10 Best Financial Advisors in Mesa (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 19, 2019  •  6 min read

While Mesa might be slightly overshadowed by nearby Phoenix to the west, it’s still a huge area with a lot of beauty and even more history. As a result, there are plenty of successful individuals enjoying their life in Mesa. But anyone who has found success knows maintaining it requires a plan and hard work, and this can be a difficult thing to manage when you’ve go lots of other responsibilities in life.

financial advisor can rebalance the scales and make it easier for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor for longer. However, for this to work, it’s important to find an advisor who understands your needs and who has the tools and experience to help make your financial future more secure.

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Of the many financial firms in Mesa, we’ve put together a list of the best five. Below you can read more about why we think each firm stands out so that you can choose the one which is most suited to support your goals.

1) Galloway Asset Management

Galloway Asset Management, with $394 million in assets under management, is our top choice for Mesa. It works mostly with government employees and public safety workers of all types, so if you fall into this category, chances are you won’t need to look much further. The firm’s focus is on educating clients as much as actively helping them, an approach which helps ensure long-term financial security. They have certified fund specialists on staff, as well as a certified financial planner (CFP) and a chartered financial analyst (CFA).

In terms of investment philosophy and financial strategies, the advisors working for Galloway Asset management are a bit more hands-off. Instead of pushing clients in one direction or another, they prefer clients to make careful, informed decisions based on what they know as well as the guidance they receive.

Galloway Asset Management is a fee-based firm that has no requirements to become a client.

You can expect the following while working with Galloway Asset Management:

  • Nearly unmatched experience and empathy when addressing the financial needs of public service workers and military personnel (and veterans).
  • The highest standards of integrity and accountability for their advisors.
  • Resources to help clients navigate their sometimes complex financial situations.

2) Rovin Capital 

Our second, more general choice is Rovin Capital. A longstanding firm originally founded in 1978, Rovin Captial was previously known as Financial Advisory Corporation (FAC), but they have always provided quality service and a surprising range of financial services to their clients. Currently, the firm manages $234 million in assets.

Advisors at Rovin Capital prefer to keep investments simple yet also careful. This is because they see a long-term approach as the best way to deliver the results clients expect. Diversification is also an important part of the firm’s investment strategy.

Rovin Capital is a fee-based firm with no minimum account or asset requirement, although you may want to check their minimum fees before agreeing to invest.

You can expect the following when working with Rovin Capital:

  • A coordinated and comprehensive financial planning effort, incorporating services and facets you might not even know exist.
  • Experience working with organizations and institutions.
  • A relationship and communication-focused philosophy which influences all their interactions with clients.

3) DecisionPoint Financial

Our last choice directly from Mesa, DecisionPoint Financial has $221 million in assets under their wealth management purview and is a smaller firm as compared to the others on this list. But you shouldn’t mistake the firm’s size for an inability to provide you with the very best service. Additionally, it might be the best choice for those looking for a firm in Mesa that specializes in high-net-worth clients.

In general, DecisionPoint Financial uses one of a variety of strategies for clients. That which is chosen for you will be based on your risk-aversion and overall goals. You can expect regular updates and portfolio management, however, as your needs and attitude change.

DecisionPoint Financial is a fee-only firm that has no minimum account or asset requirement.

You can expect the following if you work with DecisionPoint Financial:

  • Experienced wealth advisors with decades of experience in the industry.
  • A goal-focused approach and a willingness to adapt to those financial goals.
  • Experience working with law enforcement and fire service professionals.

Other Excellent Financial Advisory Firms for Mesa

Unfortunately, there were not too many firms in Mesa that met our exacting standards. However, we believe the following firms could also be a good fit for Mesa residents, especially given how close they are to Phoenix.

4) TFO Phoenix Inc.

A very large firm managing $2.4 billion in assets that was established in 2011, TFO Phoenix, Inc. is a more accessible firm that primarily works with individuals or families. It provides tax planninginvestment management and planning, wealth planning, estate planning and philanthropic planning, and other standard advisory services.

The firm prefers to use heavily-diversified portfolios when investing, seeking to minimize risk and maximize long-term gains, which are given priority over short-term opportunities. Furthermore, special attention is paid to trying to minimize your tax burden and reduce the fees you pay for investing.

TFO Phoenix is a fee-only firm that has no minimum account or asset requirement.

You can expect the following when working with TFO Phoenix:

  • Excellent and well-regarded tax services that will miss nothing.
  • A family-focus not always seen, and an additional focus on not just the numbers but what they can mean to you and your family.
  • A large staff that can provide a wide range of useful opinions. You will work with someone who is right for you.

5) Versant Capital Management

As opposed to our previous choice, Phoenix-based Versant Capital Management has a slightly more exclusive clientele, and this allows it to provide more specialized services while not overburdening investment advisors or any of their financial professionals. Currently, the firm has $909 million in assets under management, and it employs many highly-qualified and experienced advisors to work closely with clients.

Primarily working with families, Versant likes to let portfolios grow over time in a stable manner and comprises them from a variety of asset classes.

Versant Capital Management is a fee-only firm, but it has a $2 million minimum account balance requirement.

You can expect the following working with Versant Capital Management:

  • A careful and disciplined approach that focuses heavily on long term gains as opposed to chasing short-term trends.
  • Additional resources and technologies you and your family can use to easily keep track of the market and how your assets might be influenced.
  • A comprehensive approach to financial planning. No stone will be left unturned and no factor will be forgotten. This can mean retirement planning and retirement income (including social security), a focus on your financial life today, or things such as life insurance.

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Mesa is a diverse place full of people with lots of different ideas about how to accumulate and protect wealth. Yet with so many choices, we’re certain nearly everyone can find the firm for them in the above list. We also understand this can be a lengthy process, so we urge you to delve deeper into research and carefully consider what you’re looking for from an advisor before making a final decision. But the firms on this list are a great place to start this next chapter of your financial journey.