10 Best Financial Advisors in Nebraska (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 17, 2019  •  5 min read

It’s hard to get more heartland than Nebraska. But the land of hills and prairies still has plenty of business and wealth, and there’s business to be performed when it comes to cattle and corn. Furthermore, many corporations and entrepreneurs make their home in Nebraska with the idea of finding success.

For people like yourself who find what they’re looking for, getting the advisory services of a financial advisor or investment advisor is a wise decision. A trusted advisor will help you put your money to work so that you can ensure sustained success without having to worry about learning how markets work, what retirement planning is like, or studying investment opportunities.

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There are countless advisory firms across the state, and researching them all would take you hours. So, to help you, we’ve put our expertise to work to comb through the many different options and choose the best. Here are our top five choices for financial advisory firms for Nebraska:

1) Bridges Investment Management

With a history that goes all the way back to 1945 and with $3.46 billion in assets under management, our top choice is the Omaha-based firm Bridges Investment Management. It works with high-net-worth clients and institutions and provides all the services you would expect of such a large firm (with none of them lacking). They have a certified financial planner (CFP) on staff, and plenty of other wealth advisors to help you reach your financial goals.

They look for long-term opportunities for their clients and search out strong businesses to invest in. Furthermore, they try to minimize risk while maintaining the returns of your investment portfolio as much as possible.

Bridges Investment Management is a fee-based firm that has no minimum account or asset requirements, but there are varying minimum annual fees.

You can expect the following if you work with Bridges Investment Management:

  • Several different types of advisors on your team to make sure there is no weakness in your plan and portfolio.
  • A willingness to work with your team of advisors outside of the firm, including your legal and tax planning professionals.
  • An emphasis on the importance of trust and transparency in the client-advisor relationship.

2) Pittenger & Anderson

Our number one pick for Lincoln, Pittenger & Anderson has $1.47 billion in assets under management. They work with all sorts of individuals, including those who might not be high-net-worth but that are instead getting things together and looking to get a running start when it comes to investing.

They are careful yet bold in their investment approach, individualizing each portfolio to the client’s wishes and working with a range of wealth management and risk management styles.

Pittenger & Anderson is a fee-only financial advisor based firm that has a no minimum investment requirement. You can expect no conflicts of interest when receiving financial services or investment advisory servicesInvestment products recommend to you be your financial consultant will be a legitimate part of a worthwhile investment strategy.

You can expect the following from Pittenger & Anderson:

  • A highly-qualified staff with many certifications in several fields to its name.
  • An easy-to-understand pricing and fee structure.
  • Previous experience helping people through fiscal transitions such as deaths, marriages, and divorces. Estate planning is something your investment adviser can look into.

3) Wealthplan Partners

Another firm from Omaha (with offices in several other locations inside and outside of the state), Wealthplan Partners has $988 million in assets and a large advisory staff to make sure every client gets the attention they deserve. A firm founded in 2011, they have grown over the last decade and can be considered a more accessible firm than the rest.

They prefer to use several strategies all in one portfolio, diversifying by the metric rather than by asset type. They believe markets can be irrational at times, and they hope to make the most of that for their clients.

Wealthplan Partners is a fee-based firm that has no minimum requirements, but you may want to review their fees when talking to them.

You can expect the following at Wealthplan Partners:

  • Plenty of resources that clients can use to educate themselves.
  • An onboarding process that will go into every detail, ensuring no facet of your financial life is overlooked and that every piece of financial advice is in your best interests.
  • Previous experience working with retirees and those who have lost a spouse. They can help clients go through transitional periods.

4) Cambridge Advisors

Our last choice from Omaha, Cambridge Advisors is a fee-only firm founded in 1990 that has $420 million in assets under its management, mostly from individuals and some pension plans. Often working by committee to provide you with the most objective and helpful advice and investment management, they place great importance on their independence and put a great deal of effort into investigating every potential investment.

Long-term investing is the name of the game for Cambridge, and they will almost always avoid strategies that rely on short-term manipulation or speculation of the markets.

Cambridge Advisors is a fee-only firm that has a $500,000 minimum account requirement.

You can expect the following working with Cambridge Advisors:

  • Service options that are flexible and personalized. You’ll only get the financial services you want and need.
  • An emphasis on personal meetings and regular communication between you and your advisor. This helps ensure an accurate reading of your financial situation, which leads to better asset allocation and portfolio management.
  • An in-depth planning process that incorporates specific concerns into your comprehensive plan.

5) Lincoln Capital

Our other selection from Lincoln, Lincoln Capital has $294 million in assets under management and is focused almost exclusively on investment services and management for their clients. As a result, clients interested in financial planning services or other types of help might want to look elsewhere. This focus is their strength, however, and there are few other firms with this level of specialization.

Lincoln Capital is a fee-based firm that has no stated minimum requirements, but they do work heavily with high-net-worth individuals.

You can expect the following working with Lincoln Capital:

  • A heavy focus on the client’s wishes and risk-aversion when it comes to providing support and investment advice.
  • A network of qualified professionals the firm has built up that clients will have access to in order to handle financial needs.
  • Additional insurance services should they be wanted or required.

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We understand completely that there are many different types of successful individuals and families living in Nebraska. But no matter the source of your wealth or your lifestyle, we think there is a firm in the list above for you. However, we ask that you carefully weigh all your options (you can check FINRA records other lists of top financial advisors we have for specific cities) and even talk with your family about long-term goals. Yet whatever your choice, we hope you find a firm you can work with for the rest of your life.