Grammarly Review: Earn More Money With Fewer Mistakes

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Carrie Smith Nicholson

March 26, 2019  •  5 min read

Need to edit or proofread your writing but don't have money to hire an editor? Check out this awesome new tool!

I have two main goals for my life and biz this year: leveling up and taking back control. Last year was a rough one for me, and I nearly quit my blogging business altogether.

But in 2015 I had a renewed sense of motivation and am serious about taking my business to the next level.

In addition to my my #blogtobizplan, I want to find other ways to upgrade my work, my offerings and my overall productivity through my processes.

The way you perform a task, or manage your schedule, can either hinder or propel you.

And it’s this process I want to closely evaluate this year! This will come in the forms of hiring new freelance contractors as well as testing out new tools that can help your business run more smoothly (and cost less!).

One example of this is through a program called Grammarly.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online writing app that enhances and checks your writing for spelling mistakes, errors in punctuation, grammar, vocabulary usage and more.

It works with all kinds of web and desktop applications including:

  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • Microsoft Office plugin
  • Grammarly extension for Chrome
  • and more

Use it when you’re writing a document, or upload your existing doc to instantly check for grammar, punctuation or contextual spelling mistakes.

Any time you make a mistake, the word or phrase will be underlined, then display a correction card shown to the right of the text. Simply click on the word to choose either to, accept the correction, add it to your personal dictionary of words that don’t need to be corrected, or ignore it.

So essentially the more you use Grammarly, the more custom it becomes to how you write. Why is it important to use something like Grammarly for your business?

Use Grammarly for your freelance business

Once you install the Grammarly extension for Chrome, it will start monitoring your writing all across the web. So if you don't want to take the time to upload everything you write (like I do), you can conveniently check your work inside any program you're using online.

Grammarly's Chrome extension is free for anyone to install, but it will correct only a limited number of errors in your writing unless you register for a premium account.

Naturally, this program is super valuable if you're a freelancer who works as a writer or editor. I fall into this category (as do most of the members of the Careful Cents Club), but what if you're a social media manager, or photographer?

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Is Grammarly useful? YES!

If you're a virtual assistant who schedules social media content for startups and brands, you don't want any grammar or spelling mistakes to be overlooked. In fact, while I was creating some new tweets to share this review of Grammarly, I made an error spelling the word "mistakes" and the plugin caught the error and suggested how to correct it.

grammarly plugin twitter

Wouldn't that have been ironic -- send out a tweet of how I use Grammarly for my writing business and then make a spelling error? Ha!

The same principle applies to any online business you have, whether it's writing, editing, doing social media, or taking pictures. You want to portray a professional but authentic version of your skills and your biz.

In turn, you'll be able to make more money!

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Grammarly pricing plans

Now that you know the awesome benefits for using Grammarly's service, you're probably wondering how much it costs.

There are three different pricing tiers available. You can subscribe to a monthly premium account for $29.95, a quarterly plan for $59.95 (or $19.98 a month), or a yearly plan for $139.95 (or $11.66 a month).

Before committing to their service, however, you can try it free for 7 days and it comes with a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

grammarly pricing plans

Seems pretty reasonable, right? So the question you're probably thinking...

Is Grammarly worth the money?

The short answer is YES! I used to have an assistant editor who would proofread client projects, as well as this blog. But I recently reigned in my business spending and now use Grammarly to replace her services.

When you don't have the budget to hire an assistant editor, Grammarly is a much more affordable option. It will provide many of the same services, at a much more budget-friendly price.

And here at Careful Cents, we're all about bootstrapping our businesses and making smart money decisions. Plus, as a business expense, the monthly subscription amount is totally tax deductible. So, Grammarly's service definitely fits the bill!

Additionally, I occasionally do guest posting campaigns for new products, or to promote my services, and Grammarly comes in VERY handy when I'm pitching a high-profile editor, or want to see my work published in a magazine.

Do you think an editor will want to read more of your work if it's riddled with grammar or spelling mistakes? Heck, they wouldn't even want to finish reading your pitch email.

If you need an assistant editor to help with writing projects, getting published, or sending out newsletter campaigns, but don't have the budget to hire one, you need to check out Grammarly. What have you got to lose?

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