5 Best Financial Advisors for Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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Ryan Friend

December 22, 2019  •  5 min read

An important city in inland North Carolina, Winston-Salem is a center of the area and has a metropolitan area population of more than 650,000 people of all types and backgrounds. It’s a city that has quite a few opportunities still available and has also been noted as an excellent spot to retire. And whichever category applies to you most, you need to have your finances in order once you find success in order to maintain your wealth. That’s not easy to do by yourself, which is why we suggest you consider working with a financial advisor to save time and stress.

Yet which firm in the area (or the entirety of North Carolina in some cases) should you work with? To help you narrow down the options, here are our top five choices for financial advisory firms for Winston-Salem, North Carolina:

1) Salem Investment Counselors, Inc.

Our top choice for Winston-Salem is Salem Investment Counselors, Inc., a firm with $1.35 billion in assets under management and decades of experiences among their advisors. Serving a mixture of individuals, their main services include investment management, financial counseling, estate planning, and tax planning. They were founded in 1979.

The firm uses portfolios that are heavily composed of equities, with some ETFs and mutual funds as well. That being noted, they may adjust based on whether you’re looking for a fixed-income or something else from your portfolio.

Salem Investment Counselors, Inc. is a fee-only firm that doesn’t have a minimum account requirement, but we do recommend that you check their fee structure to make sure it would fit well with your financial situation.

You can expect the following working with Salem Investment Counselors, Inc.:

  • A true dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • A strong commitment to holding themselves to the fiduciary standard.
  • A willingness to work with other professionals under your employ to provide a balanced outlook.

2) Sheets Smith Wealth Management

Founded in 1982 and based right in Winston-Salem, Sheets Smith Wealth Management has about 10 advisors and $724 million in assets under management, making them one of the largest and most effective firms in the area. Working mostly with non-high net worth individuals, they can provide family office services, wealth management, and consultations as needed. They also work with foundations and pension plans.

They use a range of different strategies for clients and will consider real estate investments, alternative investments, equity investments, and fixed-income investments.

Sheets Smith Wealth Management is a fee-only firm that requires that you have a $500,000 minimum account with them.

You can expect the following working with Sheets Smith Wealth Management:

  • A detailed and hard-working family office that will get to know your family’s unique needs and concerns.
  • A highly qualified team, with several members holding top certifications in their areas of expertise.
  • A willingness to adapt if the right opportunities arise.

3) Arbor Investment Advisors

With a handful of advisors and $530 million in investments under management, Arbor Investment Advisors was founded in 1998 and remains one of the better options in the area if you are a high-net-worth individual looking for some more specialized help. They also work with some non-high net worth individuals and organizations.

They will use a range of portfolio options with their clients but will generally avoid individual stocks and securities.

Arbor Investment Advisors is a fee-only firm that has a $1 million minimum account size requirement to work with them.

You can expect the following working with Arbor Investment Advisors:

  • They will take the time to get to know your financial needs and goals.
  • A team that knows how to work with high net worth individuals and handle the unique needs that come with a certain level of wealth.
  • A clear and understandable fee structure.

4) Blue Rock Wealth Management, LLC

Blue Rock Wealth Management, LLC is an excellent firm based in Winston-Salem, founded in 2009, that has about $337 million in assets under management. Their team has seen a wide range of problems and will be happy to provide advice or management assistance with almost any issue.

They carefully choose which assets and funds go into client portfolios, and will use a mix of funds, stocks, bonds, and other investments when constructing them.

Blue Rock Wealth Management, LLC is a fee-based firm that has a $100,000 minimum account requirement.

You can expect the following working with Blue Rock Wealth Management, LLC:

  • Main service categories offered are holistic financial planning, providing a financial checkup, college and education planning, retirement planning, and providing 401(k) advice.
  • An individual approach for each client, so that adjustments can be made to any plan to provide for maximum effectiveness.
  • Experience working with people who are in a transitional period in their life.

5) Timonier

The last choice we have for Winston-Salem is Timonier, which has about $255 million in assets under their management and has been in operation since 1997.  More exclusive than other firms here, they have an excellent family office and should be on the shortlist for high-net-worth individuals and families.

Mostly using mutual funds, Timonier takes a wide-scope approach to investing as well as a long-term approach, and no two clients will be treated the exact same. You can trust that your interests will be placed first as they develop a unique plan for you.

Timonier is a fee-only firm that requires that you have $2 million in your account with them to work with them.

You can expect the following working with Timonier:

  • A firm that has more experience working with high-net-worth individuals than most other options on this list.
  • A multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted approach to providing financial planning services. They will consider every possible factor for you and ask the right questions.
  • Main services offered include financial planning, investment advisory services, tax planning, estate planning, real estate services, retirement planning, philanthropic planning, and human capital understanding.


There’s no one that can completely predict the future or protect your wealth entirely, but advisors and experts from the firms listed above have spent their lives learning how to best manage their clients’ wealth and protect it from unnecessary risk. We hope you can find a good match for you and your family among them and encourage you to do additional research and self-analysis to better ensure a solid choice. We want to remind you that no matter who you work with, you’re always in control, and wish you the best in your future financial endeavors.