firms operating in the region as well, and their help might be exactly what you need.

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Here are our picks for the top five financial advisory firms in Aurora, Ohio:

Demming Financial Services Corp.

Demming Financial Services Corp, founded in 1981, is the largest and the best financial advisor in Aurora. This firm manages over $418 million in assets on behalf of its clients, and there is no set account minimum to work with the firm.

For its investing strategy, Demming Financial Services prefers to use standard investment vehicles, such as equity securities, mutual funds, ETFs, and index funds. It should be noted that their longevity in the business is evidence of the success of their strategies.

You can expect the following working with Demming Financial Services Corp:

  • A fee-based compensation structure
  • Highly personalized financial plans that account for your financial situation and goals
  • Complete insurance analysis if you would like one done for you

Laura B. Radcliff

Laura B. Radcliff is a local financial advisor that is a part of the Edward Jones company. She specializes in the following financial advice categories: wealth strategies, retirement savings strategies, retirement income strategies, insurance and annuities, estate and legacy strategies, and divorce finances.

Laura has been a professional financial planner since the year 2009. In addition to Laura’s expertise and experience, she also is supported by the Edward Jones company and has access to cutting-edge technology and top-quality investing research.

You can expect the following working with Laura B. Radcliff:

  • A variety of portfolio models to choose from, based on your risk tolerance and liquidity needs
  • A lengthy initial discussion about all of your financial goals and your current financial situation
  • The support of the Edward Jones company

Embrescia Wealth Management Group 

Embrescia Wealth Management Group is another one of Aurora, Ohio’s finest financial advisors. This company is a family-owned and operated advisory firm. It specializes in helping families reach their desired financial future. All the financial plans that the company creates are goal-centric.

When Embrescia’s financial planners are creating a plan for their clients, they specifically look for any gaps or holes in their clients’ current financial situation and seek to bridge those issues. They use cutting-edge technology for both creating financial plans and for communicating with clients. They aim to create a transparent environment for their clients.

You can expect the following working with Embrescia Wealth Management Group:

  • Consistent monitoring of your portfolio to analyze performance
  • Periodic rebalancing of assets based on performance
  • A strong focus on long-term success as opposed to short-term gains

Epic Financial

Epic Financial is a fee-only financial advisory and planning firms in the greater Aurora, Ohio area that was founded in 2013. However, despite the fact that this firm is relatively new, it has already become one of the top wealth management firms in the area.

The bulk of Epic Financial’s clients are mid-to-high income professionals, small business owners, and other people who are trying to set themselves up correctly in a financial sense. Epic Financial places a strong emphasis on sound investing. However, they also believe that a sound financial plan must include effective cash flow management, debt management, estate planningtax planning, mortgage analysis, career planning, and insurance planning. So, they help all of their clients with these things as well.

You can expect the following working with Epic Financial:

  • No conflicts of interest
  • Financial planning that goes well beyond portfolio management and encompasses your entire financial picture
  • An extremely friendly environment where questions and open communication are encouraged.

Planned Financial Services

Planned Financial Services believes that excellent financial services are not just about protecting and growing wealth. They believe that they are about getting a great return on life.

According to Planned Financial Services, it is crucial to begin with the end in mind. That is why they will sit down with you and/or your family to discuss the goals that you have for your wealth, then create a plan based on that discussion. They approach the markets with complete objectivity and only invest in assets that they believe will create solid long-term returns. The firm also has customized risk-management strategies.

You can expect the following working with Planned Financial Services

  • Regular meetings to discuss the performance of your plan, any significant life changes, and any financial goal changes
  • Multi-generational financial planning handled by people with your best interests at heart, each with years of experience.
  • Excellent financial insights and news updates on their website which are published regularly

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Now that you know the top five financial advisory firms in Aurora, hopefully, there is one on this list who will be a perfect fit. However, if you go with any of the financial advisers or investment advisors out of the options above, then there is a very good chance that you will be satisfied. But, if you go with a firm and don’t like it, you can always switch later. It is not a lifetime commitment. Don’t forget to do some more research by checking FINRA information, and we hope that no matter your final decision, you find further success in the future.