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FreshBooks Review 2018: Try Cloud Accounting Software Free for 60 Days

freshbooks cloud accounting

No matter what type of business you’ve built it’s vital you find accounting software that keeps tracks of your business income and expenses. And that’s where FreshBooks comes in! Over the years, FreshBooks has offered many different iterations of their software. The great thing though is that compared to other complicated accounting programs (like QuickBooks …


H&R Block Tax Software 2018: Self-Employed Online Tax Filing Made Easy

h r block tax software self-employed

Have you ever wished that you file your self-employed taxes online without the hassle of dealing with a complicated interface? Now you can with a great new option from H&R Block Tax Software! H&R Block recently rolled out a new Self-Employed Online Tax Filing option for small business owners and the self-employed. This is in …


Gusto Payroll Review 2018: Try Free for One Month

gusto payroll review

Are you looking for the best small business payroll program that won’t break the bank? Here’s why you need to try Gusto Payroll services. Finding the best small business payroll service isn’t always easy or cheap. It takes time to research the best programs, find the features you’ll actually use, and then stay tax compliant. …


QuickBooks Self-Employed Review: Tax Software for Business Owners (Save 50%)

QuickBooks Self-Employed featured image

You’ve heard a lot about QuickBooks Online. But you’ve been searching for something better, with more features and that’s not as complicated to use. You want a version of Intuit’s accounting software that’s made for self-employed business owners. Something like, QuickBooks Self-Employed, maybe? BOOM! It looks like your prayers have been answered. Here is my …


5 Best Small Business Accounting Systems for 2018

small business accounting systems

Sifting through multiple small business accounting systems is time-consuming and quite the headache. And I should know! As an ex-accountant and small business advocate it’s my job to test out different programs and share my honest findings. The good news is that I don’t mind putting in the work so you don’t have to. I’m …


[Comparison] QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Self-Employed

How to switch from quickbooks online to quickbooks self employed

How do you know if QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Self-Employed is the best bookkeeping software for your business? This is a question we’ve seen asked quite a bit here at Careful Cents — especially since QuickBooks Self-Employed is much cheaper. When Intuit rolled out QuickBooks Self-Employed (also called QBSE for short), freelancers and independent contractors …


Cinch Review 2018: Manage Your Entire Financial Life in One Place

Cinch Financial Review

Have you ever wished that there was something that could handle ALL of your financial information in one place? If you’re anything like me you probably use multiple tools for your business and personal finances, as well as a spreadsheet to monitor expenses. In other words, your finances are anything but streamlined and simple! Thankfully, …


Betterment Review 2018: Automate Retirement Savings and Build Wealth

According to the Retirement Confidence Survey, more than half of American workers have less than $25,000 in retirement savings. As someone who’s self-employed we have a bit more control over our finances. But even then, it’s tough to save for retirement when you have irregular income. This is why many retirees are being forced to …


Focuster Review: Focus Management Software for Business Owners

Focuster app

Focus management is an up-and-coming idea where you use tools and apps to focus more and have better productivity. And as an online business owner or blogger we can use all the focus help that we can get. Am I right?! In past articles I’ve talked about how I use Asana to manage client projects …


BillFixers Review: How to Save Money on Bills Every Month

billfixers review

You wish you could save money on monthly bills but you don’t have time to sit on the phone with customer service all day. I mean, who likes to call customer service reps and negotiate. Not me! Thankfully, there’s BillFixers. If you have cable, wireless or internet bills you wish cost less every month, BillFixers …


TurboTax Self-Employed Review: How to File Small Business Taxes for Free

turbotax self employed review

Running your own business can get expensive. There are endless apps, courses and packages you can buy to increase productivity and invest into future growth. This is also true about filing small business taxes online as there are actually many budget-friendly solutions to choose from. But if you’re looking for the best resource for filing self-employed …


MileIQ App Review: Get Major Tax Savings By Tracking Your Business Miles

MileIQ app review

No one wants to pay more taxes than they have to, especially not when you work for yourself. Paying for expenses like self-employed health insurance and quarterly taxes isn’t cheap. You deserve to keep more of your hard-earned money! Thanks to the MileIQ app you can get an accurate account of your business miles throughout the year and be …


Painless1099 Review: Automated Tax Management for the Self-Employed

painless1099 app

Managing your freelance finances isn’t easy. You have to stay on top of things like taxes, financial emergencies and saving for retirement. Not to mention the daily tasks like completing client work on time, dealing with contracts and sending invoice. My gawd, just reading all of that can make you feel overwhelmed. Can you relate? …


GoDaddy Bookkeeping Review: Organize Your Business Accounting Online

godaddy bookkeeping review

When it comes to personal finances and budgeting, Personal Capital is a very popular favorite. And with good reason! But what about managing your business finances? Personal Capital isn’t tailored for small business accounting, calculating quarterly taxes, monitoring your cash flow, or for viewing year-end tax reports. That’s when to GoDaddy Bookkeeping (previously called Outright) …


Xero Accounting Review: DIY Software to Be Your Own Bookkeeper

xero accounting online

There are lots of online accounting choices for freelancers and small business owners. Because of this, it can make it difficult to pinpoint which one will work best for your personal business. Sometimes this means finding a local CPA or accountant who can handle the books for you. Or perhaps hiring a freelance bookkeeper to …


Earn More Writing: Interview with Six-Figure Blogger Holly Johnson

mint budget

I recently published a case study about how to become a freelance writer in the next 30 days. I detailed exactly how I earn money with freelance blog writing. And how I went from paying off consumer debt, to quitting my accounting job and making the leap into being my own boss. I interviewed my good friend …


Digit App Review: A Painless Way to Save Money (try it for free!)

digit app review

Do you ever wish you could save for self-employed taxes automatically? It’s one of those things that’s always in the back of your mind, causing you to worry and be anxious. Will you have enough money to pay your tax bill? What happens if you don’t save enough? Thanks to technology, there are some great …


Personal Capital Review: Best Free Budgeting App for Building Wealth

personal capital best budgeting app

Personal Capital is a new way to easily track your money and budget. So if your current budgeting software isn’t cutting it anymore, then it’s time to try something new. Maybe you’ve tried Mint but realize it doesn’t offer the wealth building features. The Trends feature is clunky and it mainly focuses on budgeting. Quicken is …


14 Powerful Career Success Books to Read When You Need Motivation

best career success books

This post is constantly being updated with the best career books so you can find your passion. It’s tough staying motivated as a business owner. There are literally thousands of things that need to be done every day and tons of advice you could take action on. How do you know which ones are the best …


Book Review: When She Makes More by Farnoosh Torabi

When I quit my full-time accounting job on May 1, 2013, it was never my intention to become the breadwinner in the family. But after a year of being self-employed, that reality is setting in more than ever. My husband is a personal chef, so even in a good month he doesn’t make nearly what I …