Work From Home Typing Jobs You Can Start Today

If you want a basic, entry-level work-from-home job for the lifestyle benefits, there are plenty of typing jobs available.

And you can do them while up in the air, out in the backyard, or even out on the water… as long as you have a strong WiFi signal. All while making a good (or great) living. And money isn’t the only benefit either.

A 2021 study found productivity increased when working remotely.

Of course, finding the right typing jobs from home greatly depends on your own skills and abilities. That, along with being able to online jobs and take on new clients.

It’s hard work. But with the right typing job from home, you’ll feel the increased freedom and luxury of working on your own time.

All without the rules and restrictions that so often characterize traditional workplaces.

7 Best Typing Jobs From Home in 2021

Here are 7 of the best work from home typing jobs you can start today:

  1. Virtual Assistant
  2. Data Entry Work
  3. Captioning Jobs
  4. Transcription Work
  5. Editing Gigs
  6. Typing/Micro-Tasking
  7. Freelance Writer

Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is a great way to make money part-time, full-time, or passively depending on your schedule and current flexibility.

As a virtual assistant, you are likely to help your client or boss with a variety of tasks and responsibilities.

Some of the most standard tasks that are often required of virtual assistants include:

  • Data Entry/Organization: Virtual assistants are required to input, organize, and track data for clients.
  • Social Media: As a virtual assistant with social media experience, you may be asked to update followers or to respond to prospective customers and clients for your boss.

Virtual Assistant Pay

Virtual assistants are likely to earn anywhere from $10 an hour to more than $25 an hour.

The pay for a virtual assistant will vary depending on the type of tasks you and the overall importance of your position. Clients and the type of platform used to seek out new positions and temporary gigs will set the rate.

Where to browse for virtual assistant jobs:

Data Entry Work

Looking for an easy entry-level remote job or work from home job? Consider data entry.

Data entry work is simple and does not require much research–providing you with a calm, peaceful, and stress-free work environment. As a data entry worker, you may be required to pass a typing test. or required to type a set number of words per minute.

But that’s about it!

Data Entry Job Pay

The hourly rate for those working in data entry can range from minimum wage to $15 an hour, depending on your current employer and the type of work.

If you are looking for a lucrative typing job from home, data entry may not be right for you. Data entry is known as an easy and base-level position.

Pay is not high for this type of remote job. With a data entry job, you are not required to have past experience.

This provides more opportunities for individuals without specialized skills or education. The pay for data entry work may vary by each task or with your current hourly rate.

Where to browse for data entry jobs:

Captioning Jobs

Do you use captions when watching your favorite movies or television shows? Do you appreciate the captioning system for those hard of hearing or those who enjoy reading dialogue?

Consider a typing job working as a caption writer. Writing captions is a great way to provide a useful service while doing work from home typing job.

As a caption writer, you are responsible for helping provide captions from news broadcasts, recordings, or even in real-time depending on your skills.

If you have experience as a transcriptionist or with writing captions for clients or companies, it is much easier to find higher-paying gigs. A positive if you are seeking sustainable full-time income from the job.

Captioning Job Pay

As an entry-level caption writer, expect rates ranging from $10 to more than $20 an hour depending on your qualifications and jobs currently available.

The pay for caption work varies, based on the skill level necessary, and the time demanded from each job.

Experienced caption writers and those in the transcription can generate full-time income doing work from home as a caption writer, depending on their employer.

Learn more about captioning, caption writers, and how to get started here:

Transcription Work

Transcription work is along the same lines as captioning work. It requires fast typing speed and the ability to listen to a variety of voices while properly conveying their messages.

Transcription work is available for those who are interested in working with doctors and medical professionals or for those who want to work alongside entrepreneurs who are recording webinars and local events.

You can work as a transcriptionist on your own time and with a full-time, part-time or flexible schedule. Also, you can find work full-time for a transcription company or professional in need.

Transcription jobs do not require extensive education. This makes them extremely appealing positions for those who have access to the internet even without work experience.

Transcription Job Pay

Depending on your experience, skills, and past clients, transcriptionists have the ability to generate a full-time income.

When you first start out as a transcriptionist, however, it is important to keep in mind that the pay is barely above minimum wage.

As you become more experienced and expand your professional transcriptionist portfolio, you can attract new clients such as doctors, lawyers, and medical professionals to generate a full-time income with your new home transcription job.

Where to browse for transcription jobs:

Editing Gigs

Are you passionate about writing, editing, and grammar? Do you want to put your editing skills or your college English degree to use?

Consider taking on editing gigs from individuals or businesses in need of well-written copy or content for their website or upcoming marketing campaign.

Working as an editor is possible whether you are seeking a part-time gig or a full-time career. Build your editing portfolio by joining various websites online that cater to editors.

Build your editing portfolio by launching a website or blog of your own. Use your website to showcase past work and to highlight clients and companies you have worked with on projects.

Share the type of editing jobs you are able to assist with to generate new leads and potential opportunities in the field.

Editing Job Pay

Editors often earn anywhere from $10 to more than $50 an hour, depending on their expertise.

The pay for editing jobs vary based on the type of work that is required from an editor. The topics covered, as well as the time allotted will determine pay.

For editors who specialize in legal or have a degree in medicine, provides more opportunity as a full-time career opportunity.

Where to browse for Editing Jobs:


Whether you have a bit of downtime or if you are seeking stress-free tasks to complete to make some extra money, consider typing or microtasks.

These are small payments earned for small tasks. Some of the most common tasks include:

  • Surveys: The best survey sites pay anywhere from $.25 to $10.00 per survey, depending on the type of survey, demographics, and qualifications.
  • Typing Tasks: Fill out forms, keywords, or provide search engine results to clients who are conducting research.
  • Transcription Work: Small transcription jobs are also available as microtasks. Transcribe small audio files for doctors, business owners, or entrepreneurs who are in need of having their recorded audio transcribed in a short amount of time.

Typing Job Pay

When working with microtasks, expect to earn anywhere from a few dollars an hour to upwards of $15 an hour depending on the tasks available, your skills, and your efficiency.

Getting paid for completing microtasks is likely to vary. Whether you work with a client or a third party such as Amazon MTurk, you may be required to earn a minimum amount before requesting payment.

Getting paid from completed tasks may require reviews or an acceptance process when using a third-party solution to complete your microtasks.

Where to browse for micro-tasks:

Work as a Freelance Writer

One of the most attractive types of work from home typing jobs available includes working as a freelance writer. And it’s not that hard to become a freelance writer, either.

Freelance writers have the opportunity to work in creative, technical, or even marketing positions. Whether love and have a passion for crafting fiction or if you enjoy writing guides, tutorials, and manuals, working as a freelance writer is possible for both part-time and full-time job seekers.

Working as a freelance writer, you can use a third-party service that assists with finding online jobs, or by building your own online presence and professional portfolio.

There are advantages to both using a third-party to seek out clients and to working on your own.

Some of the most notable benefits of using a third-party service to find clients as a freelance writer include:

  • Save Time: Save time spent sending emails and pitches that do not receive responses with a third-party writing platform.
  • Work Variety: Avoid feeling bored or stuck with a third-party writing platform. Writing platforms provide writers with access to an array of clients and topics.
  • Pay Scale: Each writing platform provides a pay scale based on skill level and the amount of work required. Receive guaranteed payment from your clients with a reputable third-party writing platform.

Freelance Writer Pay

Freelance writers earn anywhere from a few dollars to upwards of $200 an hour.

It depends on skills, abilities, experience, and willingness to pursue high-paying clients. Once you build your portfolio and improve your writing skills, you can set a higher rate hourly rate.

Learn more about becoming a freelance writer using the websites below:

Which Typing Jobs are Best for You?

Whether you have a knack for technical writing or if you prefer to craft creative, unique, and engaging content for newsletter subscribers, there are many different types of typing jobs to choose from while working from home today.

With the right typing job that fits with your lifestyle, schedule, and skills, enjoy your position while earning an income from a practice you truly love.

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