Sell Electronics for Cash: 11 Ways To Make Top Dollar

Selling old electronics that are no longer of use to you but that are in proper working order can seem overwhelming, since new technology is released each week.

However, there are plenty of avenues available that assist with selling electronics online whether they are simply outdated or if they are broken and defunct.

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Before listing electronics, iPhones, other cell phones, gaming consoles, old Macs, or even mp3 players that have become eyesores or clutter in your home, research and compare various third-party selling services.

Check out our simple guide to choosing a listing solution that is right for you:

1. Swappa is one of the most well-known, reputable, and popular resources available online to sell electronics. With Swappa, joining to become a buyer or seller is free, and this platform’s simple interface allows you to get started with your research or publishing your listing within a few minutes of activating your account.

Unfortunately, Swappa does not currently allow users to sell old electronics that are broken or can no longer be used properly.

If your device does not include its original battery, cords, or main components, it may not be approved. One of the benefits of using Swappa is the ease of communication between sellers, buyers, and this platform’s administration.

Each new electronic listing requires manual approval from the operators of the website, ensuring verified listings and less risk.

Using Swappa to sell your electronics is a great idea when you want to get the best price even if you are selling old phones, tablets, or electronics that are no longer in demand.

Swappa does not charge sellers a percentage. Instead, Swappa requires a base fee from the buyer themselves once the item is purchased, providing the seller with maximum profit each time.

2. eBay

eBay was one of the first selling platforms to become widely popular among the masses.

Using eBay to list and sell your electronics provides you with more freedom and flexibility while setting your own prices and charging for international shipping cost, expedited shipping, or additional features you provide.

Whenever you are selling on eBay, be sure to read the reviews of each buyer. Selling to users who have positive reviews and a high number of reviews is a way to minimize or eliminate the risk of getting caught up in a scam or being ripped off.

While eBay is an excellent selling platform for those involved in niche industries, use caution anytime you are connecting with users without reviews or experience as a buyer on the site.

3. Amazon originally launched as a digital marketplace for books and music. Later, this platform branched out into selling home goods, clothing, and even homemade items from local shops and individual entrepreneurs.

Using Amazon is one way to sell your electronics, especially if there are already electronics with similar makes and models available on the site.

Before listing your electronic device on Amazon, be sure to research the exact make and model of your item to compare listing prices and the number of listings that are currently available. Review and compare prices along with the current condition.

For best results, lowering your own listing price can help with boosting your item’s visibility. Using this simple tactic raises the chances of piquing the interest of Amazon shoppers.

Amazon can greatly improve your chances of making a sale.

It is important to remember that sellers are responsible for a listing and sale fee once a purchase is complete. When you want to maximize your profits, an alternative to Amazon may be best.

4. LetGo

LetGo is a free downloadable app available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Using LetGo is easy and only requires a few seconds to create an account. Use your email address or connect to the app via a social media platform.

Once you have a LetGo account, enter the nearest zip code to begin browsing current listings or creating your own.

LetGo is free to use and does not charge buyers or sellers additional listing and service fees. Currently, LetGo generates its income by showing advertisements and paid sponsor videos while users browse the website.

The user can review and compare available listings. When creating a new listing using LetGo, use proper headers, keywords, and tags to help boost the SEO. The more accurate and relevant a listing’s title and description are, the easier it sells.

Always exercise caution when using an app such as LetGo or a third-party service that is unmonitored such as Craigslist. Being properly cautious can help prevent scams and keep you from getting yourself into dangerous situations.

5. Facebook Marketplace

As Facebook continuously grows and evolves, it provides new services and features to billions of users across the platform. Facebook Marketplace is one of the most popular tools to list and sell items online.

It is also a good tool for selling to locals in your own neighborhood or city.

Using Facebook Marketplace allows you to maximize your listing’s online reach and visibility in your local area. This online platform is great for individuals who have electronics in working order but that no longer serve a necessary purpose.

Avoid selling devices that are broken or defunct on Facebook’s marketplace. Most users browsing the social media platform are interested in items they can use themselves for a discounted price.

6. Facebook Groups

Another option for listing and selling your electronics is to join a Facebook group that is set up specifically for buying and selling items.

Facebook selling and buying groups provide users of Facebook the opportunity to share their listings at no cost. They can reach those in their local community or anyone who has joined the group itself. Some Facebook Groups are dedicated to selling electronics that are no longer working or able to be used.

Other groups require electronics to be in working order to receive your post’s approval. Be sure to read all of the group’s rules to prevent a potential mute or permanent ban from posting in the group.

7. Decluttr

Decluttr is an innovative service for selling used electronicsvideo games, CDs, and even DVDs in an easy and extremely rewarding way.

With Decluttr, you can simply create an account and use the service’s barcode scanner and your smartphone to scan, identify, and estimate your earnings with each item you own and want to sell in your home.

Decluttr is designed for selling electronics that are currently in working order but no longer wanted or needed in the home. Using Decluttr is extremely simple.

Decluttr does not require any additional shipping costs to send your items into the company: Once your items have been scanned and identified, ship them directly to Decluttr at no extra cost to you. After your items have been received and confirmed by Decluttr, you’ll receive the payment for your goods the next day via PayPal.

8. Craigslist

Don’t be fooled by it’s age or simplicity. Craigslist is a major selling platform. It has appealed to locals in neighborhoods around the US for more than a decade.

With Craigslist, it is possible to sell your outdated or broken electronics free of charge (depending on the listing type you choose to use). While using Craigslist is free, it does not have any moderators or administrators.

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Because of the lack of monitoring and verification, it is imperative to use Craigslist with extreme caution.

This advice is especially important when you’re planning to meet others in person to sell your electronics. Whenever you are communicating or planning to meet with an individual, take precautions to ensure your personal safety.

9. Gazelle

Are you searching for a listing service that removes the hassle of finding buyers and properly marketing your electronic listing? Gazelle is an intriguing online service that purchases Sony, Apple, and Samsung electronics from individuals who are looking to make a bit of cash on the side.

Asking yourself “how can I sell my phone?” Try Gazelle.

Using the Gazelle app or desktop site, enter all the relevant information about the phone, tablet, or electronic device you wish to sell to receive an estimated buying price within a few seconds.

Gazelle automatically scours its current database and latest purchases to provide an accurate estimate. Once you receive a pricing estimate for your electronic device, request a box from Gazelle directly.

Gazelle then sends a box that provides a free shipping label for you to use when sending in your item. Once they receive your item, they inspect and determine whether or not your item is in proper condition.

If your item passes the inspection, they will make a payment to you for your device. Gazelle will provide you with a counteroffer if the item is not as stated.

Using Gazelle is ideal if you are an Apple, Sony, or Samsung fan. Gazelle will remove the guesswork from the process of selling your old and outdated electronics for cash.

10. SellBroke

Do you have electronics, such as DVD players, phones, or even 3D printers, that no longer work? Consider using SellBroke to extra cash even with items that you can no longer put to use.

SellBroke is free to use for sellers who want to rid themselves of outdated and broken laptops, drones, smartwatches, 3D printers, iPads, and even desktop computers.

Submit the information necessary for SellBroke to identify your items while estimating their value. SellBroke will then send you a box that includes prepaid shipping. Simply send your items to SellBroke and await your check or payment via PayPal once your items have been inspected and verified.

11. uSell

One notable electronics selling alternative to SellBroke is uSell. In addition to buying Apple devices and modern smartphones, uSell also helps facilitate the purchase and sale of iPads, iPods, and even college textbooks.

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uSell works by connecting sellers with prospective buyers. Once the buyer has been identified, uSell sends a box with a prepaid shipping label to the seller’s residence.

Sellers are paid once the items are inspected, verified, and shipped to their new owner. Currently, uSell provides payment to sellers via check or PayPal, which makes it easier than ever to cash in on electronics that are broken, outdated, or no longer wanted around your home.

Selling Electronics for Cash: The Bottom Line

There are plenty of opportunities for generating money from old electronics that may come in handy one day.

But it is not lucrative to sell old or outdated electronics.

However, with the right listing service or platform, you can maximize your listing’s online visibility and your profit margins to make the most out of selling your electronic devices right from the comfort of your own home.

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