9 Places To Sell Your Wedding Dress For Top Dollar

The big day has come and gone, and now your wedding dress is collecting dust.

While you might like reliving your wedding day by taking your dress out every once in a while, did you know that you can make money by selling your dress online or at a local shop? In this guide, we’ll give you all the information you need to make sure your dress sells for as close as possible to 100% of its original retail price.

Should I Sell My Wedding Dress?

Choosing to sell your wedding dress can be hard. If you were like most brides, picking the perfect dress was a big part of your wedding planning efforts, and it can seem like that struggle was a waste if you ditch your dress now.

No matter its age, you can still sell it for a significant amount.

While your wedding gown served an important purpose on your big day, however, is indulging in nostalgia from time to time a good enough reason to hold onto your dress forever? Most wedding dresses are bulky, and they can be significantly expensive.

There are tons of marketplaces available to sell your wedding dress.

Unlike other investments, however, wedding dresses don’t accrue value over time; keeping your wedding dress for years or decades is just like putting a box of cash in your closet. Just as cash slowly loses value over time due to inflation, your dress will lose a small amount of value every day until you finally decide to sell it.

There’s no rush, but when you’re ready, there are tons of tools and marketplaces out there that can help you turn your wedding dress into quick cash. Read on to learn how.

How to Sell My Used Wedding Dress Fast

If speed is what you’re looking for when you sell your wedding dress, you might want to bite the bullet, accept the one-time fee or commission, and post your gown on a popularly used wedding dress platform. While consignment shops are convenient places to sell your dress in their own way, it’s common for wedding gowns to sit on consignment store shelves for months or even years before they finally sell.

Selling your wedding dress online involves fees, printing out shipping labels, taking product pictures, and other minor annoyances, but when you sell your dress within a week or two, you’ll be glad you chose to access the vastly larger customer bases that online wedding dress platforms offer.

To pick the right place to sell your wedding gown, you’ll need to use a handy wedding dress value calculator. Almost every online used wedding dress platform features one of these calculators, and you can use these convenient tools to determine whether you should post your dress on an upscale, designer site or a more run-of-the-mill used wedding dress platform.

Best Sites for Selling Your Wedding Gown

There are a lot of advantages to selling your wedding dress online. Putting your gown up for sale on an online marketplace provides you access to millions of potential buyers across the country, and you can also use social media to reach even more people who might want to buy your dress. Here are a few of the top-performers in the used wedding dress category online:

1. Still White

Still White is a great online option if you want to access the most potential buyers possible. This site brags that it has made more than $23 million selling used dresses, and it features one of the best sell times of any online wedding dress platform.

Still White is our #1 pick for selling your wedding dress online.

To separate itself from the competition, Still White offers two different options for listing your dress. With the $20 option, you can upload up to four pictures, and Still White will list your dress until it sells.

With the $30 option, however, Still White will give your dress preferential status in onsite search results, and you can upload up to eight photos. Keep in mind that Still White is different from other platforms in another way; it doesn’t charge any commission fees.

2. Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

As its name suggests, Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses is all about selling previously-owned wedding gowns and other wedding items. This site currently holds the #1 ranking in Google for used wedding dresses, which means it gets tons of traffic. For your purposes, this increased traffic translates into a vastly larger pool of potential buyers.

The more views, the more likely your dress will sell.

If your dress gets 2,000 or more views on PreOwned Wedding Dresses, chances are that it will sell in 70 days or less. Of course, there’s a catch: This platform charges a one-time fee of $25 for every dress it posts.

3. Nearly Newlywed

Nearly Newlywed is one of the most prominent places to sell wedding dresses on the internet. While this platform charges a $25 fee for the privilege of posting your dress, Nearly Newlywed handles all the legwork of selling your dress.

Nearly Newlywed charges a $25 listing fee.

When you use this online platform, you won’t have to worry about interacting with potential buyers or answering customer questions. Nearly Newlywed can’t, however, come out to your house and take pictures for you, so you should brush up on some basic product photography tips before you commit to selling your dress on this site.

Nearly Newlywed will even professionally clean your dress for a reasonable fee when you send it in. In terms of how much you’ll get out of your partnership with this platform, however, be prepared for a shock; Nearly Newlywed keeps 40% of the sale price of your dress and only gives you 60%. As you’ll see, however, this type of deal is relatively typical in the industry.

4. Wedding Bee

Wedding Bee isn’t just a platform for selling your wedding dress. On the contrary, it’s a vibrant community that features tons of advice on how to tie the knot in the exact way you want. In addition to bridal tips and user forums, however, Wedding Bee also features a classifieds section that you can use to share your used dress with brides-to-be who haven’t yet enjoyed their ceremonies.

Unlike major competitors, it’s free to make a Wedding Bee account and post your dress on this platform. However, you’ll be responsible for setting your price and communicating with potential buyers. Just like every other similar platform, you’ll also have to take beautiful pictures of your dress if you expect it to sell on Wedding Bee.

5. Wore It Once

Wore It Once isn’t just for wedding dresses; it’s also a great place to post and buy jewelry, bags, designer apparel, or even run-of-the-mill, everyday clothes. You’ll need to shell out $20 to set up shop at WoreItOnce.com, but once you’re set-up, you’ll never pay another penny in commissions or other fees.

Unlike other used wedding dress platforms, Wore It Once essentially gives you your own store. You’ll be responsible for keeping up with customers, and you’ll even set your own prices for items you sell on this platform.

6. Once Wed

In addition to providing a place for you to sell your wedding dressOnce Wed is also a prominent platform for bridal tips and tricks. You’ll need to pay $20 per dress to list gowns on Once Wed, but once you’ve paid this fee, your listing will be good for a full year.

7. Sell My Wedding Dress

You won’t have to guess what Sell My Wedding Dress is all about. For $20, you gain access to this platform’s basic package, which includes a few pictures and normal status in search rankings. For $30, you can give your dress preferential treatment in search results, and your listing will look more attractive. Sell My Wedding Dress doesn’t apply any hidden fees, and this platform doesn’t charge commission.

8. Tradesy

While Tradesy isn’t specifically for wedding dresses, this platform makes selling your dress or any other type of designer clothing incredibly easy. Once you set up an account on Tradesy, you’ll be guided through the entire process of making an attractive listing for your wedding dress, and this platform even automatically enhances your photos to make your listing more appealing. You don’t pay anything upfront to use Tradesy, but this online marketplace does charge a 19.8% commission for any item you sell for more than $50.

9. Poshmark

If you have a designer wedding dressPoshmark is one of the best places you can sell it on the internet. This used designer fashion website is a good fit if your Vera Wang dress is still in great condition, but if you have a more run-of-the-mill dress, it might be better to pick a different online marketplace.

Do I Have to Sell My Wedding Dress Online?

While you might find selling your wedding dress online to be the most convenient option, there’s no reason you have to sell your wedding gownbridesmaid dresses, or other wedding items on a web-based platform. In fact, selling your wedding dress locally can help you avoid annoying costs like one-time listing fees and commission fees.

Consignment Shops

Many brides turn to local consignment shops to sell their dresses, and you might be able to get a pretty good deal by pursuing this approach. As we mentioned earlier, however, just be prepared to wait; depending on how much traffic your favorite consignment shop gets, you might have to wait practically forever for your dress to sell.

In some cases, the bridal shop where you originally purchased your dress might buy it back from you, but don’t count on it. Some bridal shops offer used sections, but remember that these shops make bigger margins off new dresses, which means they might not be too keen to take your dress back.

Local Online Platforms

Remember that you also have tools like Craigslist and Facebook at your disposal. While these platforms are technically online, your local Craigslist page and Facebook buy and sell groups only service your region, which means you’ll physically meet up with the person who buys your dress.

These platforms don’t involve any fees whatsoever, and they generally offer reasonably good sell times. If you aren’t averse to taking a few pictures and meeting up with a stranger, selling your wedding dress on Facebook or Craigslist might be a seriously smart move.

How Much Can I Get for My Wedding Dress?

The sale price you can get for your used wedding dress depends on the brand of your dress and how old it is. As a general rule of thumb, designer wedding dresses lose value slower than lower-end dresses, but all wedding dresses lose an average of 40% of their retail value within the first two years.

After the first two years since you bought your dress, this devaluation trend reduces markedly, but if your dress is more than 10 years old, you’ll be lucky to sell it for 30% of its original value. If you think you might want to sell your wedding dress, therefore, you should act relatively quickly to get the best price possible.

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