10 Best Financial Advisors in Louisville (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 16, 2019  •  7 min read

From the Kentucky Derby to the six Fortune 500 companies that can be found within its borders, Louisville, Kentucky is a very exciting city with a thriving economy, and it’s where countless successful individuals such as yourself make their home. However, for those looking to call Louisville home for life, it would be wise to seek out the services of a financial advisor, as they will help you manage your money and play the markets without causing you too much stress.

Fortunately, Louisville is home to a number of excellent financial advisory firms, meaning a bright financial future is well within your grasp. But to make sure your dreams become reality, it’s important you find the only financial advisor for you.

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To help you with this all-important decision, we have compiled a list of the absolute best financial advisors in Louisville. Below you can find the firms that made the cut as well as a short description of each.

ARGI Investment Services

Founded in 2009 but with more than $1.84 billion in assets under managementARGI Investment Services is one of the youngest yet most successful financial advisory firm in Louisville, Kentucky. It offers a wide range of investment management and financial planning services, all of which will be based on your objectives and tolerance for risk, both of which will be the main topics of your first meeting with an ARGI advisor.

At the moment, the firm is made up of 30 skilled financial planners who help to create sound financial plans on behalf of their clients, which gives it plenty of resources and experiences to come up with something that will work for you. Many of their advisors are certified financial planners (CFPs) and others are certified public accountants (CPAs) with years of experience.

Regarding an investment strategy, ARGI frequently uses ETFs, but it will also make use of stocks, bonds, and other securities when it makes sense to do so. This firm also prioritizes its client relationships and says that they speak “with you, not at you.” This can be very beneficial if you are someone who has just entered the world of wealth and need some help understanding investing.

You can also expect the following working with ARGI Investment services:

  • A highly-competitive fee-based compensation structure that offers maximum transparency.
  • Extremely helpful educational workshops that are held regularly and that are designed to help you learn more about investing and become more involved in your financial future, whether you’re a business owner looking to maximize their wealth or you wish to lock down education planning for the next generation.
  • A strong focus on retirement planning, making this a great firm if you are nearing this chapter in life.

Atlas Brown

While not nearly as large as our top choice, Atlas Brown is still a formidable financial advisory that can be an excellent steward of your money. Currently, they have just over $451 million in assets under management. Plus, there is no minimum account requirement to work with Atlas Brown, so you do not have to be a millionaire to make use of their services.

Atlas Brown’s investing strategy involves investing in both domestic and foreign securities, using a mix of both traditional and alternative investing styles. Yet unlike many other financial advisory firms, they also invest in real estate, natural resources, and minerals, making them a great option for those looking for less traditional ways to invest their wealth.

But even though the firm has its own investment strategies, advisors will still take your current financial situation, long-term goals, and tolerance for risk into consideration when designing your financial plan.

You can expect the following working with Atlas Brown:

  • A fee-based compensation structure that makes it easy to know what you owe for planning and advising services.
  • A unique and creative investing strategy that involves investing a wide breadth of assets
  • Comprehensive financial planning that covers all key financial aspects of your life, including tax planning and estate planning.

Meritrust Wealth Management

Meritrust Wealth Management has over $359 million in assets under management, meaning it comes in at number three on our list. Account minimums vary depending on the type of account you open; the more complex the portfolio, the more assets you will be expected to invest. Currently, the largest account minimum is $250,000, making this a relatively accessible firm.

In general, Meritrust is not only interested in helping you to manage your finances. Instead, they are interested in helping you to set your family up for generations of financial planning. In other words, they are focused on the long-term and not just on the near term.

As a result, you can expect the following working with Meritrust Wealth Management:

  • A fee-based compensation structure that is designed to be as transparent and open as possible.
  • Additional expertise in insurance (life insurance and other plans) that will help you spread out and reduce risk
  • A variety of financial plans to choose from. Which one your investment adviser recommends will depend on the size of your account as well as your needs.

Reliant Wealth Planning

Our fourth choice, Reliant Wealth Planning, has over $283 million worth of assets under its management, but there is no minimum account requirement to become a client of, making it one of the most accessible firms in the area.

When it comes to an investment strategy, Reliant Wealth Planning separates itself by working towards “total returns.” This involves paying close attention to things such as capital gains, dividends, and interest so as to preserve your wealth as you invest and provide for optimal flexibility. Many financial advisory firms do not believe in going for total returns, so this strategy helps make Reliant unique.

Reliant also uses a three-pronged approach based on trust, expertise, and communication that’s meant to help build a stronger client-advisor relationship. This is because the firm’s ultimate goal is for you to feel as though your needs are being addressed through their financial advice and investment advice, and that you’re in control of your financial future.

You can expect the following working with Reliant Wealth Planning:

  • A clearly defined, competitive, and fee-based compensation structure
  • An emphasis on diversified asset allocation that can help to reduce risk and optimize your profits
  • A strong focus on the client-advisor relationship that is designed to help make you feel part of the family.

Saling Wealth Advisors

Our last firm to make the list, and with over $220 million in assets under managementSaling Wealth Advisors is a firm that specializes in providing high-net-worth individuals with financial services and advisory services, which means you can expect exclusivity and special attention to your needs. However, there’s a price to pay for this level of service; the current account minimum is $500,000.

Despite focusing on such an exclusive clientele, there are five financial advisors who make investments and create financial plans at Saling Wealth Advisors, meaning you will have a wealth of experience and knowledge at your disposal when it comes time to make your plan without losing that personal touch that many high-net-worth firms lack.

In general, advisors at Sailing Wealth Advisors will work to make a financial plan that is focused on your specific goals. As a result, your relationship as a client will start with a meeting in which you discuss various aspects of your life and financial situation, including risk tolerancefinancial goals, your tax situation, retirement horizon, etc. From there, your advisor will create a bespoke plan designed to grow and preserve your wealth over time.

You can expect the following if you work with Saling Wealth Advisors:

  • A fee-based compensation structure that is on par with if not better than the fees charged by similar firms.
  • Extremely thorough research to find the best investment solutions for you
  • A portfolio made up of ETFs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other fixed-income products so as to ensure diversification and steady returns.

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Finding the perfect financial advisor for you and your family can be difficult, especially considering how much is at stake. However, these firms are always looking for new clients, and we believe they will all serve you well and will help grow your family’s wealth for many years. Consider doing some more research on your own to find out which one is the best for you, but don’t hesitate to call and set up a meeting with one of the above firms so that you can start moving your financial future in the right direction.