9 of the Best Small Business and Blog Planners to Boost Productivity

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How to manage a hectic business schedule

You could say that I’m a bit of a productivity and organization geek. I have moleskins, art journals by the dozens and am constantly trying out new planners and notebooks.

It’s my way of “testing out” different tools, apps and products so I can report my findings back to you — my community of readers.

Since I’ve taken my freelance work full time nearly five years ago, I’ve tested out multiple digital and paper planners to help keep my business organized and running smoothly.

In that time I’ve developed a specific system for managing my day as a business owner. It’s a combination of multiple things:

This year I’ve broken down my top picks for best freelancer planners into three main categories: Business planners, financial planners, and blog planners.

Here are the best paper planners for freelancers as tried and tested by me, that will finally help you get organized so you can boost your productivity this year! 

The best small business planners

Running a freelance business takes a lot of planning, organizing and balancing. There are a lot of moving parts, from managing client deadlines to scheduling phone calls — but these business planners will help you manage it all successfully.

1. Brit & Co Planners at Target

Brit + Co is a very popular creative website that creates courses, planners and DIY kits. They’ve recently partnered with Target to come with some of the best weekly and monthly planners to help you get organized.

And the best part is that they all come in a variety of colors without busting your budget. Prices start at just $14.99 with additional inserts for calendars, post-it notes, stickers and more.

The best features

My favorite feature are the blank pages that allow you to doodle your thoughts or make notes on the fly. The planner is more-or-less unscripted and doesn’t come with any lines on the pages so you can fill them in however you like.

The Brit + Co planner comes with monthly and weekly calendars so you can see your schedule at a quick glance. Plus, the planner includes grid paper, to-do lists, activity pages and more.

The biggest downside

A potential downside is that the Brit + Co planner from Target is spiral bound so you don’t have the flexibility to stash it away in your purse or small office bag. Also, the colors are limited to 4 main styles so you don’t have a lot to choose from, as of yet.

Brit + Co® DIY Planner Collection Price: 14.99

2. Conquer Your Year

Natalie MacNeil is one of the most popular experts in the field of entrepreneurship, and rightfully so. When I was in the beginning stages of my freelance business I read her book, She Takes On the World, and it changed my entire mindset.

Now, she’s created the ultimate business planner with other female entrepreneurs in mind. The Conquer Your Year planner seamlessly combines personal growth and business growth so you can measure the big picture.

The best features

My favorite feature is the 12-week sprints that help you plan and achieve your big goals with milestones and a brain dump. I personally live by a 90-day window when experimenting with my business, so this matches up perfectly.

You can also track your habits, health, relationships in addition to the conscious creation of your empire.

There’s also a section for your “Today’s Top 5” which helps you focus on the top five most important tasks of the day, and then sum it up with a few sentences about what you’re grateful for.

The biggest downside

A potential downside is that you may be overwhelmed with the vast amount of items to track every day. From health habits to business appointments to social events, there are quite a few lists to organize.

But if you’re looking for a holistic planner that allows you to become more rounded, then this could be a great choice.

Conquer Your Year: The Ultimate Planner to Get More Done, Grow Your Business, and Achieve Your Dreams Price: $11.68

3. The Freelancer Planner

Michelle Nickolaisen is the creator of The Freelancer Planner, a tool I’ve been using for the past year. She originally launched the idea on Kickstarter and now offers this for sale on her website.

It’s been one of the MOST helpful planners I’ve used so far in my freelance business!

The best features

My favorite feature is the daily income tracking section at the top of the monthly calendar. It can be used to track your progress much like you see for other financial goals.

I use it to monitor how much money I’ve earned every day and then add up that week’s total to see if I’m on track for my month freelance income goal.

This Freelancer Planner was created specifically with freelancers, as Michelle is a freelance herself. There’s a place to track everything from client assignments to business tasks and other goals.

There are pages for monthly, weekly and daily tasks, as well as bigger quarterly goals.

The biggest downside

A potential downside is that the spiral planner is quite large (measuring 8.5×10 inches or 5.5×8.5 inches and is very thick) and won’t easy fit in your laptop bag. However, you can carry it in a backpack or other mobile file box as it’s a perfect fit.

The Freelancer Planner from Michelle Nickolaisen Price: 23.00

4. Tools4Wisdom Planner

The Tools4Wisdom Planner is an all-around planner that allows you to focus on both work related goals and personal ones. These essential goals are tracked every month and divided into top priority tasks and high value ones, with a record of each outcome.

There’s a place to see the entire month’s calendar at a glance as well as tracking daily tasks and appointments on a weekly basis.

The best features

My favorite feature is the daily goal at the top of each calendar day. This keeps my priorities in check since it reminds me of the overarching goal I want to get done that day.

You can also write down weekly goals that must be accomplished within the daily tasks.

The Tools4Wisdom calendar and planner is an excellent tool for tracking both personal and professional goals. It’s easy to let your freelance business take over your life, but this planner helps bring self-care back into focus.

At the very front of the planner it has a place for you to write down actionable steps you want to take THIS YEAR to make your goals a reality.

The biggest downside

A potential downside is that the Tools4Wisdom planner doesn’t have a monthly wrap-up or summary section. You have to go back to the beginning of the month to update your goal’s outcome.

However, there are multiple sizes of the planner to choose from so you can have more space to summarize your goals if needed.

Tools4Wisdom Planners 2018 Planner - 8.5 x 11 - Premium Hardcover with Full Color Pages - Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly Day Planner Price: $32.97 Get 30% off with code 4BLOGGER

5. The Budget Notebook

Since this site is called Careful Cents I, of course, have to talk a little bit about my favorite financial planners.

One of my favorite budgeting planners is the Budget Notebook from Ashley Shelly. While this notebook is a bit smaller than most planners, the concept is simple and very effective. There are pages for your bills, amounts paid, due dates and a notes section.

You can also track your debts with the Debt Overview and Debt Repayment Plan pages. The cool part is they come in multiple colors and designs to help liven up your monthly budget meetings.

The best features

My favorite feature is the fact that you can customize the budgets to your personal spending habits and your paycheck schedule.

If you keep a monthly budget, the notebook will last for 12 months. Or if you prefer to keep a weekly budget, the notebook will last for 3 months.

Some other awesome features included are a Savings Tracker, Purchase Wish List and an All Bills List overview.

The biggest downside

A potential downside to using this planner is that it’s a very streamlined journal for bills, budgeting, and debt.

While I see this as a positive thing, you may find it a bit limiting because you’ll have to combine this with another day planner for client calls, important dates, and other tasks.

The Budget Notebook from Ashley Shelly Price: 13.00

The best blog planners

When have a blog you have to organize your business a bit differently. There are lots of moving parts and many platforms you need to understand and use to properly market your blog.

For these reasons I’ve listed the best blog planners that will be helpful for taking your blog to the next level in 2018.

6. The Next 12 Months

The Next 12 Months planner was created by my friend (and fellow organization geek) Alaia Williams. Alaia and I have known each other for several years and met in-person through a female entrepreneur mastermind group we used to be a part of.

She’s an expert organizer and event planner so she knows a thing or two about getting organized. This is an evergreen planner, meaning that you can pick up and starting using at anytime — there’s no need to start on a specific date.

It’s flexible to use however you want, whether it’s on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It’s excellent for tracking “big picture” goals and narrowing down the number you’re tracking at once to avoid overwhelm.

The best features

My favorite feature is how you can use for weekly blog marketing, or big course launches. The marketing tracker pages help you schedule out content for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, your blog, email list and more.

You can also perform a monthly review and record your stats for each social media platform, along with blog visitors and email subscribers.

At the end of the month you can record your monthly sales and other income from your blogging business, as well as track your expenses. It’s an excellent all-in-one blog and online business marketing and sales planner.

The biggest downside

A potential downside is that The Next 12 Months planner doesn’t allow you to keep track of any client assignments or freelance deadlines. It’s specifically for marketing your own business, tracking social accounts and growing your blog.

Still, I’ve found it very useful in my once-a-month blog and social stat reviews.

The Next 12 Months: Weekly Planner Price: $19.99 Also available on her website in digital, paperback and spiral.

7. The Badass Blog Planner

I’ve had a crush on Sarah Morgan’s blog and brand for as long as I remember, several years for sure. She’s evolved her site from being a part-time blogger and self-proclaimed “circus freak” to a full blown blogger, biz owner, and aerialist.

I basically read every blog post and email she publishes, so naturally I’m a big fan of her Badass Blog Planner. This planner is very budget-friendly but packs a punch with helpful worksheets and sections to keep your blog and online brand on track.

The best features

My favorite feature is that this planner includes TONS of worksheets for bloggers to make sure every aspect of your blogging business is covered.

From creating a content calendar and yearly goals, to establishing a budget, and reviewing your social media marketing plan, this planner has it all.

You can also stay on top of your blog’s stats, traffic, and other numbers to see how you’re progressing throughout the year. This is an excellent blog planner if you’re ready to level up your blog’s marketing, reach and traffic this year.

The biggest downside

A potential downside of the Badass Blog Planner is that the worksheets are great for beginning bloggers, but advanced/experienced bloggers might not find them helpful since most experience bloggers are already doing what’s listed on the worksheets.

The Badass Blog Planner: Your guide to defining your purpose, creating clarity, and building a year of killer content Price: $14.38

8. EPIC Blog Planner

As a blogger and online business owner having an in-depth planner is key to reaching your goals. How will you know where you’re going if you don’t write it down?

The EPIC Blog and Editorial Planner by Regina has a little bit of everything!

It’s a mini business plan for your blog and includes tools, surveys, and reminders for any blogging, content creation, and business tasks. You can easily start using it any month during the year, you don’t have to wait until January because it isn’t dated.

The best features

My favorite feature is the blog monetization methods section that allows you to brainstorm what freelance services or products you can start earning money with.

Being a successful freelancer is all about diversifying the different types of income streams, so this section is really valuable.

This planner is specifically focused towards blog owners and has a place to write out your brand’s mission, who your idea readers are and an on-going blog content strategy.

It also has before and after sections to record your goals and progress, along with your blog income/expenses.

The biggest downside

A potential downside is that it may not be a good planner if you manage and/or write for multiple websites and it doesn’t have much else in the way of business appointments or life organization. It’s strictly for managing a blogging business.

EPIC BLOG: One-Year Editorial Planner Price: $14.99

9. Day Designer Planners

While the Day Designer Planner is the most expensive option on the list, it’s also offers a wide variety of features for organization-obsessed freelancers! It has several “views” within the same planner:

  • Month at a glance
  • Week at a glance
  • Day at a glance
  • Plus the entire year at a glance!

It also comes in lots of trendy patterns and pretty covers. I’m currently obsessed with my Day Designer!

The best features

My favorite feature is the durable, wire binding that holds pages together while still being sturdy and strong. It also features monthly dated calendars and daily dated planning pages timed from 5 am to 9 pm.

Each day includes extra planning sections: to-dos, today’s top 3, due dates, a notes section, and more! You can quickly see 12 full months for easy planning throughout the entire year.

The biggest downside

A potential downside is that the Day Designer Planner is quite large and heavy. Since it contains many different kinds of views in the same planner, it’s not as easy to grab and go.

Day Designer Daily Planner 2018 | Original Flagship | Best Day Planner | Goal Setting | Time Management | Productivity Planner Price: $64.00

Got another planner to add to the list? Leave a comment below! 


Looking for a blog planner for your small business? Or need a weekly calendar to keep track of deadlines? Check out this EPIC list of budget notebooks, DIY planners and find out the best small business planners so you can finally get organized!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Planner nerds unite! Lol! I started using my flagship DD yesterday and am in LOVE with it. I mostly just use that one at home and at the office. Use the little Target one when I’m on the go.

  2. Vicky Cox says:

    This is a great list! It’s not an overstatement to say my paper planner may be my greatest freelancing tool. I use the Tools4Wisdom planner myself from Amazon and love it’s emphasis on goal setting and prioritization. But I could use something else to help with freelance projects and blogging scheduling….

  3. Wendy Vor says:

    Happy new years all!

    I’ve been looking for a budget calendar for years! My fingers are crossed, I hope to win one, even if its not the budget calendar. I honestly think a budget calendar will put my priorites in check, I want to save for my first home, a family vacation our of North America, and do something positive make an impact on others. Wish me luck!

    • Carrie says:

      Happy New Year, Wendy! I love this budget planner so if you don’t win one I hope you’ll consider purchasing it (the digital copy is only $17!). It’s done wonders for so many people’s money, including my own. 🙂

  4. Melissa H says:

    I just got the Freelancer Planner from Michelle yesterday and I am SO EXCITED. I don’t quite know how to use it yet, but she lists a link for resources, so I think I’ll go learn there. Have to say, it’s probably going to replace my Whitney English planner because it seems sturdier, still incorporates all my blogging and business goals, and has room for my regular, day to day planning stuff. YAY!

    • Carrie says:

      YES! I think Michelle’s Freelancer Planner is the most comprehensive planner I’ve seen so far. It has everything rolled into one and I especially love that it offers a place to track your weekly income goals. Enjoy yours!

  5. Shannyn says:

    Gah, I totally want to win these! I got an Erin Condren (which I normally love) but am not a fan of the new hourly ones, and I thought I’d like it..I’d love to win the Badass Blog planner, and the Freelancer one from Michelle!!


  6. Love this roundup! Jammin on my planner (awesome phrase coined by Leslie Knope :P) is the highlight of my day. I usually have 3-4 going at once, depending on current projects and stuff.

    I love Erin Condren and other blank ones, as opposed to prompts and worksheets, because I can customize them to fit my own life, versus being told what I need to plan. I mean, I still buy those prompted ones because I love planners lol, but always find myself feeling too “boxed in” and going back to Life Planners when others don’t have spaces for things I need to keep track of.

    Another great, flexible option is May Designs – they now have several layouts and all of them give you a pretty blank page to turn into “The [Your Name Here] Life/Biz Planner.” 😛

    • Carrie says:

      Ha, I love you so much for your “jammin on my planner” statement. Go Leslie Knope! 🙂 I wish I was as organized as her…lol.

      Good to know about May Designs. I do like having more customizable options! I think it’s nice to have a mix of blank pages and specific instructions, I need guidelines! Ha.

  7. I was really excited to use the Day Planner I won from you, but I ended up using for my day job because it just didn’t have the workflow that needed in it for my biz. I want a planner that not only has day to day stuff, but a way for me to plan the growth of my biz. I’ve tried the freelancer planner which is great, but probably will need to print a smaller version of it so I can use it more often. Sadly, I’ve stuck to a “business” planner here (it’s mostly in Chinese lol) that I’ve modified. I’m half tempted to design my own and put it out there!

  8. Mary Beth says:

    Love the post with the recommendations you had for planners for this year. Some of the planners I haven’t even heard of, like the Epic Blog Planner, I think that sounds amazing! We actually just created our own planner recently because we felt all the ones we came across we were sacrificing something, or how you labeled them in this post, we were tired of “downsides”.

  9. Centsai says:

    This was an extremely helpful article! I absolutely love planners and can’t go anywhere without one! All of the planners you mentioned seem extremely useful and beneficial depending on what individual is specifically looking for (and relatively inexpensive)!

    Wishing you a happy and successful new year from the Centsai team!

  10. Lois Sacks says:

    I have a Tools4Wisdom planner and absolutely love it. The only problem I have is remembering to turn to the week in question… LOL Thank you for the other options as I may have to look at them also for next year.

  11. Sandra says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if you can do a review of the Passion Planner. I’ve heard great things about it, but I’m not sure if it’s worth committing to. I’m a planner novice, so I’m not sure what to look for.

  12. Fiona Day says:

    I am a freelance artist and I just picked up the 2018 version of PlanLikeABoss Planner, which is designed specifically for artists. It is larger than I expected, but it has a ton of helpful prompts to help me get my art online and in front of buyers, so I’m willing to carry it around. I have tried other popular planning kits but they are too focused on decorating the planner and not focused enough on actually doing the work you use the planner to organize. I love mine, and I cant wait for January so I can dig in!

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