10 Best Financial Advisors in Phoenix (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 15, 2019  •  6 min read

With a metro area population of more than five million people, and as an area of rapid growth despite the climate, Phoenix is effectively the capital of the Southwest. There is never a shortage of business ideas in Phoenix, and as such, there are plenty of successful individuals such as yourself in a great position to secure their futures.

However, achieving financial stability is about much more than hard work, which means you will need some additional help when it comes to financial matters. A financial advisor (or financial planner) might be just what you and your assets need, and in Phoenix, you have plenty of options, so many that it can be hard to know where to turn to find a financial consultant that will work in your best interests.

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To help make your search for a financial partner easier, we’ve put together a list of the top financial advisors in the area. Below you can learn about our choices and why we think each one deserves your attention as you make your decision.

1) TFO Phoenix, Inc.

By far the largest firm on our list, TFO Phoenix, Inc., with $2.4 billion in assets under management, is an accessible financial group that has been in business since 2011. It specializes in providing financial services for families and individuals, and these financial planning services services include tax advice, estate planning and philanthropic planning, and the standard wealth and investment planning you can get from most advisory firms.

When it comes to investment strategy, TFO Phoenix prefers to use widely-diversified portfolios, and long-term discipline is paramount to the firm’s approach. Furthermore, your wealth advisor will work with you to minimize taxes and fees so as to improve overall portfolio returns.

TFO Phoenix is a fee-only firm with no minimum account or asset requirement.

You can expect the following when working with TFO Phoenix:

  • Well-regarded tax planning and management services that ensure both compliance and maximum savings.
  • A very large staff to provide a wide range of perspectives and services and ensure the level of individual attention your family deserves.
  • A focus on not only your wealth but what your wealth means to you and your family. Everything will revolve around your financial situation.

2) Wall Capital Group

Wall Capital Group, a firm with $1.06 billion in assets, is one of the largest financial advisory firms in Phoenix, and it’s an excellent choice for non-high-net-worth individuals or families. The firm takes its fiduciary responsibility very seriously, and you can expect nothing but clear and open communication when working with your investment advisor.

Wall Capital Group heavily tailors portfolios to the specific preferences of its clients, taking risk-tolerance, level of wealth, tax status, and timeframe into consideration when performing comprehensive financial planning.

Wall Capital Group is a fee-only firm that has no account minimum, but you will want to double-check whether you can afford their fees, as there may be an annual minimum.

You can expect the following while working with Wall Capital Group:

  • Decades of experience working with public employees and public funds. Many of their employees are former public servants.
  • Online tools and services to help you easily manage and keep track of your assets.
  • A strategy focused on finding investment opportunities that provide the most value for clients.

3) Versant Capital Management, Inc.

Versant Capital Management, which has $909 million in assets under management, is a more exclusive financial planning firm which works mostly with high-net-worth individuals.  Founded in 2004, the firm has multiple highly-qualified financial professionals, each with many years of experience. Furthermore, the firm takes a family-oriented and long-term approach to wealth management.

Versant prefers to let portfolios grow over time and uses a wide range of asset classes when investing. Advisors listen heavily to their clients and seek to minimize fees and taxes. Among their advisors are several certified financial planners (CFPs) and other professionals who go beyond just the fiduciary standard.

Furthermore, Versant Capital Management is a fee-only firm with a $2 million minimum account balance requirement.

You can expect the following if you work with Versant Capital Management:

  • A disciplined approach designed to avoid short-term thinking and excessive attention to the latest trend.
  • A comprehensive approach encompassing all your assets and accounts.
  • Plenty of additional resources and tools to help you and your family keep track of assets and the market in general.

4) Hatton Consulting, Inc.

A smaller firm with only a few advisors and $336 million in assets under management, Hatton Consulting might be the firm for you if you’re just getting started with your investment or can’t meet the requirements of other firms on this list. For example, this firm specializes in helping widows and widowers, business owners, and retirees, as these groups tend to have unique concerns and goals. This specific focus allows the firm to provide a level of personal service you might not find elsewhere.

When you open an account with Hatton Consulting, your advisor will create a separate investment plan for you based on the information you provide. This will be integrated into a greater management plan which takes things such as taxes and insurance products (life insurance or otherwise) into consideration.

Hatton Consulting is a fee-only firm that has no set account minimum, although you will want to consult the fee structure before investing.

You can expect the following while collaborating with Hatton Consulting:

  • Dedication to maintaining high standards of ethical conduct.
  • A focus on forming a long-term relationship with clients, establishing trust, and making your advisor an expert on your specific financial needs and financial goals.
  • A multifaceted approach to both investing and financial planning grounded in the understanding that no one factor dominates these processes.

5) Ironwood Wealth Management, LLC

Our last selection is Ironwood Wealth Management, a firm founded in 2006 that has $244 million in assets under their investment management umbrella. It specializes in working with people soon to retire, and the firm’s overall goal is to help clients turn their savings into a resource they can live on for the rest of their lives.

Ironwood’s investment strategy relies heavily on diversification and seeks to focus on risk management, although your advisor will use a more active management style at times when they see an opportunity.

Ironwood Wealth Management is a fee-based firm that has different requirements for its different types of accounts. For most services, there is a $5,000 account minimum, but this could change depending on the types of investments you’re looking to make.

You can expect the following working with Ironwood Wealth Management:

  • Services that cater to pre-retirees and retirees, including retirement planning and retirement income considerations, such as more accessible cash flow and social security management.
  • A focus on performing rigorous research and getting to know clients extensively.
  • Plenty of educational resources so clients can inform themselves about market trends and basic financial information.

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There are tons of other firms in the Phoenix area and Arizona, from Scottsdale to Glendale to Peoria, but we’re confident these five choices represent the best of the best and among them you will find the right financial advisor. We encourage you to investigate each of them further, though, before you make your final choice. But regardless of which one you do decide to work with, we feel confident you will be able to grow your wealth and achieve financial stability as you continue to live out your life in Phoenix.