Shoptracker Review: Legit Or Privacy Invading Scam?

Shop on Amazon and want to make money for it? Read this Shoptracker review.

If you shop online in America, you’re likely an Amazon shopper. In fact, “more than 75 percent of US online consumers shop on Amazon…”, as per a CNBC report.

And, in this ShopTracker review, we’ll be answering all of your pressing questions.


  • What is ShopTracker?
  • How does ShopTracker work?
  • How do you use ShopTracker?
  • Is ShopTracker a scam?
  • Is ShopTracker legit? And much more.

So, without further ado, let’s learn all there is to know about Shoptracker.

What Is ShopTracker?

ShopTracker is one best free rewarding programs that pay you when you share your Amazon purchase history.

The primary goal of ShopTracker is to acquire an understanding of how consumers use their mobile devices and computers to make online purchases. They do so by collecting the consumer’s shopping data and send that information to various companies, including manufacturers.

These companies will then use that information to help improve their products or services.

As a member, you are indirectly promoting numerous businesses around the globe to make the online shopping experience much more fun. On top of that, you will get paid for sharing your Amazon account purchasing history.

Make passive income from Amazon shopping with the Shoptracker app.

You will agree with me that Amazon is one of the largest online shopping platforms that has dominated the world in a significant manner. That’s why it makes the perfect platform to gather valuable market insights and also analyze the purchasing trends.

In simple terms, companies pay ShopTracker for this information and then use it to plan their marketing campaigns and product development.

How Does the ShopTracker Work?

The way ShopTracker operates is incredibly straightforward. Get paid $36 per year for sharing your Amazon purchase history.

ShopTracker will also pay you a sign-up bonus of $3. You just need to keep the app installed and synced to your Amazon account. Plus, it’s 100% free to join.

You simply have to download and install the program on your mobile device or PC and grant permission to the app to track your Amazon purchase history. This will take some minutes of your time to complete – approximately 10 minutes or even less.

Below are three basic steps that you have to take to start online earning extra money with ShopTracker.

ShopTracker Registration

ShopTracker is owned and operated by Harris Poll Online. Harris Poll Online is an enormous survey company that constantly measures online shopping trends for top marketing companies.

It was first developed back in 1997. For those who aren’t family with Harris Poll Online, this is a site that actually pays you with gift cards every time you complete available surveys. It was developed by Harris Interactive in 1997 and boasted more than 6 million members from all over the world.

Registration takes a few minutes at most and is absolutely free. When signing up, you will simply need to complete the short form provided and answer questions concerning your online shopping experience. I would recommend you answer the questions in order to qualify and be part of the program. Furthermore, you need to have an active Amazon account with constant spending habits.

Get a $3 Visa gift card 48 hours after sign-up. By install the ShopTracker app and completing the registration process, you will automatically get paid a $3 Visa e-gift card within 48 hours.

ShopTracker Requirements

Here are the basic requirements you should meet to join ShopTracker:

  • You must have an active Amazon account. If you don’t have at least one Amazon account, you will not earn anything.
  • You must be 18 years old and above and must be residing in the United States. If you are living outside the United States, you cannot join ShopTracker.
  • You must have a smartphone or a PC with Windows 7 or later versions. You will not be able to run the ShopTracker app if you are using a Mac or Windows XP.

If you see you have met all the above requirements, you can now sign-up, download, and install the ShopTracker and start getting paid for shopping on Amazon.

About ShopTracker

When ShopTracker submits the information to the database, they take the extra step of removing and protecting your personal information. They only share Amazon purchase history – so, personal information like your name, home address, and payment info will not be revealed.

The most important thing you should know is that ShopTracker protects your personal information, so you can be assured you will not have security issues.

The ShopTracker App

ShopTracker will email you a link to download the application – you will get the email after two days of being approved to join the platform.

For Your Information, it is easiest to install the application on your Android or Apple devices. But you can also download the app directly to your laptop.

Please note that the desktop version of the ShopTracker app is only compatible with Windows 7 or the latest versions. Therefore, it is better to download the app right on your smartphone if you don’t have a computer with Windows 7 or later versions.

ShopTracker Earning Potential

When you join ShopTracker, you will get a $3 Visa e-gift card code emailed to you within 48 hours. You can then use the gift card at any online retailer. If you don’t mind sharing your recent Amazon purchase every month, you get paid $36 every year without fail.

Please note, ShopTracker will not make you a fortune just like other rewarding sites.

But if you sync at least three Amazon accounts to the ShopTracker app, it means you will be earning $108 per year.

Shoptraker Pros

  • Absolutely free to join
  • New members: $3 welcome bonus
  • The very simple sign-up process
  • The app is user-friendly
  • There is no payout threshold
  • Members can cancel any time

Shoptraker Cons

  • ShopTracker app limited to US residents
  • App security is not that clear
  • The earning potential is low

Is ShopTracker A Scam Or Legit?

The ShopTracker is a 100% legit application and is worth it.

As mentioned before, ShopTracker is operated by Harris Poll Online, which is one of the oldest survey panels in the United States. Harris Poll Online was founded in 1963.

It becomes even more interesting; Harris Poll Online is owned by Nielsen, one of the most famous market research companies behind Pinecone Research.

Generally, it is definitely a reputable organization. Therefore, you can be assured that your data collected is safe and secure.

Furthermore, ShopTracker does not retain your logins and passwords, and your credit card information cannot be disclosed either.

Overall, ShopTracker is legit and safe to use.

What Info Does ShopTracker Collect?

First of all, ShopTracker collects the personal information that you provided when you were filling the forms. In addition to that, ShopTracker also collects information about your latest Amazon purchases.

Please note that all of this data is entirely anonymous, so they cannot trace it back to you. Moreover, all of the information is encrypted to guarantee absolute security before they send it back to concerned companies.

Below is a complete overview of the kind of information that ShopTracker collects on each Amazon purchase you make:

  • Order date
  • Order ID
  • Product name
  • Category
  • Release date
  • Condition
  • Seller
  • The list price per unit
  • Purchase price per unit
  • Quantity
  • Order status
  • Subtotal
  • Tax subtotal
  • Item total
  • Currency


Sites Like ShopTracker

ShopTracker is an excellent way you can earn extra cash without putting in so much effort.

But that does not mean that you can stop there. There are other valuable ways you can still earn some extra cash by completing paid surveys. Some of the legitimate surveys for money we would recommend include:

  • Vindale Research: this platform is one of the highest paying survey sites that you can try out. As a new member, you will get an instant sign-up bonus of $2 for just filling out your profile. According to Vindale, you can earn approximately $50 when you complete the assigned survey. It also offers multiple ways to make extra money on the side – for instance, you will be rewarded $5 for each friend you refer and joins Vindale Research.
  • Pinecone Research: Pinecone is another amazing survey site on the Internet today and is also considered one of the highest paying survey panels out there. In this panel, you will be rewarded a minimum of $3 for every survey you complete.

ShopTracker Review Conclusion

ShopTracker is an exclusively legit and easy way you can earn extra money on the side. By just sharing your recent Amazon purchases, you will easily get paid $36 per year via Visa gift cards. So, if you do not mind selling your Amazon purchase history to companies, ShopTracker is an easy way to make $6 in the first month and $3 every month.

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