10 Best Financial Advisors in Tampa (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 8, 2019  •  6 min read

As the largest city on Florida’s Gulf Coast, there are a lot of reasons to love Tampa. But the reason we love it is because there are some great financial advisors in the region who can help you establish and accomplish your goals and solidify your financial future. However, there are many firms, and it’s hard to know who can follow through on their word and who might let you down.

We’ve gone over the many different financial advisor firms in Tampa and selected the best five.

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Read on to find out which financial service providers made the list.

1) Wealth Advisors of Tampa Bay

With just under $300 million in assets under management and more than 350 accounts, Wealth Advisors of Tampa Bay is one of the largest financial advisory firms in the city.

Currently, there are three Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) on the team, and they will work closely with you to determine your goals and help you achieve them. At the moment, however, you will need to be ready to invest at least $100,000 to become a client with Wealth Advisors of Tampa Bay.

Currently, the firm uses a combination of several different investment strategies to help you achieve your financial goals. For example, they employ charting, which involves tracking the up and down movements of the market to determine if current conditions will change or remain. Fundamental analysis, another strategy, provides insight into some of the qualitative aspects of your investments by looking at things such as management teams and structure, personnel, products, etc.

Because of all this, you can expect the following when working with Wealth Advisors of Tampa Bay:

  • A well-researched and documented investment strategy that explains why the investments being suggested are a good choice for you.
  • Access to resources and other insights to educate you about investing and financial management.
  • A custom investment plan tailored specifically to your financial goals.

2) Rutherford Asset Management

Senior members and investment advisors of Rutherford Asset Management came to the firm after spending considerable time working for large investment banks and financial groups such as Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, which has armed them with the skills and knowledge needed to make investment choices that will produce results.

Currently, however, Rutherford Asset Management‘s wealth managers only deal with high-net-worth individuals; the account minimum is $1,000,000. As a result, the firm is rather exclusive, but it’s also a great option for institutions with large endowments or businesses looking for a retirement plan for their employees.

However, when working with Rutherford Assets Management, know that your money is in good hands. Among the three principles of the firm, two are CFPs and one is a Juris Doctor. And of the two CFPs, one is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) and an Enrolled Agent (EA). The other is a Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) with years of experience.

When working with Rutherford Asset Management, you can expect:

  • Completely unbiased guidance – Rutherford Wealth Management is a fee-only investment firm that can provide comprehensive financial planning.
  • An investment management plan completely tailored to your financial goals and current financial situation.
  • 24/7 access to your account via a secure web portal as well as frequent meetings to keep you updated on the status of your portfolio and to present you with new opportunities.

3) Mintco Financial

Featured frequently in local and national news, Mintco Financial is more of an “everyday” financial advisor and planning firm that helps people save and prepare for the future as best as possible. They are self-proclaimed specialists in insurance and retirement planning, and they are a fee-only firm.

However, because Mintco is designed to be more accessible, they do something slightly different than other firms and charge hourly fees for the time they spend creating, implementing, and explaining your financial plan. But they have limits on these fees, and should their work take them less time, then they will charge you the lesser of the two fees. For example, the maximum fee for putting together a comprehensive financial plan is $2,500.

When you work with Mintco Financial, you can expect the following:

  • Detailed explanations of all your insurance and retirement choices so that you can make the right decisions for your goals.
  • A holistic approach to financial planning that is designed to help you achieve both your present and future goals.
  • A fair and transparent fee structure.

4) Doyle Wealth Management, Inc.

We chose to include Doyle Wealth Management, Inc. on this list because they offer a wide range of investment strategies that allows them to help people according to their specific goals. They have four main investment approaches:

  1. Equity Income Strategy – This approach is designed to help investors who need an income stream that outpaces inflation.
  2. Select Equity Strategy – The purpose of this investment strategy is to assist tax conscious advisors who want an investment portfolio with low turnover. This portfolio is actively managed.
  3. Focused Equity Strategy – This strategy is for long-term investors who are willing to be slightly more aggressive.
  4. Custom Multi-Asset Class Strategy – The logic behind this strategy is diversification, and it’s based on your specific goals, time frame, and risk tolerance. The plan will be entirely unique to you.

Typically, Doyle Wealth Management requires a minimum $100,000 to invest, but their Preferred Partner program gives newer investors and young professionals the chance to start saving for the future, even if they can’t meet this minimum. This helps give the firm a nice combination of exclusively and accessibility.

5) Kase Wealth Advisors

When engaging a financial advisor, it’s important you learn some of the fundamentals of investing so that you can contribute to the discussion. At Kase Wealth Advisors, you will get this.

Beyond providing you with personalized financial advice and investment advice on a fee-only basis, the wealth management firm also has made countless resources available to you which you can use to understand the financial world.

On top of this, the team at Kase Wealth Advisors has a diverse range of experience, ranging from financial advising and investment banking to insurance (including life insurance), tax planning, law, estate planningreal estate considerations, and much more. This means you will have access to valuable insight when it comes time to make decisions about your financial plan.

When you work with Kase Wealth Advisors you can expect:

  • Multiple investment options and management services
  • Resources to help you understand your financial plan
  • Access to tools to help you better understand your financial situation

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As a Tampa resident, you’re lucky. You not only live in a bustling city in an exciting state, but you have lots of options when it comes time to choose a financial advisor. We’re confident that one of the above choices will be a good fit, so begin by contacting one of the firms above. There is no reason to wait for your financial security, no matter what Florida financial advisor you choose (you can still easily go to St. Petersburg or the rest of the Tampa Bay area if these aren’t to your liking.