10 Best Financial Advisors in Scottsdale (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 1, 2019  •  6 min read

A desert oasis for many, Scottsdale is one of the region’s greatest relaxation destinations as well as a health care center. While not everyone stays permanently and they get many visitors from PhoenixTempe, and Peoria, the city remains an industrial and entrepreneurial powerhouse that keeps going thanks to the hardworking spirit of its residents.

These people, yourself included, inevitably find success and all the wealth and happiness that comes with it. Yet that wealth can be tough to manage, and you certainly don’t want to make mistakes. A financial advisor can be the perfect solution.

But knowing it’s time to hire a financial advisor and knowing which one to choose are two different things. There are lots of choices, and, at times, it can feel almost impossible to know how to proceed. To eliminate some of the guesswork, we’ve researched the many firms in the area and found the best five.

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Here are our choices, as well as some more information about what each one has to offer.

1) WealthPlan Advisors

With almost $1.5 billion in assets under management, WealthPlan Advisors is the largest wealth management firm on our list. It works with both individuals and large institutions, and because it has locations in four states including Arizona, it has a large network of advisors who share information used to create your plan. Some of these advisors are certified financial planners (CFPs). Founded in 2009, the firm has received awards and accolades for its excellent service on multiple occasions.

When you first meet with an advisor, they will work to understand your goals and they will base your financial plan and portfolio mainly on the information you provide them during this initial meeting. As the relationship develops, however, you can further customize your investment strategy according to your financial needs.

WealthPlan Advisors is a fee-based firm that has a $500,000 minimum asset requirement for management services.

You can expect the following while working with WealthPlan Advisors:

  • The use of modern financial software to provide a wealth of information and the very best advice.
  • An independent team that will always act in your best interests and tell you the whole truth regarding your investments.
  • Excellent services such as retirement plans for organizations, businesses, and other institutions, something that is relevant if you are a business owner or manager.

2) Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialists

Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialists, founded in 1997, is a rather large firm in the Scottsdale area. Currently, it has nearly $770 million in assets under management. As the name suggests, the firm works mostly with retirees and people otherwise close to retirement, perhaps making it an excellent choice for those considering making Scottsdale home for this final chapter of your financial life.

The firm prefers to create flexible plans for its clients that are based heavily on its client’s needs and financial goals.

Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialists is a fee-based firm that has different asset requirements based on the account type you wish to open.

You can expect the following when working with Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialists:

  • Investment Advisors that know exactly how to work with the needs of retirees or those approaching retirement age.
  • Very approachable and helpful staff that will tell you whatever you might need to know about your accounts.
  • Additional advisory services on top of retirement options, such as tax planning, protection planning, and some business services.
  • Given their name, they can provide estate planning and retirement planning (including looking as social security and retirement income options) easily as part of your overall financial services package.

3) Galvin, Gaustad & Stein

Galvin, Gaustad & Stein is a financial planning and investment advisory firm that works mostly with high-net-worth clients, although their wealth advisors are open to working with all sorts of individuals. It has $718 million in assets under management, and it was founded in 2010, making it a relatively young (yet still successful) firm. To differentiate itself from the competition, it seeks to provide clients with unique investment opportunities and to find underutilized asset types that can be a big boost to your portfolio.

In general, Galvin, Gaustad & Stein follows an investment management process which involves a multistep approach designed to create a custom portfolio based on your needs, timescale, and preferences. Regular reviews will help indicate when adjustments are necessary, and you will be consulted before these changes are made.

Galvin, Gaustad & Stein is a fee-based firm that has a $500,000 minimum asset requirement.

You can expect the following if you choose to work with Galvin, Gaustad & Stein:

  • An experienced staff capable of handling any financial problem you might have.
  • An in-depth process used to get to know clients and determine the best course of action.
  • A large library of helpful tools and educational resources that clients can use to better understand the financial world.

4) WealthTrust Arizona

With $436 million in assets under management, WealthTrust Arizona, which was founded in 2006 (albeit its advisors generally have more experience than that), is a top advisory firm in Scottsdale. It is partially owned by Hightower Advisors, a huge firm which provides clients with a lot of high-level advice and information. Because of this, when you work with WealthTrust Arizona, you can expect global-scale advice and aid from ethical and transparent advisors.

Overall, the advisors at WealthTrust Arizona prefer to focus on risk management as much as they chase gains. They understand the importance of and benefits to diversification, and they also look primarily towards long-term goals.

WealthTrust Arizona is a fee-based firm that has a $1 million minimum asset requirement.

You can expect the following while collaborating with WealthTrust Arizona:

  • Long-term care planning services for you or your loved ones.
  • A willingness to work with outside attorneys and professionals working on your behalf.
  • More experience working with high-profile and high-net-worth clients.

5) Capital Insight Partners

With nearly $400 million in assets under management, Capital Insight Partners is among the more accessible firms on this list, making it a better choice for those who might be excluded by the requirements of our other selections but still may want comprehensive financial planning. Furthermore, Capital Insight Partners also works with clients across the country, meaning you don’t have to worry if you are planning on moving or traveling frequently.

Capital Insight Partners can be characterized as risk-averse. Your advisor will rarely put short-term gains ahead of long-term growth, and he or she will focus mainly on preserving the wealth you have already accumulated.

Capital Insight Partners is a fee-based firm that has no initial minimum asset requirement.

You can expect the following should you work with Capital Insight Partners:

  • Advisors with experience in helping businesses and other institutional clients.
  • Similarly, advisors with experience and specialization working with business owners and those looking to sell or buy a business.
  • Insurance services for those who could benefit or are otherwise interested.

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Choosing the right financial advisor for you is a difficult financial decision, and only you will be able to make the final choice after looking at your financial situation. However, if you go with one of the firms on this list, we are confident you will find a solution that offers the services and expertise you need. With that in mind, each firm offers something different, so the best thing to do is to explore all options to see which one is truly best for you. But no matter which direction you go, we’re sure your financial future will be brighter once you find a trusted advisor.