5 Best Financial Advisors for Eugene, Oregon

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Ryan Friend

December 26, 2019  •  5 min read

A great city if you still want to live in the city but want to be a bit closer to nature with National Forests and the Willamette River nearby, Eugene is a comfortable place to build a business or establish yourself after you’ve created your wealth. And if you have money saved up, then you certainly know how difficult it might be to manage it properly without outside help. We want you to be getting the best possible returns for your hard work, so we encourage you to consider working with an investment advisor or financial planner.

Yet there are many that work in the state of Oregon, and not all are equal or would be the best option for you. To help you make your choice, here are our top five choices for financial advisory firms for Eugene, Oregon:

1) Sittner & Nelson

Our top choice for Eugene is Sittner & Nelson, which is a firm based right in Eugene with four advisors that have top certifications in their fields. The firm has been in operation for years, prides itself on its independence and its adherence to its fiduciary duties, and can be a great choice for clients looking for long-term solutions.

They are careful about their planning process and utilize only money managers they know they can trust after a careful investment selection method. You can expect regular reviews of your portfolio and a personalized experience.

Sittner & Nelson does not have any stated account minimum, but we recommend checking further with them to make sure that their fee structure is a good fit for your financial situation.

You can expect the following working with Sittner & Nelson:

  • Services offered include general financial planning, retirement planning, investment management, education planning, and risk management.
  • A willingness to coordinate with other professionals under your employ.
  • A financial plan that not only considers every variable but is also perfectly understandable to the average person.

2) Roehl & Yi Investment Advisors, LLC

Our second choice, Roehl & Yi Investment Advisors, LLC, is also based in Eugene and is a firm that we think would by far be best for high net worth individuals and certain types of foundations or organizations. Careful, professional, and experts all-around, their team is large and happy to help.

They care greatly about asset allocation and will meet with you regularly to make sure that you’re on track with your goals and make any necessary adjustments. You will have a portfolio tailored towards your needs, and no one else’s.

Roehl & Yi Investment Advisors, LLC does not have a stated account minimum, but they primarily work with very wealthy clients, so we expect only a select few will find them a good fit.

You can expect the following working with Roehl & Yi Investment Advisors, LLC:

  • A friendly and local team that can help with the unique concerns of building wealth in Eugene.
  • Advisors that will absolutely focused on you and providing you with all the information available.
  • Experience working with generational wealth concerns.

3) Arnerich Massena

We thought Arnerich Massena was one of the very best options for Portland residents, and we think for anyone willing to consider any place in Oregon that they could be an excellent choice as well. With $10.6 billion in assets under management, they are another firm that works primarily with high net worth individuals and mainly works with custom portfolios and solutions for their clients.

They decide on potential investments by a committee and utilize multiple teams to keep plans moving smoothly and ensure that everyone gets the exact help they need.

Arneric Massena is a fee-only firm that has a $3 million minimum account requirement to work with them.

You can expect the following working with Arnerich Massena:

  • A team that has experience working with various types of organizations, if you are in a position of leadership.
  • They are willing to use a range of different strategies based on what they think will be best for their clients.
  • Plenty of helpful resources and programs to help you well-informed as to your financial status and the financial world in general.

4) Ferguson Wellman Capital Management

Another Portland firm that is a great choice for high net worth individuals, Ferguson Wellman Capital Management has $5.15 billion in assets under management and has been in operation since 1975 (making them one of the more experienced firms in the state). You can trust their highly experienced team to take great care of you and your finances.

They are best for long-term clients interested in long-term gains, and naturally, they are careful and disciplined in their approach.

Ferguson Wellman Capital Management is a fee-only firm that has a $3 million minimum account requirement.

You can expect the following working with Ferguson Wellman Capital Management:

  • A wealth of helpful resources and educational tools at your disposal.
  • A team-based approach to help you better get a full range of viewpoints and possible paths for your wealth
  • Different strategies on hand based on the needs of their clients.

5) Northwest Capital Management

Our last choice for Eugene is Northwest Capital Management, a firm that is based in Portland and is notable here for being a firm that’s a bit more accessible to people who are not of a high net worth. You can expect from them all of the usual financial planning and investment services to be available, and their team to as professional as any other. They have $3.3 billion in assets under their management.

Asset allocation will be vital to their plan, and they will be careful about it. They offer customized plans but offer several core model portfolios for their clients. Risk reduction is additionally important to them.

Northwest Capital Management is a fee-only firm that has no stated account minimum, although you will want to check as to their fees.

You can expect the following working with Northwest Capital Management:

  • A firm and team that will hold itself to the highest ethical standards.
  • A clear and regular line of communication as to the status of your plan and your portfolio.
  • A team that will use the latest methods and technology to help you get the best results for your portfolio.


What your main reason for living in Eugene is and whatever your main reason for looking for a financial advisor it, you’re making the right choice. Using one of the firms listed above, we’re certain that you’ll be able to improve your returns (or minimize potential losses) and be able to live a life freer from the worries that managing your wealth can bring. Just remember that the final decision lies with you and that you are always in control, and you can’t go wrong.