Business Chat: Book Your 45-minute Systems Strategy Call

Hi there, I’m Carrie! This year is flying by, but it’s over yet. There’s still plenty of time to reach your goals and make big moves! Are you ready to take your small business to the next level?

I’m a online business owner and solopreneur just like you. I’ve been where you’re at.

  • Your systems suck and you know that you need help (it’s okay, I’ve been there too!)
  • You’re not sure if you need better productivity or if it’s time to hire a few team members.
  • You’re ready to scale up your business but want to do it in a budget-friendly way.

You’re stuck and need to level up. I CAN HELP!

Yes, you can stop chasing money and still have a successful business!

We have something in common. You’re a type A personality and want control over your business. But you don’t have time (or energy) to focus on client work AND grow your empire at the same time.

Get organized

If you’re ready to create sexy systems, you’ve got to get organized first. I’ll show you how to set up a central place for all your business operations, so you can stop wasting time searching.

Streamline your life

I’ll help you breakdown your big business goals into real action plans, so you can actually get stuff done. You want great things to happen in your life and business, so it’s time for a systems refresh.

Keep your system

So, you to refresh your systems? That doesn’t mean you have to throw out what you’re currently using. I’ll help you merge your current systems with better processes. It’s super quick & easy!

I’ve been working with Carrie since the mid 2015 and in that time we’ve worked towards doubling my freelance income. I completely support Carrie and what she charges for coaching, it’s definitely worth the money. — Liz S, Liz Sheffield Copywriting

Book your strategy call

Book a 45-minute strategy session for $250. I’ll guide you through a simple systems refresh so you can end this year on a high note. You’ll learn the exact steps to take so you can be more productive and get more done every week.

This call is completely customized for your business and your personal schedule.

This strategy call can be the start of great things for this year and beyond! We can figure out where you are and help you get to where you want to be. Leave the past few months behind and start new with a system refresh.

I spent the first several years of being my own boss, alone, depressed, and uncertain. I don’t want you to have to go through that, so I’ll be an open book and answer any burning questions you have.

I’ll share exact process for hiring, contract templates, productivity tips, and best tools for running your business (instead of it running you)!


Stop the vicious cycle…

  • Client meetings that run your day
  • Endless emails and alerts
  • Wondering when your invoices will be paid
  • Stressful days and sleepless nights
  • Inconsistent income and uncertainty about money

  • Constantly following up to get paid
  • Finding time and money to hire help
  • Building your brand while balancing clients
  • Managing social media and admin tasks
  • Trying to do everything yourself

Carrie, you really are one of the best (if not the best) at productivity and systems, and I’m glad you’re doing what you love. You believe in systems so much that I believe in them now too, and I was always wishy-washy about them before. You make me believe! Cheesy but true. Since our coaching call, I’ve improved SO much and I’m so much less stressed. Thank you! — Melissa H.

I have solution to your workday stress!

Here’s how it works.

  • Choose a time that works for you. There’s a link to my calendar so you can schedule a time to for 45 minutes! If you prefer to ask your questions via email, that’s good too. My email address is also included.
  • Answer a few business questions. Before our talk, you’ll be required to fill out a few questions to help prep for our session, so I can do any research ahead of time, or find resources to help with your dilemma.
  • Click to pay via PayPal. Once you’ve filled in the answers to the required questions, you can confirm the call by checking via the PayPal link.
  • Receive confirmation on your calendar. After completing your purchase you’ll receive an email confirmation of the date and time chosen for our strategy call. 
  • Come prepared to get help. On the day of our talk, come prepared with your questions and I’ll be prepared to answer them. Ready?


Why am I qualified?

As a small business accountant for over a decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of freelancers and business owners. My past clients have included financial startups, investing websites, and big brands.

FreshBooks-certified-beancounterI’m also a Certified Bean Counter with FreshBooks (and listed on their accountant recommended map!) and understand the ins-and-outs of what it takes to manage an online business.

I’ve also worked with H&R Block for 4 years specializing in small business taxes and accounting. I was even named Rookie of the Year for being one of the few brand-new employees to be requested repeatedly by customers.

In other words, I know my stuff and want to share my knowledge and experience with you! I’ve done the hard work and tested out the systems, so you don’t have to.

Melanie LCarrie is so supportive, genuine and helpful! She gave me the tools, resources and confidence to pursue my dreams. Because of her coaching and invaluable advice I was able to take action and find a successful plan that actually worked! — Melanie L, Dear Debt

Need proof that a 45-minute strategy call can work for you?

No matter what kind of online business owner you are, you should be focusing on creating your best work. Leave the rest of the issues to me!

In the past I’ve:


Book a 45-minute strategy call for $250 and let’s get your systems audit going! Got more questions before scheduling? Email me at