The 7 Best Ways For Selling Used DVDs

If you need to make money fast, selling used DVDs is a great way to start.

Selling products you have laying around the house is the easiest way to make money on the side. And used DVDs are one product almost all of us have a surplus of. So, wipe the dust off those classics and get ready to make some extra cash.

Selling Used DVDs To Make Extra Cash

Video streaming subscription revenues surpassed DVD sales in the U.S. for the first time in 2016, according to Statista. But, just because people are consuming content digitally doesn’t mean demand for DVD sales isn’t there. You just have to sell through the right channels to folks who still want them.

And this list includes the very places for you to sell used DVDs.

Yes, it’s still possible to sell used DVDs and used Blu-Rays from your DVD collection for top dollar. Whether you want to fund an upcoming trip or just pay a small bill, you can do it by selling DVDs. And here’s where to start…


This is a company that will purchase almost any used DVD (as long as they are still intact). There are still plenty of people who purchase used DVDs. And SecondSpin gives sellers many options for getting paid. You can choose to get store credit, a paper check, or get paid via Paypal. Whichever option works for you, SecondSpin wants to have your business.

Sell DVDs Online

The name of this store tells just part of who they are. Sell DVDs also purchase video game consoles and video games. They make it very easy. You can enter the USB barcode into the website and get a quote for how much they may purchase your media for.

However, there can’t be any scratches or other damage that may make it unusable. Sell DVDs Online does not buy old movies  that has been damaged in any way, so make sure you keep your media in good condition if you plan to resell it in the future.

One final note on this site is that they will not purchase brand new movies or games. There is no way for the website to tell if the game or movie has been stolen.

So, used games and movies only.


The king of online retail is a great option for selling your used media. A lot of sellers are surprised to learn that there is still a market for used DVDs on Amazon. But it’s true, and sellers make plenty of cash doing just that on Amazon.

The best way to do this is to list it through a third-party seller of some kind. You won’t get paid until the item has sold and shipped out to the buyer. However, you can count on a lot of people viewing your listing. Amazon has a massive audience, so it is a great place for maximum exposure.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook decided that it could not allow itself to be outdone by all of these online retailers that populate the Internet these days. They wanted to fight back with their own offerings in terms of a place to sell items. They decided that it would make sense to offer the Facebook Marketplace, where Facebook users can buy and sell things they no longer want.

You can almost think of Facebook Marketplace as a giant online yard sale that is constantly running at all hours of the day and night. The bargains that can be found on Facebook Marketplace are impressive, but so are the selling opportunities. Best of all, when you sell here you know that the odds are that you are going to be selling to someone in your local community. Someone from your area is going to have the opportunity to enjoy the media that you no longer need. You also avoid shipping costs with this method.


One other option that you should consider is the classic: eBay. They’ve been around for quite some time. Although not as popular as it once was, eBay still churns out millions of sold items every day. So don’t underestimate these old school sales channel. People are able to get rid of what they don’t want rather easily.

As you can tell, there are a variety of ways that a person may go about selling their old DVDs. These items are not as worthless as they may seem. The only way not to get any value out of them is to leave them sitting on your shelf collecting dust. Unacceptable. Especially if you could use that money to have fun this summer.

Make sure you price them properly and be patient. The buyers will come rolling in.

Used Bookstores

One of the absolute fastest ways to get cash in hand for your used DVDs is to sell them to a used bookstore. Many of these stores are now offering DVDs for sale. They know that by offering all types of media they can attract a larger audience. Many offer the option to receive either cash or trade-in credit to the store. Either way, you are getting a great deal.

Yard Sale

A good old fashioned yard sale can still get the job done.

People still like to travel to  yard sales because they like to pick over a variety of items.

And used DVDs are among the most popular sellers. But keep the prices realistic. A yard sale is an excellent way to meet your neighbors and learn more about your community. You may just discover that you have more in common with your neighbors than you ever realized.

Bonus: Sell Used DVDs at Pawn Shops

Have you been in a pawn shop lately? They are more popular than ever. People on a budget visit these shops to get some excellent deals. Pawn shops are always looking to purchase items that they can then turn around and sell.

Pawn Shops offer the option to pawn your items for a short-term loan. However, you can just sell the items to the pawn shop and take your money now, then leave with cash in hand that you can use for your summer vacation.

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