How to Use Twitter to Land Your Next Job or Client

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Twitter is a very powerful tool! So don’t underestimate it’s influence and ability to connect you with anyone you want, at any time. Here are some of the ways I use Twitter, that will help you land your next big client.

Twitter was created on March 21, 2006 which means they will be celebrating their 10-year anniversary.

Can you believe it? Who would have thought ten years ago, it would be the social media powerhouse it is today?

Not me! But now it’s become one of my favorite tools for finding clients and landing new freelance gigs.

I actually like to think of it is as the backbone on which I built my freelance business. I would be no where near where I am today without the connections I’ve made from it.

While other social media platforms, like Facebook, are about connecting with people you already know, Twitter is all about finding new connections and potential clients.

About 80% of the social media and freelance jobs I’ve acquired over the past four years, have been through Twitter.

Heck, using Twitter is how I landed the marketing gig with Alexis Grant, and it’s where I go to hire my own team of writers, assistant editor and virtual assistant.

Twitter is a very powerful tool! So don’t underestimate it’s influence and ability to connect you with anyone you want, at any time. Here are some of the ways I use Twitter, that will help you land your next big gig.

1. Love that hashtag

In case you don’t already know, a hashtag is created by typing the # sign and entering corresponding searches.

For instance, if you’re looking for advice on personal finance, you’ll type #personalfinance into the search box and click enter. Then it will bring up all related searches, tips, articles and ideas from people who also used that hashtag.

Basically the hashtag feature on Twitter can be used like a regular search engine, to help you locate both job openings and general job search advice.

You’ll also be able to get on the radar of influential people, connect with a potential employer or someone you’re hoping to land as a client — all of which helps increase your chances of being hired.

People and companies usually publish positions on social media before they do on job boards, so being on Twitter gives you the upper hand.

2. Jump into Twitter chats

A Tweet chat is a live Q&A session that typically discusses specific niche or industry issues, and can cover everything from career advice to project management.

And there’s one going on every single day of the week, on any given subject. It’s the perfect way to conduct a live conversation with people you might never be able to otherwise.

Some of the most popular Tweetchats that I like to attend are: #Bootstrapchat, #CreditChat and #WBchat, all of which provide invaluable tips and ideas to help me connect with other awesome entrepreneurs.

Getting involved with industry Tweetchats is the perfect way to show your expertise in a certain field and present yourself as a knowledgeable person.

3. Build your network

Twitter is all about networking, so building a network is a vital part of landing the right job. As a freelancer, searching for new clients everday can get overwhelming, stressful and discouraging.

But thanks to Twitter you can start building a solid support system that will help cheer you on, every step of the way. Your network can also share their own advice, tips and tricks about what they’ve learned.

These days getting a good job is about who you know, and getting them to keep an eye out for gigs that are best suited for you!

Not only will your network sympathize with the stressful job hunting process, they can connect you with the best people in the industry and offer invaluable career advice.

4. Locate local conferences and meet-ups

Another thing that Twitter does is help you make connections with the local community — specifically local conferences and meetups.

Even if you’re not attending the conference, you can still contribute to the conversation by getting active with attendees using the appropriate hashtag for that conference.

For instance, last year a lot of financial bloggers couldn’t make it to the Financial Blogger Conference, but they were able to follow along with the presentations, sessions and conversation thanks to the #FinCon12 hashtag.

Often times the conversations you start on Twitter will translate into future opportunities and even long-lasting business or personal relationships.

5. Become the go-to resource

Once you land a your new gig, it’s important to not stop networking! With hashtags such as #career, #freelancing and #smallbusiness you can stay up-to-date on the issues you and others in your industry face in every day.

It’s a great way to bond and find common ground with other influential people and companies. You can learn more about where your industry is headed, and to become the go-to person for valuable information.

Twitter isn’t going anywhere. Job seekers and recruiters alike, are turning to this social network to find leads and make connections. So when you’re trying to figure out how to land your next big gig, be sure to put Twitter on your list!

Share your Twitter success stories! Have you ever landed a job or client using Twitter?


  1. Dana Sitar says:

    Awesome tips, Carrie. I love the idea of joining the conversation with conference hashtags – I usually just watch them roll through my feed and regret not being able to be there! I’ll jump in more in the future.

    My first Twitter success came last month when I serendipitously followed @CoachJennie based on Twitter’s suggestion, and she DM’d me within a day to offer me a piece in a new ebook, “eBooks Suck!” (which launched today!) That one little move has connected me with a ton of cool people who will be part of my network (and, no doubt, my successes) for years to come 🙂

  2. I enjoyed your your article. I’ve tried using twitter as a way to promote my book: for children how to become rich successful & do well in school
    But I don’t seem to be doing very well.

    • Sorry to hear that William. It takes a while for Twitter to start paying off, I’ve been there too. Just keep at it, while learning the best ways Twitter works and it will pay off soon!

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