10 Best Financial Advisors in San Diego (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 15, 2019  •  5 min read

The beautiful coastal city of San Diego can be a hotbed for success and a place where people can live in comfort as they work towards a better life, whether personal or financial. For financial success, however, San Diego residents will find that there comes a time where they can’t handle everything in their financial life on their own. This is where a financial advisor or financial planner can help. They will keep you on track so you can focus on your other efforts.

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Here are our picks for the five best financial advisors for San Diego:

1) Dowling & Yahnke, LLC

Our top firm is Dowling & Yahnke, LLC, which has a sizable $4.1 billion in assets under its management and has been operating since 1991. Among the firms in San Diego, they focus more on high-value clients, and if you find yourself in this category and want comprehensive financial planning, they’ll want to be the first wealth management firm you look up.

They are regularly applauded for their efforts and have made top advisor rankings for years in a row. You can consider their standards as a high watermark other firms want to meet. They employ quite a few certified financial planners (CFPs) and other financial professionals such as CFAs and well-qualified wealth advisors.

Dowling & Yahnke is a fee-only financial advisor firm that requires a minimum account of $1 million.

You can expect the following working with Dowling & Yahnke:

  • High ethical expectations and rigorous certification standards for its investment advisors, ensuring complete transparency and care for your portfolio.
  • More experience than most firms with charitable giving strategies and things such as education planning.
  • A comprehensive planning phase which takes every factor into account, whether that means looking at real estatestock options, future social security concerns, or the needs that come with being a business owner.

2) Pure Financial Advisors

While not as impressive as our top choice in this regard, Pure Financial Advisors boasts a bit more than $2 billion in assets under its management. It also has one of the largest advisory staffs in the city, which you should take heavily under consideration. They have several locations around California, and they offer services related to investment, tax, and retirement planning, as well as risk management and financial assessments. What financial planning services you need or whatever your financial situation, they have the financial services for you.

Whatever you need, you can expect to talk to a professional about those needs and how you can stay on track to meet your financial goals.

Pure Financial Advisors is a fee-only firm that has no set account minimum,

You can expect the following working with Pure Financial Advisors:

  • For those wanting it, a heavily personalized portfolio management plan that will take your goals, values, and needs heavily into account.
  • A model portfolio arrangement for those not looking for that personalized level of service from financial consultants.
  • Plenty of learning resources and classes available for people to learn more about how to make the most of their money and plan effectively for the future.

3) Telos Capital Management

Telos Capital Management is a smaller firm with only five dedicated advisors currently and $568 million in assets under management, but they offer the smaller and more personal feel you won’t find with larger firms while still providing investment management services and other advisory services. Founded in 2003, the firm has undergone a series of name changes throughout its history but keeping its values and years of experience in the process.

They specialize in custom portfolios, each managed separately in accordance with your wants and needs. We encourage you to review the materials on their website if you wish to learn more about their methodology.

Telos Capital Management is a fee-only firm that requires an account minimum of only $250,000.

You can expect the following working with Telos Capital Management:

  • A heavy focus on meeting your goals with a laser-focus.
  • A small-firm approach that allows for more adaptivity in their models and the personal touch in client relations.
  • A portfolio that will be focused on long-term performance as opposed to short-term gains, with careful consideration being given to every change.

4) Rowling & Associates

Rowling & Associates, with $340 million in assets under management, is our fourth financial planning firm and perhaps the best choice if you are looking for tax planning specialists. They hold themselves to the fiduciary standard and hope to provide long-term financial advice whether it comes to investing, tax planning, or something else. They mostly work with individuals as opposed to organizations.

It should be noted that they are also provide accounting services should you need them, and it’s possible they will recommend them.

Rowling & Associates is a fee-based firm that has no set account minimum.

You can expect the following working with Rowling & Associates:

  • Excellent accounting services immediately available should you need them.
  • Tax efficiency that is unlikely to be matched by other firms.
  • Services that work for either young professionals or retirees, and the firm will help you determine the best path.

5) Creative Capital Management Investments, LLC

Creative Capital Management Investments, LLC rounds off this list with $330 million in assets under management. It should be noted that while they were technically founded in their current form in 2016, they have been effectively been operating for 40 years given their experience and long-lasting relationships. They will help you and your family with planning of various types, asset management and protection, estate planningtax preparation, and more.

They use a detailed and lengthy process to determine the best way to allocate your assets according to your financial goals and financial needs, and they will work with you as much as they will work for your best interests.

Creative Capital Management Investments is a fee-only firm that requires $500,000 for you to work with them as a client.

You can expect the following working with Creative Capital Management Investments:

  • A large wealth of experience utilized to your benefit.
  • A team-based approach to providing investment advice and relevant information.
  • An emphasis on the importance of portfolio makeup and diversification.

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The great city of San Diego allows many of its nearly 1.5 million residents to find success, and we hope that you will be able to find a financial advisor that allows your wealth to rest easy and work for you for the rest of your financial future. We’re certain that one of the San Diego financial advisors listed above will be a great choice, and encourage you to do more research to give you peace of mind. Whatever your choice, we hope that you find nothing but positive outcomes in the future.