10 Best Financial Advisors in Charleston (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 23, 2019  •  4 min read

Charleston, SC is one of the oldest cities in the country and has one of the largest metropolitan areas in the region. This means that there is a lot of wealth running through the region, which means that there are quite a few successful people like yourself who may need some financial guidance. The good news is that there are plenty of financial advisors working in the region. We researched the top advisers and firms in the area to ensure that you can find the best financial assistance for you.

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Here are the top five financial advisory firms for Charleston, South Carolina:

1) Edward Jones – Financial Advisor: Hayden Sewell

As a part of Edward Jonesfinancial advisor Hayden Sewell has been in the business of helping people with their retirement income and savings strategies, college savings, business retirement plans, and more since 2015.

Hayden Sewell caters to serious investors and business owners. He and his team also go out of their way to have in-person meetings with their clients, because properly-built personal relationships are as important to the team as it is to those seeking their services.

Those working with financial advisor Hayden Sewell can expect:

  • Easy, online access to your own account and statements.
  • Easy fund transfer and check depositing for an easier investment experience.
  • A wide array of investment services and advisory services to help you achieve whatever you need.

2) Charleston Financial Advisors

Charleston Financial Advisors, LLC., is comprised of a team of four top-notch certified financial planners, including the company’s founder, William C. Prewitt. This financial planning firm is dedicated to bringing peace to their clients as they move steadily toward their aspirations.

This team’s focus varies, from working directly with clients to help align all things financial with the targets and individual needs of their clients, to assisting with making the proper investments and handling all the details (even the most minor) of everything, so the clients know without a doubt that they are in great hand.

Charleston Financial Advisors clients can expect:

  • Comprehensive financial planning which investigates every aspect of your financial life.
  • A fee-only compensation structure.
  • The help of fiduciary financial experts to help provide financial advice and prepare you for your financial future.

3) Thomas Masi Financial

Tom Masi, the founder of Thomas Masi Financial, knows the real-life struggles of people, especially when it comes to retirement. His team of financial experts has years of combined experience and they use every bit of it to attend to their client’s unique needs, not just today, but also for the future.

Their team specializes in taking the confusion out of financial planning. Whether you’re working on your college savings plan, careful retirement planning, or a strategy for your estate, Thomas Masi Financial can help.

Clients of Thomas Masi Financial can expect:

  • Resources and help with tax planning and tax understanding, so you always get the most out of your returns.
  • Expert investment advice with personalized service that seeks to remove the mystery from the financial world.
  • Money management services that make you feel in control of your finances without the day-to-day stress of that management.

4) Costal Financial Planning Group

Costal Financial Planning Group offers its clients minimal-risk wealth management. The group’s financial strategies are crafted to protect their clients against any decline or instability in the market in downtimes. This is also a firm that’s always on the lookout for new market opportunities. This ensures that many clients can look forward to an easy, stress-free retirement due to their investment management and investment advisory services.

Founded in 2003, the group’s mission for their clients includes helping those who plan to retire soon to make the right financial moves, so their retirement goes as smoothly as possible.

People who decide to work with Costal Financial Planning Group can expect:

  • Heavy amounts of experience with legacy and estate planning services.
  • A strong plan for ensuring you have income during your retirement.
  • Help with contingency plans for some of the curveballs life may throw at you.

5) Curran Financial Partners

At Curran Financial Partners, the goal is to use the investment and financial insurance tools at their disposal to help their clients create easy, practical (and feasible) financial goals and them advise them on ways to meet those goals.

Adam Curran, his wife, and the rest of their team provide a friendly, trustworthy atmosphere seeking to ensure a secure and trusting relationship with reliable financial advisors.

Clients of Curran Financial Partners can expect:

  • A complete guarantee that provides a full refund if clients aren’t satisfied, lasting for one year.
  • A network of contacts and referrals to top professionals who can provide services that they cannot perform in-house.
  • A wide range of services including but not limited to retirement planningwealth management, asset protection planning, life insurance services, IRA planning, long-term care strategy and planning, and tax-efficient planning.

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It isn’t easy to find the right person to help you with the important financial decisions you must make for yourself and your family. It might even take a bit more research on your part to find the perfect fit. We hope this list gives you a good place to start. Remember that this is your decision and no one else’s and that you can always change your advisor if you aren’t satisfied. Yet no matter where your financial journey takes you, we hope that you find the financial success and security that you are looking for.