10 Best Financial Advisors in Colorado (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 7, 2019  •  6 min read

No amount of words can do justice to how beautiful Colorado is. Its major cities are a hive for entrepreneurs and opportunists, and the state is growing faster than almost any other in the country. And as talented professionals flock to Colorado, many are falling in love, leading them to make the decision to make the Rocky Mountain State their permanent home.

However, to ensure your financial life in Colorado remains as it is and improves, it’s important to get some help planning your finances. Wealth brings responsibility, and managing it requires specialized knowledge and a lot of time, things most of us do not have.

Fortunately, there are plenty of financial advisors and financial planners throughout Colorado to help you make the most of your current assets. All you need to do is find the right one. To make this process go faster, we’ve researched the many different firms across the state to create a list of the top five.

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Here are the results of our search:

1) Crestone Capital, LLC

Founded in 2001, Boulder-based Crestone Capital has $2.3 billion in assets under management, making it one of the largest financial advisor firms in the whole state. However, it is also the most exclusive firm you will find in Colorado. We only recommend it for the wealthiest individuals. But if you fall into this category, you will find the services provided are impeccable; you can expect a long-term, beneficial relationship. They have a certified financial planner (CFP) on staff as well as several chartered financial analysts (CFAs), all of whom have years of experience working with wealth management firms.

The advisors working at Crestone Capital use their valuable network to access fantastic investment opportunities, and they use those, along with a diversified portfolio, to ensure future client success.

Crestone Capital is a fee-only firm that has a $25 million minimum asset requirement.

You can expect the following if you work with Crestone Capital:

  • Experience working with only the wealthiest individuals in the region, providing comprehensive financial planning and whatever other investment products you might need.
  • The use of asset classes and investment strategies other firms wouldn’t consider.
  • A very large team to meet the various needs of clients, as well as a range of specialized and customized services.

2) IWP Wealth Management, LLC

Another firm that works primarily with high-net-worth clients, Denver-based IWP Wealth Management has $1.65 billion in assets under management and takes a bit of a different approach to providing advice. Instead of merely giving quarterly reports, IWP recognizes financial advice sometimes needs to focus on day-to-day activities and decisions. However, no matter what, advisors always take a personal approach to working with clients, meaning they will always put your financial needs and best interests first.

A more conservative firm, IWP uses customized portfolios and keeps the preservation of wealth as its top priority.

IWP Wealth Management is a fee-only firm that does not have any minimums but that will negotiate a quarterly fee with you. Typically, however, it only works with high-net-worth individuals.

You can expect the following from IWP Wealth Management:

  • A detailed and comprehensive approach when reviewing your family’s assets and finances.
  • A useful online platform which you can use to keep track of your portfolio’s growth.
  • Experience working with generational wealth concerns.

3) GHP Investment Advisors, Inc.

Another Denver-based firm, GHP Investment Advisors, Inc., which was founded in 1995, has $1.25 billion in assets under management. It is an excellent all-around choice for most interested individuals. The firm provides the standard array of financial services, such as retirement planningasset managementestate planning, and tax planning, and it stands behind its philosophy of taking a comprehensive approach to financial planning.

Advisors at GHP use customized portfolios that focus primarily on long-term gains. They wish to minimize short-term responses, so they take a careful approach to decision-making.

GHP Investment Advisors is a fee-only firm that has a $500,000 minimum investment requirement.

You can expect the following while working with GHP Investment Advisors:

  • An integrated approach to the firm’s services, meaning all relevant staff will be kept informed of your main financial plan.
  • Financial concierge services as part of the package, should you want them, saving you some time and money that can be better spent elsewhere.
  • Regular and open communication with your advisor.

4) First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC

One of our top choices from Colorado SpringsFirst Affirmative Financial Network, which has $915 million in assets under management, is a more accessible firm than most on this list, and it is part of the much larger Folio Financial network. This may make it not independent or focused enough for some people’s preferences, in which case we do encourage you to look elsewhere. But it does give advisors a large wealth of tools and resources which they can use to help clients reach their financial goals.

At First Affirmative, your advisor will use an approach that primarily focuses on portfolio diversification. He or she will use a multiple manager system and your input will greatly determine how your portfolio will ultimately look.

First Affirmative Financial Network is a fee-only firm that has a $50,000 minimum investible asset requirement to work with them.

You can expect the following at First Affirmative Financial Network:

  • Options for sustainable and socially responsible investing.
  • Regular rebalancing and reviewing of your portfolio as needed, ensuring minimal risk and excellent portfolio management.
  • A large catalog of outside tools and resources to help your efforts and provide you with more opportunities.

5) Peak Capital Management

A smaller investment advisory firm from Colorado Springs (it currently has $272 million in assets under their financial management), Peak Capital Management is a dedicated, disciplined, and careful firm that mostly works with individuals to provide a range of investment services, although it also provides financial planning services as requested by their clients.

After carefully assessing your situation and risk-tolerance, clients will have a portfolio determined for them by their advisor. Regular rebalancing and check-ins will follow.

Peak Capital Management is a fee-only firm that requires $1 million in investable assets.

You can expect the following from Peak Capital Management:

  • A collaborative and team-based approach to personal financial planning and investment management. You will effectively have several experts working on your investment portfolio.
  • Business owner-focused services and assistance should you require those types of services.
  • One of several well-maintained portfolio types, selected for you based on your risk tolerance and current circumstances.

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Colorado has a trove of firms and financial groups, so don’t think that these five choices are your only options for a future financial partner. But we do feel confident one of these wealth advisor firms will be able to provide the financial products and advisory services, so we encourage you to start your search (whether Google-based or otherwise) here. However, no matter the decision you make, we hope you find the perfect fit soon and that you find further success and peace of mind in your financial future.