Survey Junkie Reviews: Ultimate Survey Junkie Reviews List (2019)

survey junkie reviews

Survey Junkie reviews are everywhere.

And for good reason, too.

Everybody is trying Survey Junkie and–as you’ll see in the sections that follow–most are absolutely loving it.

Did you know you can earn anywhere from $2 to $75 dollars per survey with Survey Junkie?

(Guess that explains the love, eh?)

All you need is an internet connection

It’s lucrative. It’s popular. And it’s a one-of-a-kind side hustle that allows you to make extra cash fast from wherever you are.

We’re no stranger to popular paid survey sites, apps and other cool tools (our Paribus review and our Honey review are two recent ones).

But everybody is talking about Survey Junkie. Why?

All this hype has left us with some pressing questions…

  • Is Survey Junkie safe?
  • Is Survey Junkie legit?
  • What Survey Junkie reviews are out there?

So we set out to answer them.

And, to help save you time we’ve published an absolutely exhaustive list of Survey Junkie reviews online.

Survey Junkie reviews BBB. Survey Junkie reviews Reddit. Other website reviews.

Hell, if it’s about Survey Junkie and it’s online, it’s probably here.

Keep reading because you’re about to dive into the survey junkie review of all survey junkie reviews. That’s right, folks. The crème de la crème. The best of the best.

We’ve compiled all of the Survey Junkie Reviews here, new and old (as well as some survey junkie reviews 2019). So go make yourself a fresh cup of coffee. Grab yourself a pen and pad. And get ready to learn everything about Survey Junkie…

Is Survey Junkie legit?

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California and founded in 2013, Survey Junkie is a privately-owned online market research firm apart of the DISQO network. According to copyright records, Survey Junkie was first used way back in 2011 (It’s registered under Blue Media Ventures, Inc., which owns other trademarks related to public opinion and surveys).

Survey Junkie has grown wildly since 2013, and is presently ranked 10,891 among all websites in the world, as over 4,760,264 people visit the Survey Junkie website every month, all according to Crunchbase.

They also have over 3,000,000 members.

So, is Survey Junkie legit?

The data sure indicates it.

But trusting one source for anything isn’t good. Thankfully, other sites offer similar figures.

Here’s another: the Survey Junkie global website rank is 10,547 out of all websites globally, and Survey Junkie is one of the top 3,000 websites in the United States. Survey Junkie visitors also spend considerable time on site (earning money, mind you): almost 12 minutes on average. This all according to SimilarWeb.

With millions of members, millions of monthly visitors, and being one of the top websites in the world–Survey Junkie is absolutely legit.

Now let’s see what the Survey Junkie reviews have to say.

We’ve compiled the first 22 star ratings on Google so you can give your fingers a rest.

Here’s what we found:

Survey Junkie Reviews – Google

What follows is a list of the top Survey Junkie reviews in Google rank order:

  1. Listen Money Matters gave a Survey Junkie review of 4.3 stars
  2. Dollar Sprout gave a Survey Junkie review of 5 stars
  3. Work At Home No Scams gave a Survey Junkie review of 7/10 stars
  4. Trust Pilot has a Survey Junkie review of 8.7/10 stars out of 8,273 reviews
  5. The Savvy Couple gave a Survey Junkie review of 4/5 star rating
  6. Money Peach gave a Survey Junkie review of 4.4/5 star rating
  7. Consumers Advocate gave a Survey Junkie review of 9.7/10 stars
  8. Paid Survey Update gave a Survey Junkie review of 2.5/5 rating
  9. Hustle Life gave a Survey Junkie review of 3/10 rating
  10. High Ya gave a Survey Junkie review of 1/5 rating
  11. My Millennial Guide gave a Survey Junkie review of 5/5 stars
  12. Deal Meisters gave a Survey Junkie review a 3.3/5 star rating
  13. Your Online Revenue gave a Survey Junkie review 3/10 rating
  14. Full Time Job From Home gave a Survey Junkie review 3/5 star rating
  15. Saving Freak gave a Survey Junkie review 5/5 star rating
  16. Savvy New Canadians gave a Survey Junkie review 4.5/5 star rating
  17. Scams Kitchen gave a Survey Junkie review of 7.2/10 star rating
  18. Site Jabber gave a Survey Junkie review of 1.8/5 rating
  19. Smart Affiliate Success gave a Survey Junkie review of 80%
  20. Learn To Grow Wealth Online gave a Survey Junkie review of 80%
  21. Savvy Dollar gave a Survey Junkie review of 4.5/5 star rating
  22. Unconventional Prosperity gave a Survey Junkie review of 5/5 stars

But Google isn’t the only place you’ll find positive Survey Junkie reviews. In fact, the BBB and Reddit both have a great Survey Junkie review that you should absolutely read.

You’ll find both below:

Survey Junkie Reviews – BBB

So, we’ve already gone through the list of virtually all Survey Junkie reviews online. Now let’s see about Survey Junkie reviews on the Better Business Bureau website.

Editor’s Note: Having trouble finding Survey Junkie reviews BBB? That’s because they’re all nested under the page of their parent company Blue Media Venture, Inc.

But what about the Survey Junkie reviews BBB? We’ve compiled those all here, too. Let’s take a look at what the average piece of feedback is for Survey Junkie on BBB. In total, there are 21 customer reviews here. The average rating is 3/5 star rating.

Here’s some of the best feedback (edited for grammar and clarity). This first Survey Junkie reviews BBB is about a user who had multiple accounts but was unable to access payouts. Here’s what one user wrote:

…the last time I checked I thought it said you could have multiple emails. I forgot the email I first used and logged in with an alternate one and took surveys made 1000 Survey Junkie points, or about $20 worth. To this day, I’m unable to redeem my points for money…. – Megan B

Despite this hiccup the reviewer still gave a Survey Junkie review of 4/5 stars.

This was the Survey Junkie’s response to this reviewer:

…unfortunately, multiple accounts is against our terms of service, and we’re not able to have members redeem points from multiple accounts. Your first account was deactivated so that you could be in compliance with our terms while still using your other account. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused…

Here’s another great review, again, edited for grammar and clarity:

…Seems honest, trustworthy… I’ve been using it for several months, never had issues… this is not a get rich quick site, rather, it’s a way to share your opinion and get paid money. I’m disabled and not able to do much to earn an income, so this helps with little stuff. I do enjoy this site. I’ve tried to a few others and don’t like them at all…

Survey Junkie Reviews – Reddit

There are countless Survey Junkie reviews on Reddit, but rather than dump all of those here, we chose to dissect one spectacular case study posted.

Editor’s Note: this review is note a Survey Junkie reviews 2019. This review is over 2 years old, however, there’s still much you can learn from this one reviewer’s experience. This review–like all the other Survey Junkie reviews listed herein–have been edited for grammar, clarity and length.

Let’s give it a read, shall we?

I’ve always had interest in making money on the side with paid surveys. Because it’s a popular technique it seemed like a safe bet. Here is my Survey Junkie US case study.

Month 1: $48.06

Length of time: just under 3 weeks, just in my spare time

Experience: my brother was in town for 10 days so I did nothing but hang out with him and, with that said, $48 wasn’t bad.

Month 2: $123.40

Length of time: just under 3 weeks, doing spare time while watching T.V

Experience: Month 2 I did more, yet still only took surveys in my spare time after my regular job. “I was pleased with my self” the Reddit user wrote.

Month 3: $248.06

Length of time: 4 hours a day for unknown number of days

Experience: I went on vacation to Mexico and my resort had WiFi. Since I had off from work I wanted to see how far I could go. I basically spent a solid 4 hours a day filling out surveys.

Ultimately, the reviewer did recommend Survey Junkie as “a side job you can complete while watching TV and not paying a lot of attention which is a bonus.” However, he also said It does take work and you are trading time for money.”

How do I join Survey Junkie?

Pictured: the Survey Junkie sign up page on mobile

You become a Survey Junkie member by signing up online using your email address. Members live all over the world, from Canada, Australia, the United States and beyond.

Persons from virtually every region can apply, however, not everyone is always accepted. It’s that easy. Just punch in Survey Junkie on Google or in the App Store and you’ll be ready to start.

How does Survey Junkie work? You earns points after completing online surveys, and can earn anywhere from $2 to $75 dollars per survey completed, which, in time, can add up fast.

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