Poshmark Review

If you want to sell used clothing items for extra cash–or save money buying clothing items at a discount–read this Poshmark review.

Poshmark Review: Part I

In the first part of our Poshmark review, we’re going to cover the basics.

Poshmark Review Part I

  • What is Poshmark?
  • Is Poshmark Legit?
  • How does Poshmark Work?
  • Is Poshmark safe?
  • Buying on Poshmark
  • Pros and Cons of Poshmark

For the second part of this Poshmark review, I’m going to dive into what it’s like selling on Poshmark, and offer a perspective for sellers and those looking to make money on Poshmark. Let’s get to it.

Poshmark Review: Part II

  • Selling on Poshmark
  • Poshmark fees
  • Create the perfect Poshmark listing
  • Using Posh Parties
  • Starting a Poshmark Boutique
  • Poshmark review wrap-up

Let’s start at the beginning.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell new and used clothing, accessories, and other items. If eBay and Craiglist had a baby, Poshmark would be it. It has a lot in common with these two online marketplace juggernauts. But, it also has unique features the first two don’t, which I’ll get to later in this Poshmark review. But let’s answer the question we’re all here for first: is Poshmark legit? Or not?

Is Poshmark Legit?

Poshmark is legit as it gets. Their community has over 50 million users, with over 5 million sellers as of July 2019. With tens of millions of users and sellers from all around the world, it’s a thriving social marketplace chock full of incredible deals, steals, and opportunities for ambitious sellers too. Manish Chandra started Poshmark in 2011, which makes it an anomaly amongst internet companies, and the farthest thing from a scam.

How Does Poshmark Work?

Unlike eBay and Craigslist, the Poshmark app is where all the magic happens. Poshmark works the same for buyers and sellers at the outset. Just navigate to the application page on your Apple or Android device. Once you sign up, which takes seconds, select your profile type.

Poshmark Referral Code

Before you sign up, you should use a Poshmark referral code. Use mine CAREFULCENTSBJR to get $5. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you will get $5 just for using that Poshmark referral code. Cheers!

How To Buy On Poshmark

Signing up to be a Poshmark buyer is easy. You start by creating your account. This includes your standard fare of user information, like your name, address, and the like. Next, select your favorite brands. This will allow Poshmark to tailor recommendations for you.

There’s a vast array of goods, from designer items from Louie Vuitton and Gucci to Reebok, Nike, Addidas, and more. Another cool feature I appreciated about Poshmark? You can select your sizes. This will cut down on the amount of time you need to spend sifting through products trying to find sizes.

So make sure to enter your shirt size, shoe size, etc. You will save a lot of time, and it will help you find what you want fast. You can also do this for family members. Which will spare you headaches come the Holiday season when it’s time to start buying gifts.

Is Poshmark Safe?

Poshmark has several security features to keep users safe. Poshmark offers a “Posh Protect” policy that guarantees buyers a full refund and free return shipping if a purchase doesn’t match up to the listing description.

To prevent the sale of counterfeit luxury goods, Poshmark also offers an authentication service. Before luxury items are shipped, Poshmark will inspect the item to verify authenticity. This service stops scammers dead in their tracks. Should the item not be as described, Poshmark will include your return shipping label. Just take it to your local post office, and that’s it.

Payments on Poshmark

A new feature on Poshmark.com is the ability to pay for purchases using PayPal, Apple Pay, or Android Pay. Poshers can also use a credit card.

Poshmark Pros

As a buyer, you can save quite a bit buying on Poshmark. Discounts are steep, sometimes up to 50-70% off MSRP. You’ll be saving considerable coins even compared to discount stores like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx.

You will also have peace of mind knowing that any luxury items you buy will be verified by Poshmark directly, and if the listing and the item don’t match up, you’re guaranteed a refund plus the return shipping. Poshmark is arguably the safest online marketplace of its size.

So there’s a lot of pros as far as buying on Poshmark is concerned. Shipping is included in the price, too. So that’s one less thing you have to worry about. It’s a buyer’s dream. I’ll be buying something once I wrap up this Poshmark review!

Poshmark Cons

Everything is rainbows and rosebuds for Poshmark buyers. That’s for sure. But for Poshmark sellers, the weather is different. Fees should be a Poshmark seller’s biggest concern, considering they’re double that of eBay (and Craigslist is entirely free).

There are some distinct advantages to selling on Poshmark which, arguably, make the price worth it. But it’s still a hard pill to swallow. If you can stomach those fees though, and focus on building your community, it can become a lucrative operation. More on that in the next part of our Posh review.

Poshmark Review: For Sellers

For the second part of this Poshmark review, I want to talk about the seller side of the equation.

Think of Poshmark as one of the biggest consignment stores on earth. Anyone can set up their virtual closet or boutique to sell new items, secondhand items, or even designer items. It’s an excellent place for eCommerce entrepreneurs with an eye for fashion, but it’s also costly compared to starting your own store (a la Shopify). But first, the biggest positive of selling on Poshmark.

You just have to take out your iPhone or other smartphone and snap a few photographs of what you want to sell. Another unique feature about Poshmark versus eBay or Craigslist is the follower aspect. Just like on popular social media sites, the more followers you have, the more visibility you’ll get. The built-in eco-system allows you to attract and retain relevant buyers from the get-go. But again, it’s costly.

Poshmark Fees

Poshmark charges a 20% fee for any item sold over 15 dollars. This is akin to the “Final Value” fee charged by eBay, except their price is 10% or less. For items under $15, Poshmark charges a flat rate of $2.95. For comparison, Craigslist costs $0, and eBay fees vary. Meanwhile, Amazon account fees range from $0 to $39.99 per month, and product fees range from 6% to 20% of the product’s selling price, with the average seller paying 15%.

Selling on Poshmark

So, you’re ready to start selling on Poshmark? Good for you! The first step in the process is to download the Poshmark app. The application is going to ask for camera access. Once you accept, you can start taking photos of what you want to sell, enter your product description, get your listing(s) live, and start earn money online.

As someone who’s made a modest sum selling products online, here are a few recommendations from my experience.

How To Sell More On Poshmark

Did you ever look at an apartment for rent or a house for sale and see just one photograph? I know I have, and it makes me want to shake the realtor or landlord behind the listing. Of course, I end up just leaving the page and moving onto a different listing. The same is true of product listings. So step one of Poshmark product photography–or any listing–is to take plenty of photos. Don’t be lazy. Don’t be sloppy. Go the extra mile, because, in the end, you’ll attract and retain more buyers.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Use lots of light, but not enough to wash your subject out
  • If dimensions are unique, use comparison objects (i.e., coin)
  • Write measurements in the description or use in-image measuring
  • Highlight all flaws with close-up photos and in your listing
  • Be as descriptive as possible about everything you’re selling
  • Write a personal note or inexpensive freebie to your orders
  • Be open to offers to start a dialogue with potential customers

Think about the last time you ordered something only for it to show up and not be as described? It’s frustrating as a buyer because you feel deceived and like you wasted your time. It’s also a pain for sellers.

Posh Parties and Rallying The Poshers

If you’re serious about selling on Poshmark, you need to leverage favorites, likes, and followers to grow your brand. These followers, better known as “poshers” are your golden ticket. “Posh parties” are another way you can leverage the Poshmark ecosystem to your advantage. You can turn Posh Parties into exciting virtual launch events. Make it fun with exclusives, discounts, freebies, and other goodies to up the ante.

Start A Seller Boutique

If you’re serious about selling on Poshmark, so much so that you’re willing to go all-in, start a seller boutique. Just note, the fees are high. And, if you’re looking to take it far, keep your options open. My recommendation? Open up a Shopify store. That way, you own your brand, versus Poshmark having a stake (since you’re selling on their platform versus your own).

Poshmark Review Wrap-Up

Poshmark can be valuable for buyers and sellers. For buyers, you’re going to save money buying used luxury items. And, sellers can make money fast using the platform by leveraging the massive user base. It’s one of the largest, most popular online marketplaces. So opportunities are everywhere.

Signing up for Poshmark takes seconds. Signing up as a buyer is just as quick and easy. It’s safe through and through, with plenty of safety features available to all parties. Payments are a breeze as well. If you’re a buyer, you can purchase using a credit card, PayPal, and other options.

For sellers, deposits are made fast too. Of course, the fees are heavy. And if you plan to go all the way with Poshmark, you should consider setting up a Shopify store. That way you “own” your brand as much as possible.

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