10 Best Financial Advisors in San Jose (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 15, 2019  •  5 min read

San Jose is the hub of Silicon Valley, and you don’t need us to tell you of the abounding success and innovation regularly happening in the area. However, it’s residents and success stories, possibly yourself among them, live very busy lives and can’t spend the hours each day it could take to stay on top of the financial trends and maximize the potential of their assets. This is where a financial advisor comes in. They can provide or guide you to the financial servicestax planning, and other things your financial life can’t do without.

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Here are our top five picks for financial advisory and investment management firms in San JoseCalifornia:

1) Silicon Valley Capital Partners, LP

Silicon Valley Capital Partners, LP tops out our list with about $334 million in assets under its management. Founded in 2003 by Christopher Combs, the firm takes the personal approach and takes every possible factor into account when performing comprehensive financial planning. While the firm is small, they use outside resources when required so they can focus on the relationship with the client and their needs.

The firm places risk-management at a high-priority and Combs specializes in handling just those sorts of issues. The firm’s wealth managers will look at macroeconomic cycles and market trends to determine the next general step to take.

Silicon Valley Capital Partners is a fee-only firm that requires $500,000 in investable assets

You can expect the following working with Hall Capital Partners:

  • They will take into account your lifestyle and general habits and when providing advice. They know some people need college funding plans and others need expert tax preparation given their small business ownership.
  • A high level of communication in determining the best course of action. Your plan will not be created in a vacuum.
  • A well-managed approach to investment that thinks about the larger economic trends as opposed to industry or company statistics.

2) Silicon Valley Wealth Advisors, LLC

Silicon Valley Wealth Advisors, LLC works primarily with individuals or various levels of wealth and has a bit over $315 in assets under its management. They also specialize in working with individuals with particular needs such as business owners, people planning college costs for their children, those getting ready for retirement, and others. They have several certified financial planners (CFPs) on staff who will consider your best interests first and will use their years of experience to

They don’t believe in a general approach, and you can expect your portfolio to be unique should it be compared to their other clients’ asset holdings.

Silicon Valley Wealth Advisors is a fee-only firm that requires at least $200,000 in investible assets.

You can expect the following working with Silicon Valley Wealth Advisors:

  • A dynamic and adaptive approach to wealth management, so your portfolio is never caught off-guard.
  • Experience working with a wide variety of individual clients with unique needs.
  • An extensive research process that takes into account both macroeconomic trends and events happening and the industry and company levels.

3) Betterwealth, LLC

Betterwealth, LLC is the youngest firm on this list, having been founded in 2015, but they already have $238 million in assets under their management and have established themselves as a leading firm in the region. They take a disciplined and balanced approach to investing and offer the standard array of advisory services.

Betterwealth also commits to client education, which includes a blog, multiple helpful papers, and a regular podcast focus on topics of interest to its clients.

Betterwealth, LLC is a fee-only firm that has no minimum requirements, but the firm does generally work with higher net-wealth individuals.

You can expect the following working with Betterwealth:

  • A focus on informing you about everything you need to know about your assets and potential financial situations.
  • A firm that follows the highest fiduciary standards and will work only for their clients’ interests.
  • Active portfolio management based on diverse holdings and regular research.

4) Retirement Capital Strategies, Inc.

Retirement Capital Strategies, Inc., established in 1980 according to their site and having $212 million in assets under their management, is a firm that should go to the top of your list if you are interested in retirement planningestate planning, or trust planning. They do also provide general investment help and act as a trusted fiduciary.

They use a long-term approach when investing but may use short-term approaches if the benefits would help you reach your more immediate goals.

Retirement Capital Strategies, Inc. is a fee-based firm that has no set account requirements.

You can expect the following working with Retirement Capital Strategies:

  • Expertise when it comes to financial planning for your retirement and to better set up the next generation of your family.
  • A mixed strategy with a long-term focus when it comes to investing.
  • A range of resources and services for those worried about the regular financial worries that affect all of us.

5) Concentrum Wealth Management

Concentrum Wealth Management rounds out our list with about $162 million in assets under management and was founded in 2013 by Jeffery and Jay Fond, who act as the firms’ two investment advisors. A notably smaller firm than our other picks, we found it to be a solid, reliable, and trustworthy option when compared to the other firms in the region.

We would also like to turn your attention to their Radius program, which was made for clients who want to manage their own assets but still need some help investing and could use additional tools and information.

Concentrum Wealth Management is a fee-based firm that has no noted account minimum.

You can expect the following working with Concentrum Wealth Management:

  • Programs and services that are great for clients who wish to be more or almost entirely hands-on.
  • A solid set of general advisory services to help you regardless of your current position or goals.
  • Regular reviews of your financial situation, complete with updated advice.

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We know how busy you might be, but we do suggest doing more research in your area and reviewing your personal finances and financial goals so that you find the very best firm to work with you in the future. There are plenty to choose from, but we’re sure you can find a great candidate listed above. In fact, California is loaded with great advisors ranging from the bay area to Palo Alto to San Francisco, so don’t be limited by location. We hope that you find exactly what you are looking for and that you will find future success in a sometimes financially turbulent region.