Trim Review

If recurring charges are killing your bank balance every month, this Trim review is a must-read.

You wouldn’t be the first person to struggle with this, by the way. Things have gotten so out of hand with subscriptions that the U.S. Consumer Finance Protection Bureau cautions against too many.

But, the simple fact remains: subscriptions and automated expenses are the norms. So it’s become all-to-easy to lose track of what’s going where, and when.

Life is busy, and tracking recurring expenses is just one more distraction we don’t need.

What Is Trim?

In an effort to counteract this “set it and forget it” spending, Trim is a “set it and forget it” expense reduction AI assistant.

Users saved over $1,000,000 in the last month using Trim. And it purports you can save a lot as well, all in less than a minute after signing up.

Back in 2015, the initial purpose of Trim was to trim your subscription expenses, and this core feature is still the heart of what makes it such a valuable application.

How Does Trim Work?

You can easily find and cancel unwanted subscriptions, all within a text message. After you sign up, it prompts you to connect it to your spending accounts (i.e., checking accounts, credit cards, debit cards, etc).

Although it can’t connect to PayPal accounts at this time, it can get you refunds on certain PayPal fees.

So, you give it a moment to work its magic, wherein it scans your accounts for recurring charges. From there, it will update you via your preferred contact preferences (i.e., text message, Facebook message, etc) on the status of your charges.

Once it finds the recurring charges, just send a text to cancel them. It’s 100% free.

Like Acorns, which was featured in our list of the best investing apps for new investors, Trim also automates saving.

Using this feature, you can create automated transfers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and Trim will deposit them into a high-yield savings account for you.

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What Does Trim Do?

At its core, AskTrim shines most with helping cancel subscriptions automatically. In that category, it simply can’t be beaten.

VentureBeat says they’re the “most popular personal finance bot on Facebook Messenger” and it’s clear why: it’s fast, easy, free, and extremely effective at its primary function: saving people money on unwanted subscriptions.

You can also get great debt payoff plans, using a combination of their automated transfer feature with some other cool features: including negotiation help to lower your APR.

They even offer expert advice from a finance coach for a low monthly rate, all tailored to your unique financial situation.

Again, pretty neat features, and a lot more than just canceling subscriptions, hence the positive Trim review from us.

“This bot will fight to lower your interest rates.” – Fortune Magazine

Trim can even, as per Fortune magazine, “fight to lower your Comcast bill” and other utilities.

That’s right. Trim can help negotiate down your bills. All you have to do is connect your service provider to your account, and Trim will actually lobby on your behalf with their customer service to lower your bill.

How Much Can You Save with Trim?

It depends. Just upload your bill or link your account, and that’s it. Trim does the rest.

The catch is, if they do save you money, they take 33% of the annual savings as a fee. All things considered, not a bad deal at all. Here’s why:

You can save as much as 30% annually on certain bills with Trim.

The biggest downside of Trim is that they don’t have a mobile app, which would be convenient for keeping up with budgeting and expense monitoring while on the go.

But again, their text message alerts are quite useful. You aren’t limited to just subscription cancellation notices.

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Is Trim Worth It?

We say yes, Trim is worth it. Because it does its primary function so well, it’s a no-brainer in that category.

Another reason is that you can customize your alerts. So every time a check clears or your account overdrafts (I hope not!), you’ll always be in the know.

It’s a useful app, packed with valuable features. Even their customer service is responsive, which is an increasing rarity with web-based service providers.

After exploring around a bit for this review, I decided to cancel my account, and they got back to me right away.

However, given how positive my experience was, and now that I’ve had a chance to really flesh out all their features for our Trim review, I’ll be signing back up again!

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