10 Best Financial Advisors in Orlando (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 8, 2019  •  6 min read

Known for being home to Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando is a world-class city that offers both visitors and residents plenty of opportunities for excitement and entertainment.

However, if you call Orlando home, you know there’s much more to Orlando than the parks. When things do start to get a bit more serious, you’re going to need some help preparing for the future. A financial advisor can help you do this, and in Orlando, you have lots of choices. To help you, we’ve reviewed the many different firms in the area to determine our top five financial service providers.

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Read on to learn more about our choices.

1) Resource Consulting Group

For high-net-worth individuals looking to invest at least $1 million, the Resource Consulting Group is going to be the choice for you. They currently manage just under $2 billion in assets, and they have a staff of over 15 advisors who are ready to make your portfolio grow so that you can meet your investment goals.

Resource Consulting Group makes use of modern portfolio theory when providing advisory services and determining asset allocation. Because of this, when you first start working with an advisor, you will need to spend some time defining that risk level. From there, you will define your objectives, and then your advisor will come up with a custom plan.

Most of the investments made by the Resource Consulting Group are in foreign and domestic stocks, fixed-income securities, real estate investment trusts, and U.S. government securities, although there are many more options available to you. There will also be a heavy emphasis on short-term bonds, small-cap stocks, and value stocks. Services the firm provides include:

  • Investment management
  • Retirement planning
  • General comprehensive financial planning

2) Moisand, Fitzgerald, and Tamaya

With more than half a billion dollars in assets under management, Moisand, Fitzgerald, and Tamaya is one of the biggest and most successful financial advisor firms in both Orlando and Florida. Their team of qualified advisors—the same individuals for which the firm is named—has an impressive record.

For example, founder Dan Moisand has served as the president and chairman of the National Financial Planning Association. Charlie Fitzgerald, III has served as the President of the Financial Planning Association of Florida, and he is also a member of the Board of Directors for the CFP Board, which grants the Certified Financial Planner certification. Lastly, Ron Tamayo is currently a member of the review board for the Journal of Financial Planning, a national publication related to all things investing.

The firm takes a calm and steady approach to investing. You can be sure the advice you receive will be backed with reliable data and research, and since they operate as a fiduciary, you can always be confident in their advice. Furthermore, fees are charged based on the amount you invest. For example, if you invest more than $1 million, you will be charged a one percent commission. Fees may be higher for smaller accounts. Services offered at the firm include:

  • Specific tax planning
  • Real financial planning
  • Objective implementation
  • Ongoing and proactive monitoring to help you avoid risk and take advantage of good opportunities.

3) American Financial Advisors

With more than $500 million in assets and 650 clients, American Financial Advisors is one of the largest financial advisory firms in the Orlando area. However, with a large team of qualified advisors at their disposal, working with American Financial Advisors won’t feel like you’re a little fish in a big pond. Instead, you will get the same personal attention from a smaller firm, but you will also be able to take advantage of the research and analysis that an advisory group with these resources has at their disposal.

American Financial Advisors focuses on providing you with transparent financial advice that’s easy to understand.

In terms of investment strategy, American Financial Advisors tends to focus on mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (EFTs), but they work to diversify your portfolio by spreading your money out to both domestic and international options, as well as money markets and bonds. The main services the firm provides are:

  • Investment and financial planning
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Business advising

4) Sunrise Financial Management

Designed to cater to everyday investors, Sunrise Financial Management is a great option for those who are looking for someone with years of experience to stay with them through every step of their financial journey. Sunrise Financial Management will work with you to put together a long-term plan around your personal objectives and financial goals.

They use a fee-only approach to running the firm, which allows them to make recommendations free from external pressure.

Furthermore, Sunrise Financial Management has a real local flair to it. They work with many different clients in the area, and they also make it a point of giving back to the Central Florida community. Here’s a summary of the services the firm provides:

  • Individual and family financial planning, which includes education funding, estate planning, insurance, and investment management.
  • Business financial planning, which includes retirement plans, health plans, and small business planning.
  • Wealth management, which includes traditional investment, tactical management, alternative investments, risk management, and income-based investment strategies.

5) Talon Wealth Management

One of the primary reasons for seeking out a financial advisor or investment advisor is to help you plan for retirement, and if you find yourself in this position, then Talon Wealth Management is likely going to be the choice for you. Of course, they offer all sorts of other financial planning services, but their focus is on helping clients set themselves up for this exciting but also daunting chapter of their financial life.

The way they do this is by creating a customized plan based on where you are now and where you would like to go. One unique feature of Talon Wealth Management is their Annuity Stress Test, which looks at the state of some of your current investments to see if they will provide the returns you were promised. In the event they won’t, your advisor will help you come up with an alternative solution to provide you the chance to right the ship before it’s too late.

Talon Wealth Management will perform similar analyses on other parts of your investment portfolio. This attention to what you’re already doing helps set them apart as it shows they’re not just interested in getting you to invest but rather in finding the investments that make the most sense for you. Services include:

  • Annuity Stress Tests
  • Healthcare Analysis
  • Financial Planning
  • Estate and Legacy Planning
  • Portfolio Risk Analysis
  • Tax preparation

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Whether you’ve built up a healthy sum of money and are ready to invest big time or you’re just looking for someone to help you navigate the uncertainty of the future, there is a financial advisor for you in Orlando. We’ve identified the five we consider to be the best, and we feel confident one of these will help you on your path to financial freedom and success. So don’t wait and see what these wealth advisors have to offer. There’s nothing stopping you from getting a free consultation, whether you’re a business owner or just looking for some simple investment advice.