10 Best Financial Advisors in Georgia (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 10, 2019  •  6 min read

Georgia has a rich history that has helped turn it into a cultural and economic center of the Southern United States. It’s famous for its peaches, its long summer days, and the Master’s golf tournament.

Just over five of the eight million people who call Georgia home live in or around its capital, Atlanta, which is a world-renowned metropolis. Yet other cities, such as Augusta and Savannah, help make the state of Georgia what it is.

This all means that Georgia has plenty of excellent financial advisors, making a final decision difficult. This is why we’ve researched countless firms across the state to identify the five best financial advisors.

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Below you will find out top financial advisors as well as an explanation of what makes each one unique.

1) Hombrich Berg Wealth Management – Atlanta

Investors with large portfolios need a financial advisor with the resources and expertise to manage these funds in a responsible and productive way, and this is exactly what Hombrich Berg Wealth Management has to offer in terms of financial planning services.

They have a large team of over forty advisors, many of whom are certified financial planners (CFPs) or certified public accountants (CPAs), and when you open an account, you’ll be working directly with at least three of them, as well as their teams, to help you determine your goals and outline a plan to reach them. However, if you want to open an account with Hombrich Berg, you need to be ready to invest at least $1 million, so they might be best for high net worth indvidiuals.

In total, Hombrich Berg manages more than $5 billion in assets, and their extensive reach allows them to spread your money into many different areas, an approach which reduces risk while increasing returns. When you work with Hombrich Berg, you can also expect:

  • Access to personalized financial models that allow you to test how your actions will affect your portfolio.
  • Unbiased advice due to Hombrich Berg’s fiduciary status and fee-only approach. Their fee structure will be able to allow you to trust them completely when it comes to asset allocation.
  • Consistent dedication to working in your best interest, no matter what part fo your financial life they’re looking at.

2) Georgia Wealth Advisors – Atlanta

This Atlanta-based financial group is Georgia’s best retirement planning firm. They employ a diverse team of experts with experience in financial planning, accounting, tax planning, and insurance, as well as lawyers, to help you design and implement a retirement plan that will prepare you for the future you’ve always dreamed of having.

In addition to providing personalized, highly-researched advice and financial servicesGeorgia Wealth Advisors will also do all it can to help make you fiscally smarter. They know knowledge is key when it comes to financial planning. Georgia Wealth Advisors offers frequent seminars and they also publish a wide range of educational resources that you can use to better understand your path to retirement income.

Additional services include:

  • Guidance regarding generational wealth transfer
  • Social security optimization
  • Tax and philanthropic planning to help you save as much money as possible for your retirement

3) Harmon Financial – Atlanta

Good financial management results in part from smart investment choices, but it also comes from a strong risk management strategy, something the Atlanta-based wealth management firm Harmon Financial can provide. The firm takes an “engineering-based” approach to risk management that makes use of innovative technologies to calculate the risk of an investment and determine if it fits into your plan, helping to create considerable peace of mind when it comes time to make investments.

Another thing that sets Harmon Financial apart is its global reach. It has partnerships with brokers all around the world, and this gives you the chance to take advantage of unique investment opportunities. Furthermore, the Harmon Financial staff is stocked with CFPsCPAsWealth Management Specialists (WMS), and financial planners, meaning you will be working with a highly experienced group.

All of this means you can expect the following when you open an account with Harmon Financial:

  • A financial plan based on data as well as a careful analysis of your personal goals
  • A long-term commitment to your financial objectives and a strategy based around protecting your most valuable assets

4) The Fiduciary Group – Savannah

Founded in 1970, The Fiduciary Group has been helping people achieve their financial goals for almost 50 years with their advisory services and investment management, and they have managed to have such prolonged success thanks to a concentrated approach as well as the expertise and experience of their highly-skilled investment advisors.

Currently, the firm manages more than $900 million in assets for more than 475 clients, many of whom are individuals and families. The firm also handles company retirement plans as well as institutional endowments.

Part of the reason for The Fiduciary Group’s success is its team-based approach to financial planning and investment strategy. You won’t be working with just one financial advisor but rather a team of business, finance, accounting, and legal experts, all of who will help you come up with the best possible plan for your goals and risk tolerance.

The firm’s investment philosophy is based on independent research that comes from third-parties, industry contacts, propriety models, diversification, and a long-term focus.

When you work with The Fiduciary Group, you can expect the following:

  • A strong emphasis on rational thinking that works to fight against our natural extinct to run at the first sight of a downturn
  • A personalized financial plan based on your needs and goals that is grounded in unbiased advice
  • Detailed reports on the status of your portfolio as well as researched explanations about any changes being made

5) Richard Young Associates – Augusta

With more than $350 million in assets under management and 35 years of experience, Augusta-based Richard Young Associates is one of Georgia’s premier financial advisory firms. They take a long-term, holistic approach to investing since they recognize financial planning is something that morphs and adjusts to life’s changes.

This means the specific plan they curate for you will be based solely on your personal goals. And since the firm is a fee-only fiduciary, all the advice you receive will be offered in good faith to help you get your financial situation where you want it to be.

When you work with Richard Young Associates, you can expect the following:

  • An investment plan based on Modern Portfolio Theory, an approach which requires active portfolio management so as to maximize returns and spread out risk
  • A focus on planning for retirement and perhaps estate planning after this
  • Close attention paid to your personal goals and ambitions, allowing them to make accurate financial decisions and maintain appropriate cash flow

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Because most of Georgia’s population lives in Atlanta, three of our five selections come from the capital. But it’s a big state, and there are other options. Any of the firms on this list will serve you well and help you on your financial journey. So, if you’re ready to take a big step forward, do a Google search and get in touch with one of these firms today.