5 Best Financial Advisors for Aurora, Illinois

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Ryan Friend

December 11, 2019  •  5 min read

One of the major suburbs on the outskirts of Chicago, Aurora is a growing city and one bursting with opportunities and great places to live. It, therefore, comes as no surprise to note that it is home to many fantastic and successful individuals as well. And in most cases, we believe that those people would benefit greatly from the services of a qualified financial advisory firm. They can optimize your investments, provide guidance, and do so much more for you and your family.

And in the Chicago area, there are more options than one can easily go through, which is why we’ve done that for you. Here are our top five choices for financial advisory firms for Aurora, Illinois:

1) HighTower Advisors, LLC

One of the best options in the larger Chicago area, especially if you’re looking for a firm that can provide the resources necessary to tackle any challenge or goal you might have, HighTower Advisors has $48 billion in assets under management and has been in operation since 2008. As befitting a firm of this size, they can provide clients with all the resources and help they can ask for, and to do this they have hundreds of advisors under their umbrella.

Their investment strategy mostly revolves around trying to utilize technology and research in order to help their advisors make the very best decisions for their clients.

HighTower Advisors, LLC is a fee-based firm that doesn’t have a strict asset requirement or account minimum, but we do suggest double-checking to see if their fees would be reasonable for your financial situation.

You can expect the following working with HighTower Advisors, LLC:

  • A competitive pricing and fee structure.
  • A network of advisors and employees across the country, so you will likely be able to stick with them even if you move.
  • A dedication to providing transparent communication and completely objective advice.

2) RMB Wealth Management

RMB Wealth Management is another Chicago firm that has $9 billion in assets under management and over 80 advisors, making them one of the largest firms in the region by several metrics. They work mostly with high net worth individuals, but will work with other individuals in quite a few circumstances if they meet the requirements. However, the clients they have tend to form long relationships with the firm, often spanning decades and testifying to the effectiveness of their methods and service.

As for their methodology, they take a long-term approach and will try to avoid unnecessary risk as much as possible, making them a great choice for individuals looking primarily to preserve their wealth.

RMB Wealth Management is a fee-based firm that usually requires $1 million in investable assets to work with them, but may allow other clients in some circumstances.

You can expect the following working with RMB Wealth Management:

  • A holistic approach to financial management, advising clients, and general financial planning.
  • A total of 10 offices throughout the country.
  • Dedicated teams for retirement planning, asset management, and wealth management.

3) Gofen and Glossberg, LLC

One of the oldest firms in the area, having been founded in 1932 and currently with $4.37 billion in assets under management, Gofen and Glossberg, LLC is a Chicago group that has a pedigree, an experienced staff that has seen it all, and a focus on providing clients with the best experience and advice possible. Working with them is working with a team instead of just an advisor, and collaboration is vital to them.

Their main investment strategy focuses on building their clients the perfect portfolio, and then adjusting it as necessary. Wealth protection is their priority, and the firm is best suited for long-term investors.

Gofen and Glossberg, LLC is a fee-only firm that requires that you have $1 million in investable assets.

You can expect the following working with Gofen and Glossberg, LLC:

  • Experience managing portfolios and creating (or preserving wealth) during different points of the economic cycle.
  • Experience working with individuals, families, and institutions alike.
  • Absolutely no outside influences affect the advisory process.

4) Calamos Wealth Management

With over a decade of experience and $1.47 billion in assets under management, Calamos Wealth Management is a firm with a generally wealthy clientele and an experienced staff. Although they have additional offices in New York and Florida, you’ll still find their Naperville office to be able to help you more than most other firms in the region.

Asset allocation is their key focus, and they will discuss your goals and plans with you in order to determine what strategy might be best for you in the long-term. Adjustments will be made as they are needed.

Calamos Wealth Management is a fee-only firm that requires that you have a $1 million account minimum with them to work with them for normal investment management services.

You can expect the following working with Calamos Wealth Management:

  • Additional experience working with organizational clients as well as individuals.
  • Plans and services tailored towards professional athletes.
  • A commitment to providing you with resources and additional help so that you can better understand the financial world.

5) Clear Perspective Advisors, LLC

A firm operating right out of Aurora, Clear Perspective Advisors, LLC is a more accessible firm than most of the others listed here, and general works with people who are not high net worth individuals. With a group of seven advisors, the firm (which has $390 million in assets under management) has an experienced staff of specialists able to provide services tailored to your problems and goals.

Their investment strategy revolves around the client, but is also a carefully considered process, as they will take time to get to know you, your goals, and your preferences first.

Clear Perspective Advisors, LLC is a fee-based firm that requires that you have a minimum account of $250,000.

You can expect the following working with Clear Perspective Advisors, LLC:

  • They will pay careful attention to the amount of risk you’re comfortable with, and then adjust your plan based on that feedback.
  • Experience working with institutional clients and larger corporate retirement plans.
  • A team and firm that holds strictly to their ethical values.


We want you to make the absolute most of your life in Aurora, and to us an important part of that is making sure you have the time and stability to enjoy your wealth by working with a financial advisor. We hope that the choice is easy for you, but if that isn’t the case we encourage you to make some additional phone calls, take some time to go over your finances (and financial priorities), and make whatever comparisons you need to. We wish you the best of fortune in your search.