10 Best Financial Advisors in North Carolina (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 16, 2019  •  6 min read

North Carolina is known for its gorgeous beaches, its outstanding universities, and its impressive banking and technology hubs. And this means North Carolina can provide you with not only the financial opportunity you need to make a great life, but also with the lifestyle and cultural activities needed to achieve balance. It’s no wonder more than 10 million people call this place home!

However, if you plan to stay in North Carolina, it’s smart to have a plan. There may be money now, but to ensure there always will be, it’s necessary to invest. Yet who has time to study the markets and research investments while also attending to their day-to-day lives? Who has the time to think of tax planning or estate planning? Practically no one, which is why a financial advisor is so important. They will help you design and implement a plan that will secure your future without sacrificing your present.

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Across North Carolina, there are tons of financial advisory firms, but not all of them deliver the kind of service we would want them to. So, to ensure you’re working with someone who will truly help you, we’ve researched the firms across the state and chosen the best five. Read on to find out who made the list and why.

CAPTRUST Financial Advisors

CAPTRUST Financial Advisors is the standout wealth management firm on this list and is the best in all of North Carolina because it currently manages $273 billion in assets on behalf of its many clients. However, despite being so large, the minimum asset requirement to create an account with CAPTRUST Financial Advisors is just $50,000. This might still be too high for some, but it’s rather low in overall terms, and it shows that CAPTRUST does not work with just high-net-worth individuals.

If you choose to work with CAPTRUST Financial Advisors, the company will create a custom portfolio for you that is in line with your financial goals and risk tolerance. They frequently invest client money in fixed income, equities, strategic opportunities, and real estate.

You can expect the following working with CAPTRUST Financial Advisors:

  • Fee-based compensation structure
  • Extremely personalized portfolios
  • A heavy emphasis on retirement planning

Carroll Financial Associates

Our second choice for North CarolinaCarroll Financial Associates, manages over $2.47 million in assets. There is no set account minimum, as it varies depending on the account you open and the financial plan you design, so it’s best to consult the firm to find out how much you will need to invest.

This firm was founded in the year 1980, and throughout its roughly 40-year history, Carroll Financial Associates has weathered many bear markets and continued to thrive through them all. We can only expect this to continue moving forward and their wealth advisors to continue to provide excellent comprehensive financial planning services to lead you to a better financial life.

In terms of investment strategy, Carroll Financial Associates has ten different investing teams, each with its own investing specialty. Your account will be assigned to the team that best aligns with your investing goals and risk tolerance. The firm will examine your account’s performance twice a month to make sure that it is performing well.

You can expect the following working with Carroll Financial Advisors:

  • Fee-based compensation structure
  • Heavy Emphasis on simplicity and diversification for investments
  • Periodic rebalancing of your portfolio to account for market changes, life changes, etc.

Bragg Financial Advisors

Bragg Financial Advisors is a financial advisory firm that operates out of Charlotte. It firm has over $1.58 billion in assets under management and six investment advisors on staff. However, if you would like to work with this firm, then you will need to open an account with at least $1 million in investible assets; Bragg Financial Advisors works exclusively with high-net-worth individuals and families. To serve this exclusive club, they have several certified financial planners (CFPs) on staff, as well as some certified financial analysts (CFAs). Whatever financial services or advisory services you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find them.

In total, Bragg offers its clients seven different portfolio models to choose from based on their financial goals, financial situation, and risk tolerance. In addition, the firm conducts an extensive amount of research on an ongoing basis to determine what the best opportunities are for investing.

You can expect the following working with Bragg Financial Advisors:

  • Fee-based compensation structure
  • A heavy focus on long-term success as opposed to short term gains based on market timing
  • Assets typically held for at least a year

Colony Family Offices LLC

Colony Family Offices currently manages over $1.43 billion in assets. But if you would like to work with Colony Family Offices LLC and let them handle investment management for you, you will need to be able to open an account with $10 million in investible assets; Colony Family Offices is one of the single most exclusive financial advisory firms in the state of North Carolina, as well as the entire country.

When it comes to investing, the firm does not favor passive nor active investing. Instead, it uses a combination of both strategies in order to create the highest possible gains for its clients without exposing them to too much risk. The firm has also been known to go for short-term gains from time to time when it sees an appropriate opportunity.

You can expect the following working with Colony Family Offices:

  • Fee-only compensation structure which eliminates conflicts of interest
  • A level of personal care and attention that is worthy of highly exclusive clients. Investment advice and asset allocation recommendations will be strictly based on your best interests.
  • A preference for equities and mutual funds for investment vehicles

Smith, Salley, and Associates, LLC

This financial planning firm has $1.34 billion in assets under management and is another one of the great North Carolina financial groups. If you would like to work with Smith, Salley, and Associates, you will need to be able to open an account with a minimum of $250,000 in investible assets. If you cannot provide this amount of money, then this investment advisory firm will not be interested in working with you.

Smith, Salley, and Associates operates out of GreensboroNorth Carolina and has a total of 12 financial advisors who manage all client accounts. When it comes to investing, the firm focuses on looking at the underlying financial information of each company that it invests in. It prefers to invest in financially strong and promising companies than to try and dance in and out of the market in an attempt to capitalize on temporary circumstances.

You can expect the following working with Smith, Salley, and Associates LLC:

  • Fee-based compensation structure
  • Strong emphasis on diversification to reduce risk
  • Thorough in-house research for every single investment that they make

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With the right financial advisor as a partner, it is much easier to help you reach your financial goals and set yourself up properly for retirement. And while all of the financial advisors on this list can help you to get where you want to be, you should make your choice for which investment adviser to work with based on minimum asset requirement, investing strategy, compensation structure, and whichever other variables that you feel are important. Start narrowing down your choices by contacting the firms on this list, checking FINRA information, and taking a look at our city-specific choices, and we hope you find someone soon who will help you turn your financial dreams into reality.